1. X

    Local dealer desperate to buy.....

    My neighbour's S205 C200 Premium Plus (petrol). Numerous phone calls made. I've not heard from them about my C250. I wonder why?;)
  2. Ray1888

    Cla 45 new discs and pads at local dealers today

    So phoned around for some quotes for brembo discs and pads,got some interesting quotes !!!!! Company I work for own my local Merc dealership so phoned,got my staff discount and paid £250 thought that was a great price,they came in Mercedes boxes but are brembo discs and pads,:bannana:
  3. N

    I just saw Jimmy Page in my local supermarket!

    Wow. He was looking for pita bread.
  4. KennyN

    Local dealer selling his Heritage collection

    As above , i looked at some of them when we were looking at a car for the wife as they are kept at a local dealership. petervardyheritage | eBay Cant believe the price of the type 2 vans :eek: I will have the SL if anyone is buying , certainly not the Nova at £4k. Kenny
  5. morgyface

    Pricing: B Service+ with local specialist.

    I've got a 10 year old C class estate. Love it. Reliable and comfy. However, living in the depths of Cornwall, specialist mechanics are hard to come by, I've taken mine to a local chap for the last three services, despite him getting mixed feedback, the work and price has always been pretty...
  6. B

    local to surrey hampshire

    anyone local with headers and exhuats done on their car that wouldnt mind meeting up to have a look/listen before i brought some? undecided between what the two main options are pricing seems away off going by the sites ipe and pro angency are the ones im looking at ? also a meet is always good
  7. Bigrichw

    Local ad in the paper

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  8. A

    Has my local MB been took over

    Got my Approved MB Hand book the other day and in amongst the paper work was this letter:confused: Has my local dealers been taken over:confused: If it is the case then I hope the standards don't drop:( Mind you from my dealings with my local MB the standards weren't that high anyway:eek...
  9. F

    Good value service at local Nissan dealer.

    My 03 E320 petrol was due for a B service @58k. However the brake fluid & plugs [12] would need changing @ 60k, so I decided that due to the age of the car, I would use a local Nissan garage that I have had used before, to give it a major service inc. the brake fluid & plugs. It also had a...
  10. T

    Is it possible to restore a car from effects of local immigrant carwash

    Gotta love em lads at my local homebase. Car cleaned and washed in 10 min inside and out. I'm a very busy person with long work hours etc. So for me these guys provide a valuable service. However, in my younger days, I was a keen car washer. My car is 6y old but Obsidian Black. THe car...
  11. DannyHall

    Little incident local to me

    Came out of the Cinema last night with the other half to find the car park had turned into a scene from Fast and the furious Tokyo Drift. Cars flying up and down and just a general car meet of young lads with around 50-60 cars.. Had about 5 cars trying to race me on the way home. Noticed a...
  12. Gentabout

    C200 Coupe Diesel Servicing, Sittingbourne or local area

    Hi Guys. My 57 plate C200 coupe is telling me it want's it B service, I phoned MB Maidstone and was quoted over £500 to carry out the works and this included some recommended items like brake fluid. They could not book it in for nearly 3 weeks and none of the times they could suited me and...
  13. G

    Local garage

    Hi There i'm looking for recommendations on a good local garage (main or indy) to look after my recently purchased CLK. im based near Kingston upon Thames. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. ScottBacon

    Who's got a brand new C63S in their local dealer

    As it says on the tin really. I am desperate to see the car in as many colours as possible before my 'spec amendable date' of 19th June
  15. tingtongpj

    looking for a local indi needed for my car service

    hi all i'm needing to get a b service on my c class 250 diesel. can anyone recommend anyone in the greater Manchester or Oldham area at all. also does anyone know a rough idea of the price i should be looking to pay so i don't get my wallet emptied. thanks in advance.
  16. S

    Local Paint Specialist

    Hi, Does anyone know a good bodywork/paint specialist in Leicester area as I need a bit of work doing on offside rear qtr. Thanks
  17. C

    Local garages

    Hi I am looking for a good independent garage with diagnostic for my c class in the Northampton area (Kettering ideally).Any suggestions would be gratefully received.Many thanks
  18. c180081c

    Good Local Garage Near Blackburn? Help

    Hi guys, Just bought a w203 c class 2004, Picked the car up at a decent price and its got a warranty, the indicator stalk is not working correctly and so they have agreed to replace it however they want me to book it in at a local garage and they will send the part, I am limited to...
  19. cazyp

    c36 + another to rescue local to Slough

    AMG C36 1997 | United Kingdom | Gumtree Someone rescue this please..
  20. Conquistador

    McLaren P1 in the local £5 car wash

    Spend £850,000 on a hypercar then take it to the local £5 a time car wash. Wonder if they got the inside done for a tenner?
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