1. R

    Late night wish list shopping, I love AMG!!

    Couldn't sleep last night so I started the dangerous job of googling AMG and Mercedes etc. Found this beauty.
  2. Darrell

    Love this.

    Because it's beautiful. And I want one of these.
  3. L

    Love 2 Shop Gift Card - £150, Swap for John Lewis Gift Card

    I've got a love to shop gift card which I'm not going to use. The gift card value is £150. Ideally would like to swap for the same value of a John Lewis gift card as I've got my eye on something there. Card is expiring in 2019 and can be used in the list of stores shown in the pics below...
  4. ioweddie

    You will love this
  5. Borys

    I love UK my new favourite drink

  6. A

    Hello All! Fallen in Love!

    Hey everybody, from North Wales. Always been a petrol head, but if I'm honest I've always been a VAG man at heart. Despite having owned MINIs for years (currently own a Cooper S). This all changed when a couple of months ago I saw the new C Class Coupe. The Current styling of Mercedes had...
  7. ash59fifty-uk

    For those that love our cars

    Watch this car detailing video, without cringing~ Yes, it's a Facebook link with it being 2017 and all that No, you don't need a Facebook account to watch :)
  8. L

    Women, don't you just love them!

    My wife doesn't drive our C Class very often, preferring instead to use hers but yesterday morning my car was behind hers on the drive so that was taken for a short shopping trip. Off she went and I got on with a job in the garage when no more than 5 minutes later, I heard her driving back onto...
  9. Charles Morgan

    How do I love thee?

    Let me count the ways... I just want one, contributions welcome hYIOo-4aptU
  10. A

    Brake safe - love or hate

    Bloody annoying if you ask me. Especially driving around london with all the noises it makes
  11. Bigrichw

    Gotta love a CLS55

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  12. jeffwebb

    I think I'm in love.
  13. C

    Love my c63 but

    Its not blown me away with excitement the sound from cabin sounds dull and with the gearbox being unresponsive doesnt feel mind blowing like i thought it would still better than a e92 m3 but not the wow factor i thought :(
  14. Tim203

    Reasons to be cheerful..... Or spreading the love

    Every Friday I go to my local and meet my friends. It's the only night I drink . A wise man once said to me,"Tim, if you want to know something go to your local". Yesterday was no different as a conversation developed about EU in or out. One of my younger friends(32) who is a general builder(...
  15. jdrrco

    I think I'm in love...

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.5 E500 Avantgarde 4dr Why don't they show more photos?!
  16. horgantrevor

    Love it want it 1967 250se Mercedes-Benz 250 250 SE Auto
  17. S

    Gave the C63 some love and wax today :)

    Treated the C63 to some love today...
  18. poormansporsche

    Dame Edna and Katie Price Love Child ....

    :wallbash: 2004 BMW 545I SE AUTO BLACK LPG | eBay
  19. WDB124066

    I think I've fallen in love....

    Ok so Jay Leno is pretty good at what he does with cars but this bloke is just on a whole new level!! Enjoy. :):)
  20. Darrell

    Gotta love a W202

    Way back in 2004 we bought our W202. It's long gone now but at the time my in laws were so impressed that they bought one as well. A 250 diesel in Elegance trim in silver. Last night we met up with them for the first time in 8 years (long story) and sitting outside the house was their car...
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