1. G

    SAM: reason for separate wiring for left/right lamps?

    A question has come up during a discussion, on the best possible location for my FLASH••A••BRAKE™ unit, when a customer desires to have all three lights controlled by the adaptive brake light system, just like the OE system does. Say, we have a SAM with three different outputs (pins) for...
  2. T

    Maybe just me but Audi indicator lamps are annoying

    Sorry, this is so off topic but I've seen a load of new Audis on the roads with sweeping indicator lights. Does anyone think these look good. To me they look really cheap and tacky. In fact for some reason they so incense me when motorway driving that it would stop me buying one.
  3. CowleyStJames

    Right side tailgate lamps failure S212

    Further on from tailgate not latching automatically, third brake light, right brake light, right side reversing light and right side tailgate marker lights and tailgate shut button not working this morning. Does a fuse control that area of tailgate our is it more likely to be wiring? No faults...
  4. jonnyboy

    LED G4 capsule lamps?

    All Got loads of lights around Chez JB with g4 capsule halogen lamps (yes I know everyone calls them bulbs). I have one pair of table lamps with loads of these in that eats them at a fearsome rate. Most expensive lamps of all we own too! I tried to replace them with LED equivalent at the...
  5. Uky

    DRL lamps C207/W212 "PSX26W" replacement

    Question for all light experts out there... My early C207 has two light sources below the front fender on each side. The inner are H11 55W Halogen fog lights. The outer are DRL and they use a special type of Halogen lamp specified as "PSX26W" I am trying to determine if the PSX26W are really...
  6. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 (Pre-facelift) LED Daytime running lamps

    Hey all I have these for sale, OEM-look DRL's that will fit onto the pre-facelift C Class with the sports bumpers only. Perfect if you wanted to upgrade to these without changing the bumper. I paid £170 for them delivered, selling these at £110 delivered or £100 on collection, I think that's...
  7. A

    CLS AMG Fog Lamps

    Just FYI for those who may have chipped lenses (common issues) these are now available from ECP at very very reasonable 30% off!
  8. M

    w204 rear marker and license lamps not working

    Hiya none of the both rear marker lamps and one license lamps seem to be working I have changed the bulbs on both the rear marker lamps and still seem to have this problem. any help would be much appreciated
  9. J

    Help needed! Tail lamps

    Trying to change the reverse light bulb to led, i cant remove a white clip in the pics. I removed the nut but the white plastic bracket doesnt budge. Any one know how to remove them?
  10. Sky Bear

    Front fog lamps W221

    The 07 S Class I'm looking at buying has both front fog lamps water stained and glass yellowed and so if bought I will be replacing them. I was wondering if anyone new the best place to get replacements or if there were alternatives maybe led or similar? Mike
  11. MB James

    Clean or replace fog lamps - e220 2008

    Hi, Both fog lamps on my e220 estate avantgarde (58 plate) have condensation and dirt inside. Can anyone advise whether I should just replace or is it an easy enough job to take them off and clean them up. cheers James
  12. U

    Mercedes slk 230 K(r170) 1999 ABS,BAS dash warning lamps

    Hi all, Have just taken in a T reg merc SLK 230 K which has ABS,BAS light on. Drove it and braked to see if ABS would kick in and sure enough it did`nt. To confirm this took it to local merc indie who put it on diagnostic and said that abs unit faulty...something to do with solenoid in...
  13. M

    w204 - 2010 C250 Pre-Facelift - FRONT & REAR LAMPS

    Hello people, I have just registered and this is my first post. I own a 2010 C250 Pre-Face lift and would like to know if the new-face lift front and rear lamps are compatible with it. If so wheres the best place to purchase? Thanks,
  14. L

    R129 spares - wings, lamps

    I've just sold my R129 so I have some spares for sale. 2 front wings - rust free. Cost me £80 for the nearside one and £120 for the offside one. Looking for money back. The offside one is still wrapped in the packaging as it was sent to me so a photo can be done but at the expense of decent...
  15. R

    Retrofit LED lamps

    Excuse me if this has been covered previously, but I am wondering if anyone has recent experience with fitting LED lamps in to a late C Class. I have a 2014 AMG Sport Estate with halogen head lamps, but would like to fit LED to the side lights, front indicators, and perhaps the door mirror down...
  16. karlos280

    Number Plate Light LED Lamps Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204, E-Class W212, S-Class W221

    For sale led number plate bulbs brand new Cost me £29.99 plus postage from MYLGHTCOM they have never been fitted Fit: C-Class W204 (07 onwards), E-Class W212 (09 onwards), S-Class W221 (05-11), CL-Class C216, E-Class Coupe C207 This LED Lamp featured following benefits: Advanced...
  17. tonyc280

    Fog Lamps

    Yes i know i'm getting old and grumpy and driving slow but why do so many people have their Fog Lamps on in the rain and when it's dark but not when its foggy. I hardly see any drivers when it's foggy with their rear lamps on either. I guess the vast majority just don't care and take their...
  18. R

    fog lamps

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to change the lens on the foglights in the front spoiler of a e320 estate year 2000 Many thanks Neil
  19. V

    CLK Odd driving lamps

    This maybe normal, I was told today when i drive through the gates at work my right lamp turns off when turning right. I tried lock to lock and the light turns off with the direction of the wheel then comes back on. I tried it again this afternoon with lights on and not in auto and it didn't...
  20. D

    w202 front fog lamps

    Hi, I was testing the lights on the car today and I noticed it DOES have front fog lamps, as part of the headlamp setup, just at the bottom and concentrated downward. I was expecting to see one lower down in the bottom grill on the models that do have front fogs. But I was pleasantly surprised...
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