1. mpc

    What's the latest NAV map?

    I have a 2011 plate S204 C250 and the current installed map on my nav states 2011 (V4.0) EUROPE. What is the latest map I can install on my satnav?
  2. Mactech

    My first and latest Mercedes

    I have been without a Mercedes for 9 months now, but my wife talked me in to buying another one this week. My very first new Mercedes was back in 1973 when I was just a yoof playing in a band. The 408 van replaced our out-grown VW camper for gigging in the UK and Europe. It was the grandfather...
  3. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Genuine discs, do not use ebay copies when you can buy these for £45 + p&p NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. Z

    NTG4 Comand APS 2015/16 Latest Satnav discs

    Hi I have a genuine set of discs for the NTG4 comand APS for sale 2015/16 Latest edition See picture for model compatibility Don't pay £159 when you can buy mine for £45 +p&p Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. C

    Latest mod ;)

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Here or general or even what I've done to my car today. Anyway got this lovely cover for my SL. Very sad but I like the AMG logo on it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. thebig1

    Latest Sat Nav Maps??

    Hi guys, Had my 2015 C63s in for some warranty work and asked to have the maps updated as they are free etc. I was told by the after sales director after I asked via email to confirm they had and he said " yes, updated on Thursday" (Last week). I looked at the map version today and it says...
  7. addbuyer

    Latest C-Class phone problem

    Guys, help needed with the voice command system please. The in-laws have the latest C-Class and have an issue with getting the voice operation for the telephone system to work. How do they use the voice command to bring up the phone book to make calls etc? On my last C-Class and my current...
  8. grober

    Jay Leno's latest restoration blog 2017

  9. CowleyStJames

    Genuine V14 C class Comand update disks, latest version, for sale

    I have genuine V14 Comand APS 2016 update disks for C class W204 for sale. Part number A204 827 03 00 Purchased from main dealer and used once to update my sat nav. These do not work with C-class prior to October 2008 as the hard disk is too small. Purchased at £160 looking for £85 posted.
  10. MSG2004

    Latest 250d - How many Turbos?

    Hello Looked at the engine bay today for the first time since we bought out brand new GLE 250d amg-line. Does it have one large and one small turbo? Looked up the internet, can't tell s little info re the face-lift model. Thanks.
  11. F

    Latest Car Spotting London July 16 Includes chrome SLR 722.
  12. BenzedUP

    Sprint Booster (Latest Gen)

    Hi Guys, I have a sprint booster Gen 2 latest model with switchable button up for sale. It was fitted on my C350 coupé but now it's just sitting here in its box. Perfect condition, comes in it's original box, etc.. These are £194 brand new! Looking for £80 plus £7 P&P. Cheers, Joe.
  13. columb

    latest maps for NTG5*2?

    latest maps for NTG5*1? Hello, What are the latest maps for the NTG5*1? They were NOT upgraded during the last service (which in my books should be standard procedure!) and the version I have is V2.1 2014/2015. Also, how do I make Mercedes to update maps during initial 3 years? Cheers Chris
  14. T

    Latest version of COMAND & Maps please

    Hi All Am buying a used E class estate from MB Main Dealer and have asked for the very latest updates to its COMAND system and Navigation Maps as part of the deal. They have agreed to this, but as I am a newbie on these cars, I have the following questions from all you experiencing guys and...
  15. PJH

    Latest air vents

    Wifey's W204 is in for a recall to have it's airbag system checked... So I had a browse around the models in the showroom. I see all the latest models now have eyeball air vents. I had those on my Cortina, 40 years ago.
  16. Druk

    Latest Vauxhall

    Looks a winner. Surprised Lee hasn't already got one. Vauxhall announces new, zero emissions kinetic car
  17. C

    My latest purchase - C63 :)

    I have been looking for a while for a C63 since parting with my SL55 and eventually found one I liked!! Was originally looking for a facelift model as I prefered the interior, but having seen one the outside looked very similar to any other C Class on the road, hence going for a late...
  18. Stig2082

    The Mercedes journey continues, latest stop a CLS Shoooting Brake

    Having started my Mercedes journey many years ago with a 2001 320 CLK Cabriolet, I am now the proud owner of a 2012 CLS SB. In between has been an 2004 320 E Class estate, a bunch of other cars, a 2008 CLS 320cdi and latterly a 2008 CLS 63 AMG. All have been brilliant in their own way and suited...
  19. S

    The latest new guy

    Hi all, im martyn from gloucestershire, just picked up this bad boy, c250td sport auto, fsh, couple of little marks on it here and there but not bad for its age, on 137k and pulls nice!:thumb:
  20. F

    W205 C Class Comand Latest Map Version

    Just had my W205 Comand system maps updated at the dealership. Car is September 64 build and maps were at 2014 version. Now updated to: Europe 2015 V6.0 Free update until car is 3 years old.
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