1. T

    Lost seat Button

    Noticed this is missing and have located a complete switch pack on e-bay as the missing part is not sold separately. Anyone know if I can just replace the cap or is it the door card off and replace the whole unit?
  2. M

    Lost power 2002 E220 ELegance estate

    My car has been performing beautifully , as i was accelerating earlier i heard a slight buzzing or wheezing noise , fairly faint and only upon accelerating . I was close to home but when i got to within 10 yards, NOTHING! , Engine running OK,but unable to drive forward or reverse, clearly...
  3. zoros

    Lost BHP

    So I'm coming up behind what looks like a 2014 Series 1 BMW M Sport. Quite a boring looking vehicle and nothing unusual on it. The car in front of the Beemer, moves over and the beemer floors it. I follow suit, just to enjoy the feeling of 'reeling' a young pretender in! The Beemer, starts to...
  4. F

    Lost password

    I want to log my iPhone onto the website but I've lost my password, iPad works because it's saved it, for the life of me I can't find my original one, when I go on the page to change it you have to put in your original password, how the devil do you find it or change it, all I want to do is post...
  5. L

    Lost AM reception after installing aftermarket unit

    Hi Ive removed the unit from my A170 (w169) and have good FM but no AM. My car had a standard roof aerial not Fakra, do I need to power an built in amplifier? Ta
  6. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  7. Benzowner

    Radio Reception Lost on Comand

    Help, I have lost my LW, MW and SW on my Comand NTG2, FM and all the other bits are working fine. I am almost certain the antennae for this is on the roof of the car with probably an amplifier at the base. I have checked connections at the back of the head unit and all is ok, but I did notice 2...
  8. M

    W203 lost feed to cigar socket

    Hi all I have recently picked up a sports coupe c220 which is great but has a few niggles. One being the power socket has lost its ignition feed. I have checked the fuse is ok and there is battery feed at the fuse but got no feed at socket. Traced the wire back to where the parrot kit is wired...
  9. P

    Keyless entry/go lost

    Hi, my SL55 has keyless entry and go but it doesn't work. What's it likely to be? Is it simple to re code to the car if so what does it cost? Thanks
  10. I

    lost key

    hi, i have a w208 clk55 , unfortunately i have lost the key . Besides getting another key, is it possible to change the EIS with keys,door lock from another car. Thanks in advance
  11. I

    Lost key

    hi, i have a w208 clk55 , unfortunately i have lost the key :wallbash:. Besides getting another key, is it possible to change the EIS with keys,door lock from another car. Thanks in advance
  12. B

    W210 lost keys

    Hi guys,I have owned over 20 mercs over the last 22 years but as they are getting a little harder to work on(electronics)hence why I'm here to seek help! I have 3 190s(2x190e 1x190d) and have just bought a 1996 E300td from a salvage auction to give up its engine to put in one of the...
  13. Peter DLM

    My E63 has lost its Nurburgring virginity.

  14. W

    First MB and bit lost.

    Hello, Now ...How not to say something stupid? But new to Mercedes so be nice :) I am finding it all different and confusing. Like is it 2 or 1.8 K saw both answers just dont get it I have a Mercedes c200 kompressor 2002 'sports coupe'. How do i ever find parts, no where seems to list the...
  15. C

    Tyre issue! Lost one of 9 lives!!!

    I have a Mercedes E220 bluetec 2010 (170). Front-235/35/19 Rear-265/30/19 Driving home today (100+ miles a day) the warning came up check tyre pressures! one of the tyres looked flat (runflats). On jacking the car up I noticed there was movement (wheel bearing) on removing the tyre I...
  16. poormansporsche

    Lost for words !

    A couple of weeks ago whilst dropping my 6 year old of School I took a thorough roasting from a particular Teacher for using "Homophobic language" - My crime describing myself as a "wooly woofter". Despite being being belittled in front of all the other Parents and generally spoken to like a...
  17. wickedcricket

    How many stars have You lost already?

    Woke up this morning, off to work I go and some twunt pull out the "Crosshair" from my hood! :mad::mad::mad: I am just sitting here and thinking to get a new one on amazon and sharpening it like a razor and wait to see the blood marks. Seriously is this some kind of 3rd world country we live...
  18. M

    Have I lost the plot !?

    Pagoda - I want one .
  19. B

    Please Help I'm lost - CL 500 2000 - W215 - Door Power Issue

    Hello guys, I got 2 problems i'd really appriciate so help with. 1. The passenger door stopped working completely so I checked the wirings and the RED power cable was completely off, I fixed the cable good, and checked the rest of the cables and everything seemed to be good. Then I checked so...
  20. D

    Doh! W211 E55 lost wheel lock key

    Doh! I think I've lost the security wheel nut key after changing the brake pads yesterday. It's got stock AMG factory fitted 18" alloys, on a twelve year old car. Any chance that the lock would be a factory item and I can order another using the VIN? Or more likely it would be a dealer...
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