1. gr1nch

    VIN lookup sites - anything fishy?

    Apologies for the long post up front. I tend to do them from time to time. This whole area of preventing bad things happen to my car (and my family by extension) has got me very interested. I was curious having obtained my new car's VIN before picking it up of looking it up for fun and to check...
  2. Howard

    Part number lookup please

    Hi all Can anyone tell me the part numbers please for the facelifted w169 fog light surrounds. They are the ones with chrome trim around the fog lights , I suspect they will be off an avantgarde spec one. Our classic just has plain black ones and I want to swap them to the chrome ones...
  3. Howard

    Datacard lookup please

    Could anyone look up the following vin for me please and post the data card. WDD1693312J633527 Many thanks H :)
  4. scgfull

    Data Card - VIN lookup

    Hi, I have been through the various threads giving details of some of the sites that provide a VIN lookup. My car appears to be too new to show up on these Russian sites, Could I ask if someone could conduct a lookup and provide me with the data. The VIN is: WDD 212226 2B176134. Many thanks...
  5. R

    Data card lookup for VIN

    Hi all The requested production date for my W205 C200 was earlier this week and I've just got the VIN and engine number so I assume it was built on schedule or is just about to be built in South Africa. However, entering the VIN on this site: Checking VIN for Mercedes-Benz | CARInfo gives a...
  6. Howard

    Datacard Lookup

    Greetings pop pickers , is there any kind soul that could do me a data card please ? WDD2193752A018993 Thanks :)
  7. M

    VIN look-up at mercedes-benz.co.uk

    Not sure whether it's been mentioned before, but I noticed today that you can enter/store your VIN on the official MB UK website, and it will list the car's original specification (mine is shown below as a sample). The option sits within "My Mercerdes | My vehicles". Is this the same level of...
  8. Sp!ke

    Polish part number lookup site.

    looks like it might be a genuine MB site - Works well with google translate. Includes parts fiche. Mercedes-Benz - Platforma wyprzeda
  9. Stratman

    FREE Fault Code Lookup Tool D/L

    While browsing the Auteltech website today I happened across a free download in their 'Supports' section. It's a lookup tool for generic OBD2 and manufacturer-specific fault codes. It comes with plenty of interesting reading matter and passed an Avast! virus scan as well. Recommended. DTC...
  10. Howard

    DVLA tax / numberplate lookup

    Hi all , Sorry to be a pain , but does anyone have a link to the DVLA site that you can check the tax and numberplate on ? Thanks
  11. Howard

    Part Number lookup please

    Hi all , I wonder if anyone with access to an EPC could give me a couple of part numbers please ( if they are available ) The speaker in the part of the door ( w208 CLK ) that puts sound into the back footwell has a broken grille , Is this part available seperatelt , could you give me a...
  12. Howard

    Could someone do a part number lookup please ?

    Hi all ... Could anyone look up the part number B66890087 please ? I think it's a pair of illuminated sills , but just want to check for which model ... Many thanks H
  13. N

    Part number lookup?

    Hi, I've been sent: A0025427219 as a replacement for a broken: A0025421319 These are relay switches for the convertible roof mechanism on a W208, and for the fuel filter pump. Is it possible for someone to check the codes for me - I'm worried that if they aren't...
  14. Howard

    Glasses lookup please

    Does anyone have access to a current guide .... I would like to know the price of a T-reg Golf GTi 2.0 , with leather and aircon , manual , in average condition .... Thanks in advance
  15. Howard

    Part number lookup please ?

    Whats this ? 110068212052 thanks
  16. Howard

    Could i have a part number lookup please ?

    A1247502275 Its a bootlid for a w124 but i want to know if it is for a saloon or coupe as i think they are slightly different ... Cheers in advance ..
  17. F

    Part number lookup please?

    Hi all, Can someone lookup this part number and tell me what the part is please? I've found a bit of plastic, and I don't know what its off!! Its 140 821 59 38 Thanks!
  18. BTB 500

    'B' part no. lookup query!

    Can any kind person tell me what the difference between these part numbers is: B6 6 47 0061 B6 6 47 0084 I have EPC/WIS/PL59 but none recognise the above numbers. Many thanks! :)
  19. Howard

    Need a part lookup Quick !!!

    C 778 05 441. can anyone tell me what this is and for what model it is for please ? Many thanks
  20. guydewdney

    gearbox parts lookup for me.. please...

    My EPC doesnt list sprinter bits - so the gearbox in the GF's sprinter isnt listed.. we have bought a gearbox off a 300E - listed as a 722 320 the box in the sprinter is a 722.375 whats the difference? Im guessing gear ratios - the sprinter has a very very close 1st and 2nd (which we...
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