1. tromppost

    BCA Paddock Wood 26 Jan

    Will anybody or do you know anyone that will be a BCA Paddock Wood 26 Jan ? I want to see how much a car that we just part exchanged sells for. It's lot 010 GF11 FWE
  2. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 31st Jan - 11:00

    Time to kick off 2016 with our first GTG of the year. As per the title - the usual gathering, coffee and natter for those who enjoy all things Mercedes Parking in the usual place. Bring anything interesting - Mercedes or not. Gather from 11:00 - chat about cars and whatever and retire to the...
  3. Y8cel

    Jan 2016 Quaife Bulk Buy

    Hi Guys After the success of the last bulk buy and being a new owner I thought it would be good to resurrect this as there seems to be lots of interest about having a quaife fitted. I have spoken with Birds (James Bird) and this is what they have offered. If you can generate 5 or...
  4. D

    Dec vs Jan approved used car purchased - prices?

    Hi All Looking to buy a W212 E250, was hoping to buy one before the end of the year as currently without a car however, if I wait til the next year is there likely to be better pricing based on your experience? I thought maybe there may be better deals out there now as some dealers may be...
  5. Fryingpan78

    Bluewater meet 25th Jan 14

    Hi Chaps, I'm getting withdrawal. Who's up for a bit of a winter 'dirty protest' on 25th Jan 14? 8pm as always. Winter rides welcome. Happy new year! -t
  6. CHOD

    C250 cdi new Jan 24

    My c250 cdi has only done 3100 but engine diagnostic light is on and engine temperature is running at around 85-90 - never ran low on fuel Of course with it being Sunday no Merc service departments are open! I have a journey of around 10 miles to nearest one tomorrow morning but does anyone...
  7. S

    South Coast Blast - Sunday 27th Jan

    If anyone is interested there will be a group meeting up for a drive around Portsmouth area, 16 cars have signed up so far and 8 are AMG's. Its being organised on PH but if anyone is interested and not a member on there just post here and I will put your name down. The only ones I...
  8. Petesnas

    Anyone fancy some Foo goodness on the 18th Jan?

    Morning all, not sure if this is allowed ......but my little Foo Fighters Tribute act, www.foofathers.co.uk will be playing a show at the Halfmoon in Putney on Friday the 18th of January ..... Would love to see any and all of you there:) tickets are available here - The Half Moon | Pub in...
  9. E

    Sale On Till 1st Jan - Save up to 45%!

    Hi Guys, We have a Sale on at the moment where you can save up to 45% off on Car Parts..but it doesn't last long - must end midnight 1st Jan... so hurry!
  10. C63er

    Ace Cafe - London - German Bikes 'n' Cars 6pm (BMW & Mercedes) 2nd Jan 2012

    Meet Name: German Bikes 'n' Cars 6pm (BMW & Mercedes) Start Time: 18:00 PM End Time: 22:30 PM Meet Details: BMW & MERCEDES Cafe Closes 10.30pm Anyone up for this Anyone have a Mercedes bike lol Sorry if this is a repost
  11. E

    ECP Delivery Update - Dec - Jan

    Hi guys, I thought we should keep our forums up-to-date regarding the current delivery issues we are facing: I have spoken to the site admin who suggested to post it in here, so any customers can see. We offer 2 delivery services to our internet customers: Premium 24 Hour - If...
  12. S

    Scots curry night Jan 2012

    Right, its been decided we should do another one.... I finish work at 8pm so can be there for an 8:15 curry at the Rawalpindi, unless anyone suggests somewhere thats better and/or different. Lets face it, we've got lots of good ones. I would suggest not to get in the way of folks holidays a...
  13. John

    MOT Test Changes From 1st Jan 2012

    Exhaust CATS and upcoming MOT changes... As we approach the revised MOT I think 01/2012, is there any more knowledge about the CAT situation (specifically regarding those with multiple CATS and 1 or more having been removed) i.e.: "No, your car still has a CAT fitted, regardless of how many...
  14. Bellow

    Engine Technology International - Jan 2011 edition.

    For anyone who wants to keep up with what's going on in engine development, here's the latest online copy of Engine Technology International. Not much Merc in this edition, but there is a brief interview with their head of petrol engine development. Engine Technology International - January 2011
  15. kbhogalW126

    Travelodge Docklands London room available 2nd jan check in 4th jan check out

    Hi folks, I had booked a Family Room non smoking at London Docklands Travelodge checking in 2nd Jan and Checking out 4th Jan 2011. I unfortunately cant use this room anymore as my plans have changed. If anyone is interested and wants to make me an offer then please PM me. I can then...
  16. W

    E280 Cdi Sport jan 08- ICE!!!!!!!

    Hi- in about 10 days I will be the proud owner of the above- I have however been spooked a bit by seeing some Mercs nr me really struggle on the ice in recent days- this prompted me to probe more and some owners apparently don't even take theirs out the garage in those conditions! Seems...
  17. Thmsshaun

    Morcco Jan 2009 Pics

    Alright all. Just thought I would share with you some snaps from my 5000 mile adventure to Marrakech and back on 2 wheels. Just a shame I ended up coming off the bike but I am fine and all in all the experience of it was well worth it A link to the picture gallery All Pictures Here
  18. SilverSaloon

    Scottish Meet 4th Jan 09 in Edinburgh

    Hi There is a Offical Mercedes-Club informal pub meet being held at: Edinburgh Marriot Hotel in Edinburgh, Sunday 4th January 09 at 2pm. Non-official club members are very welcome, so i thought i'd post up on here. Hopefully a few members from the official club will be there, but...
  19. Lazarus

    Sat 14th Jan 2006 - Another Oxfordshire meet

    Hi, Was chatting to the landlord of The Plough in Marsh Gibbon last night, and he mentioned the GTG, and that he'd be happy to host another one at his pub, including a spot of free grub... Just wondered what the interest would be for a meet sometime in mid-January - say the weekend of the...
  20. M

    Santa Pod - Sun 26th Jan

    Hi Lads There is a large Rover meeting at Santa Pod on Sun 26th of Jan and I will be going - I just dont know which car I will be taking this time :) I know its short notice - but does anyone else fancy a mini meet prior to March ? Dont forget - Its January and if it rains - Racing...
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