1. ringway

    Changing The Law.

    If you had the chance to change a law or sentencing, what would it be? I have a few in my locker: Dropping litter = £2,000 fine. Not picking up dog poop = £2000 fine. The scumbags that we see on Police Camera Action driving at high speeds, especially in built up areas = Throw away the key...
  2. R129mine

    r129 sods law

    Last year the car spend quite a bit of time at the body shop to have 2x new front wheel arches put on, bonnet and various body panels resprayed and it looked very nice again Last week the alloys were refurbished and 4x new Michelin tyres were put on and all looked great (although antenna need...
  3. BlackC55

    Consumer law

    Anyone here an expert in consumer law? I need some advice about a printer I lease. Can you call me at work on 02392570123 Thanks Olly
  4. AndyKO

    Any 'Law' Folk On Here?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help/suggestions on what to do with regard to my E Class purchase. I've brought a Merc from a so called 'Private Seller' and it's developed gearbox and torque convertor problems on the same day I brought it and only 100 miles after purchase. It's been...
  5. brucemillar

    Changes in the Law.

    Normal school run this morning along the usual main roads and Motorways. What was unusual was the staggering amount of cars that were parked up on verges, pavements, layby's etc. I do mean staggering, I have never seen so many parked cars. I started to wonder if perhaps there was some event...
  6. Dean Fletcher

    law ...........

    Hi guys, Quick question is it against the law to drive with your third brake light out? (All other lights work fine). Thanks
  7. m2287

    Employment law question - bonus

    The company I work for started a bonus scheme last year, it was based on several performance metrics over the course of June to December and the maximum bonus payable was 35% of our salary. We were meant to be paid this bonus on 01/02/2016. The bonus was heavily weighted on p&l performance...
  8. T

    Whose fault in law ( no witneses )

    Referring to the image below my daughter in Car A was moving into the Outer lane to Turn Right she is confident she moved over at the start of the proper lane opening she was hit by car B that was already in that lane but had moved over into the hatched area getting in the lane prematurely . So...
  9. guydewdney

    employment / business law question

    knowing the clever bods on here someone will have had a similar situation. is it legally possible to take over a small business (2 permanent employees) and refuse to take them on? replacing them with near identical employees, as the originals are, as far as we are concerned, utterly useless...
  10. whitenemesis

    MB in Emissions Law Suit

    Mercedes-Benz facing lawsuit over BlueTec diesel emissions | Driving
  11. The _Don

    Right to 30-day refund becomes law
  12. merc85

    New consumer law, 2nd Hand cars?

    Consumer law shake-up will strengthen shoppers' rights - AOL UK Does this include 2nd hand cars?:confused:
  13. N

    Beware of the new French Law when driving to France from 1st July 2015...

    Hi folks, Just thought of telling you if you intend to drive to France this summer and beyond that the Bluetooth headset will be banned in cars and motorbikes from 1st July. Anyone stopped by Police using the Bluetooth headset will receive €135 fine (and 3 points if one has a french driving...
  14. Conquistador

    A bit of employment law advice please

    Due to the nature of my job, I'm much busier during school terms than in school holidays and half terms etc. The short story is, I'm a private chauffeur/driver (call it what you will) and my last job of day is usually picking up from a private school. If I'm not around to do it, the parents end...
  15. V

    Anyone one good on consumer law - mobile phone screen.

    Hello all Abit stuck here and im not too sure if what im being told is the truth or the shops way of trying to get rid of me. But iv had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for over a year now with no problems, then recently the dreaded happened whereby the screen cracked :doh: Anyways, got a replacement...
  16. pjs

    'Check Brake Wear' sods law

    Help needed chaps - this light came on today, 3 weeks before the lease ends and it goes back to merc. 39300 miles on a 40000 mile allowance! The guidance for return doesn't cover how this will be treated (or I cant find it) Everything else is in order. So, can anyone help with the...
  17. glenb

    number plate size whats the law

    i've a 5 digit p/plate and wouldn't mind using a smaller width reg plate but keeping the spacing legal and letter size as far as i have found there is no law on the size of number plate as long as the letters and numbers are the right size and spaced right and with the right amount of border...
  18. astamir

    Law advice

    Hi all Won a small claim court last year with a dealer who sold a car to me with a faulty gearbox since trying to get my money back through the bailiffs and every time they coming back with a report saying was unable to contact the debtor. Any advice would be very much appreciated Thanks
  19. M

    A request to member "developer215" re n.b.m. law solic's (not enough post to PM)

    Hi there, and many thanks if you can assist me. I saw your post yesterday mentioning having used N.B.M. solic's. I need some further advice if I may. I have appointed them for a 2nd home purchase and shortly after that an online search revealed a large number of very unsatisfied customer reviews...
  20. st13phil

    Road Safety Law "Undermined" by Supreme Court?

    ...or did the Judges show a welcome degree of common sense and logic? Supreme Court rules against 'death by unlicensed' motoring law Personally I've always felt a little uneasy about this sort of sledgehammer legislation and it would appear that their Lordships were similarly concerned...
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