1. M

    SLK200 R171 remote locking

    SLK200 R171 (2006).I am a new member, and have a problem with locking the car from either remote fob. It will not lock/unlock. The remotes are OK (red light flashes on operating the buttons. The car will lock/unlock from the buttons on the dash. I have checked the fuses for anti theft alarm...
  2. iveco

    Central locking N/S

    Hi guys hope all are well. My 2006 SLK 200 R171 has a problem which I am sure you can advise on . The nearside central locking does not work and the electric mirror adjust will not work . ... window and mirror retract/fold both work . I have done a search and it has been suggested it...
  3. W

    Central locking and radio reception W209 06

    My CLK 320 coupe 2006 has developed a central locking and radio reception problem. From what I can gather it is most likely the antenna amplifier, what I cant work out is it's location, is it attached to the rear screen, the C pillar passenger side or under the dashboard at the front or all of...
  4. tron

    A minor central locking problem (S202)

    The battery went unaccountably flat. It was disconnected, recharged and appears fine. The central locking opens with the remote and flashes its lights correctly. It locks the car fully but does not flash the indicators. The switch on the centre console does not lock the car. This is apparently...
  5. Z

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  6. N

    W211 Key fob/central locking issue

    Hey guys, All of a sudden the Central locking/open boot etc is not working. What we have tried. Replacing batterys in key fob - No joy. Re-sync of key fob - turn key to position two, pull it out, within 10 seconds hold down the lock buttom and press the unlock button 5 times quick...
  7. H

    W168-Randomly locking/unlocking and alarm

    Hi Everyone, I have a quite annoying issue with my W168 (A170). While I'm driving and am on the move the car locks and unlocks and the indoor lights turn on. The latest probably related issue is that when I have parked and turned the engine off, it starts ringing the alarm and the hazardous...
  8. D

    CLS 320 cdi Remote locking and radio signal

    Hi my remote central locking has stopped working and radio has lost tuned stations and sat nav has gone wangy. I have remove fuse 8 from rear fusebox it was blown and the new one blew straight away so I assume there is a problem with one of the components connected through that fuse. does...
  9. B

    R129 Central locking and heater problem

    New member. First post. 300Sl 24 (1991) project car. Central locking pump broken beyond repair. Also heater control not working (pumps out hot air from side vents/aux fan not working/duo valve solenoids click ok when 12V applied). I have been trying to find out if the flaps in the engine...
  10. L

    s124 locking and interior lights

    Hi, I'm having problems with my central locking and rear interior lights on my 220 TE. The rear and boot courtesy lights stick on, intially removing the fuse reset this but now they are constantly on, The central locking refuses to work at all, I can hear the pump when the drivers key is...
  11. whirsk

    C124 300ce Central locking question.

    Hi Folks I am currently having an issue with central locking on coupe. The passenger door will open and activate central locking (drivers,fuel,boot). Unfortunately the drivers door will not activate central locking. Is this a completely mechanical/vacuum or is there an electronc controller...
  12. G

    OE Under-Bonnet Badge Locking Part

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz under-bonnet locking part - brand new, manufactured 12/2016. I bought a black badge from MB Newcastle - this was part of the kit, however my fitting is different, and I have no use for it. £5 delivered.
  13. B

    Central Locking crazy problem W202 C180 1998

    Hello This is crazy but maybe someone can help? Remote: When I lock, indicators flash 3 times normal but no locking occurs. When I unlock, The boot pops open!! When I press boot open, boot also pops open. When I open driver door, boot pops open. When I press door unlock on dash...
  14. T

    Problem with remote locking - CL500

    Help please! have a problem that seems to have 3 mercedes indies scratching their heads. I'm sure that some of the brains in the club will know what the solution is so here goes: Following a flat car battery and recharge, the remote central locking wouldn't operate. if the door is opened with...
  15. M

    Central Locking

    Hi, Just come back from holiday to find my car with a flat battery. Had the recovery jump start the car but now find I have an issue with central locking. Fob will: Lock doors - Fob red LED visible Unlock boot - Fob red LED visible Won't unlock doors - No fob LED visible I can unlock doors...
  16. K

    COMAND locking up with PCMCIA

    Hi, I've just bought a PCMCIA card and CF card to listen to music in my S-class W221 and find whilst the COMAND finds/plays the mp3s fine, it eventually locks up where I can't navigate the card or play any radio. This can happen at random times whilst playing or more likely to happen when...
  17. N

    W639 Remote Locking

    Hi, I am after some help from you technical guys on here. I have a Viano W639 year 2007. I am having an issue when locking. Every time I lock the indicators do not flash and then headlights come on and stay on. Is there a way to reset back to original settings or has anyone ever come across...
  18. M

    Central Locking

    Hello. I've a 2002 Vito & the central locking doesent work. It's a manual system, no fob. I turn the lock & it locks then unlocks & after locking it again it works. Theres one red light flashing all the time on the dashboard lock button even though the doors are shut. One side door won't lock...
  19. N

    Wanted CLC locking bolts B66470143 & bolts B66470143

    Hi Can anyone assist in terms of locating replacement set of 4 wheel locking nuts Mercedes original B66470143 and 16 bolts A0009901007 looking for new or very good rust free condition. They are required for my CLC 220 CDI WDB203. Many thanks Nikki
  20. A

    W202 Locking Centre Console Lid

    Rare? Or has everyone apart from me got one! MERCEDES C CLASS W202 CENTRE CONSOLE COVER LID NEW GENUINE A 2026800878 9B12 | eBay
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