1. imadoofus

    iPAQ Questions

    Does anybody here know anything about iPAQs? I need somebody to explain, in plain English, and without resorting to "then set that to whatever your configuartion requires" type copouts. I have an iPAQ rx3715 that I want to connect to the internet via my home wireless network, and ideally...
  2. Swiss Toni

    GPS for an iPAQ?

    I have Tom Tom software on my iPAQ - can anyone recommend a Bluetooth GPS for it? (There are plenty on Amazon, but I would like one recommended!) Cheers :rolleyes:
  3. imadoofus

    Blummen iPaq

    I've got a HP rx3715 iPaq. Why does it keep turning Bluetooth on? It's forever trying to find a device to connect to. I've turned it off in the Manager, I have no paired devices, and I've told it not to try to connect, but it still does. Why?! PJ
  4. sym

    iPAQ 6365 Phone / PDA For Sale

    I'm selling this to make way for new gadgets ! http://search.hp.com/query.html?hpvc=US+-+English&cc=us&lang=en&qt=6365&la=en Only a few months old - still under HP Warranty. Does everything - Quad Band Phone, Camera, WLAN 802.11b, GPRS, Bluetooth Comes with plug in thumb keyboard...
  5. marcos

    Hp Ipaq

    I'm currently using an Ipaq HX4700 and I'm struggling to find any websites where you can get freeware downloads compatible with this machine. I'm too tight to pay. :D I was just wondering if any of you lot out there know of anywhere. Thanks Marcos
  6. WLeg

    HP iPAQ hw6510 Mobile Messenger

    Does anyone have one / know where I can get a UK spec one / have an idea as to price ?
  7. C

    Best Sat Nav for IpaQ

    What's the best GPS system for use with the Compaq iPAQ ??? I've got the 3850 with a 128Mb card. Options I'm considering at present:- 1. Compaqs own navigation system - plus points appear to be that the software is already on a supplied memory card, so is plug and play. But whats the...
  8. sym

    iPAQ PDA + TomTom Navigator 2

    For Sale - my SAT NAV set up, including a fully featured PDA ! OK - I'm hoping somebody on here will be interested in this and it can go to a good home, rather than the happy land of eBay . . . The Package includes :- Compaq iPAQ 3630 PDA (I have had for a couple of years) in full...
  9. jimmy

    iPaq Useful or Gadget gimmick?

    I gather some of you have must have an iPaq or similiar PDA, I need to get myself organised as I spend too much time looking for numbers, writing things on scraps of paper and never finding then again and generally being disorganised!! I have a PalmVx but never really got the hang of it. Is...
  10. sym

    Road Angel + iPAQ = Sat Nav :-)))

    Sat Nav install complete, thanks to: Road Angel GPS Output Null Modem connector iPAQ serial sync lead TomTom Navigator mapping software with Voice Guidance v.2 Brodit Custom Active iPAQ cradle Full Map of UK stored on single Compact Flash Card ....and lots of taking the dash apart to...
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