1. D

    W213 (2017) iPhone OIS 10 stream problems

    Hi there maybe someone can comment on my issue? phone is a 6SE with IOS 10.3.2 and pairs without a problem. Phone calls seem working as well, but streaming is my problem. At time the car screen shows the stream as paused and at other times it shows it as playing but no sound comes out of...
  2. jonnymerc

    Apple iPhone 7 plus 128 GB with 4 months apple warranty and apple watch

    Selling Apple iPhone 7 plus 128GB gold in mint condition comes with DBRAND white carbon fibre skin ( which can be removed Also navy official apple silicon case has had a screen saver on the front Phone is 8 months old still has apple warranty Looking for 620 ono plus ppm Also a apple watch...
  3. N

    Iphone 7 256gb

    Hi all, Along with my iPad I have now been offered an upgrade to a iPhone 7 256gb. I have a 6s and would rather buy the next iPhone then use this one. I have ordered it in the jet black colour. These retail for £800 from the Apple Store. Looking for £720 plus delivery or collection. Grab...
  4. D

    iPhone 5s 64GB with Vaja case & Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB with Gear4 case for sale

    I have these for sale on ebay but would be happy to discount to take into account fees if sold via here. I think the ebay and paypal fees come to about 13.5% so that's the sort of discount I have in mind. iPhone Apple iPhone 5s - 64GB - Space Grey (Unlocked) Smartphone + Vaja Agenda Case...
  5. MikeInWimbledon

    Experience of External headphone DAC's for Iphone?

    Has anyone got any experience (good or bad) of using an external amplifier / DAC on an Iphone 7, or similar? I'm getting annoyed with the headphone signal reaching my headphones when listening at home or out and about, and I'm wondering whether an external DAC / amplifier would be a sensible...
  6. P

    iphone 5s 32gb space grey unlocked

    Includes box and genuine charger plug. fully working a couple of marks but nothing major. £135 inc delivery ring 07738587583 or e mail [email protected]
  7. sarah.grandon

    iPhone 7plus connection

    Hi, I've a CLK 320 CDI. I have the armrest connection but all I want to do is to be able to connect phone to car to use ?? Not too bothered about music as use stereo?? Any help please I've seen these... wondering if this would work without wires everywhere?? Anker SoundSync Drive Bluetooth car...
  8. S

    W204 mmi - iPhone 7 issue/ compatibility

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me some insight on the command interface if the w204 C class is iPhone 7 compatible or if not is there a software update that can make it compatible as I am having an issue with the car not charging or recognising my iPhone. Is this common? Thanks in advance
  9. Cyclone1

    IPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold

    Hi All, I have for sale a really lovely condition iPhone 6s in Rose gold finish. It is on EE but can be unlocked for other networks. It comes with its original box but no charger. Please look at the pictures. I am asking £250, Regards Jules.
  10. BenzedUP

    Rose Gold iPhone 6S - 64GB

    Hi, Rose gold iPhone 6S Mint condition - no scratches or chips. SIM free, comes in its original box, £350 delivered. Cheers, Joe
  11. CLSMark

    iPhone 6 Plus 16GB

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232377638337 Happy to sell out of eBay, looking for offers around £200. No daft ones please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. M

    iPhone displays on cluster but not command?

    I recently bought a 219 cls with command, when I connect my iPhone or iPod, the track names will appear on the instrument cluster but nothing appears on the command screen. Is this normal?
  13. S

    iPhone bluetooth music

    I use my iPhone connected via bluetooth for telephone use - is it possible to play YouTube or Music from the iPhone and have it sent to the head unit? I have a 2008 W221. Thanks
  14. D

    Iphone cradle

    Had anyone got one they aren't using? 3G or IPhone SE (5)
  15. X

    W204 C63 Ipod / Iphone interface

    Guys i've done a bit of searching but needing a bit of clarification. I have a 2008 W204 C63 and i'm wanting an Ipod / Iphone interface for it as unfortunately it did not come with it. I was looking at the below kit, is this plug and play and genuine MB? No tapping into + / switched + ect...
  16. Wacko74

    W164 IPhone lead

    OK experts it's help time again I've got the lead in the glovebox to connect an iPhone/pod to but it's the old style not the lightning connection I have tried to connect my iPhone7 using an adapter but I get nothing How do I set it to read the phone
  17. M

    iPhone 7 128 GB. Brand new

    iPhone 7. 128GB Brand new phone, box just opened, phone was set up and used for 1 day, charged once. Working perfect. Fully boxed with all accessories, ear plugs unused. Comes with good strong sturdy case and new temper glass fitted. I had intended using this phone but I simply can't...
  18. A

    iPhone notifications only have sound via Bluetooth not USB

    Bit of a strange one but my iPhone sound notifications (mail, text, cyclops speed camera alerts) will only work if the phone is connected via Bluetooth whilst playing music but not when I connect via the USB cable. When I'm not playing music on the phone, both methods, USB and Bluetooth will...
  19. J

    Apple iphone

    Hi Apple iPhone 5s wanted must be pristine/vgc. Cheers.
  20. D

    iPhone 6 or above wanted

    As per title, iPhone 6 or above wanted. Thanks.
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