1. L

    M103 How to replace head Ian B Walker Method

    HI I have removed my M103 head following the method suggested by M B Walker i.e leaving the inlet manifold in the car. But to replace the head I cant see how the inlet manifold could be correctly torqued back without removing more of the inlet manifold like at least the fuel distributor. I have...
  2. optimusprime

    M103 valve cover gaskets , the best to use .

    Hi i am just about to replace my valve cover gasket . I would think that its a job most of you guys have done on you W124 M103 engines . Only asking what type of gasket is the best one to use . I am spoiled for choice. Payen, Elring, and some i have never come across before .Any one done it...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    I met a very nice chap at Prescott hill-climb yesterday with an immaculate W201 2.6 litre 4 speed auto. He has a perfect 3 litre engine he wants to fit to give the car a bit more punch (it did exceptionally well on the hill-climb driving school). He thinks it is a straight swap, I identified...
  4. DanMorgan

    W124 M103 Injectors

    Hi All, Noticed these on eBay at a great price. I had a quick look online and think they are the correct ones for a M103 Petrol but reading down I could see diesel in the description box. 6 x BOSCH Infusing Valve Injector Valve Mercedes W201 W124 W123 W460 W116 etc | eBay Could anyone...
  5. C

    M103 hesitation + other problems / fuel pressure testing

    Hi everyone, what follows is a slightly long and rambling post, but any help would be appreciated. Ever since I've had my 190E 2.6 the throttle response hasn't been quite what you'd expect for a car of its power. The car is perfectly driveable (indeed, I've driven it over 20,000 miles in this...
  6. Steve260E

    M103 2.6 Idle Issue

    My m103 2.6 has had an idle issue ever since I have owned the car, it always eventually starts but it is a bit touch and go when its really cold outside. Basically the fuel pump will prime, turn the key and it initially fires for about a second and die, cranking and cranking it will then...
  7. optimusprime


    Hi just going to fit this new temperature sensor.I need to know how to connect the leads on the end .Looking at the sensor ,,and the connector you can fit them on two ways .Nothing to stop you doing so .Is this right ?
  8. I

    M103 Water Pump changed, rad light still on

    Hi All, Just spent a really amusing dozen hours changing the w/pump on my 300 sel - extra oil cooler, more fun there, and another £95 for the bent pipe. Filled the header with only about five litres to the top. The thing starts and the temp is a lovely rock steady 82. Not driven it yet, no...
  9. I

    M103 Water Pump Drain Tube Stuck

    Hi All, After having spent many, many hours on a steep learning curve I finally dismounted the water pump, only to be faced with a 1032001452 Water Pump Drain Tube which will NOT budge. Is there a later version of this pump so that I can just cut this pesky pipe - which is not only almost...
  10. Rob77

    Mercedes W124 M103 3.0 3.2 12v 190e W201 AMG Rocker cover

    Real or fake? I say fake. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322121470938?redirect=mobile
  11. optimusprime

    Fuse location w124 m103 .

    Hi need a little help with this one .After changing some of my fuses i can see three holders without a fuse fitted in the holder. The one is in E and takes a 25amp blue fuse this is is for ajustment of the drivers seat ..And F is a 25 amp blue fuse foir steering column...
  12. optimusprime

    Fuse location w124 m103 .

    Hi need a little help with this one .After changing some of my fuses i can see three holders without a fuse fitted in the holder. The one is in E and takes a 25amp blue fuse this is is for ajustment of the drivers seat ..And F is a 25 amp blue fuse foir steering column...
  13. N

    W124 M103 idle shake. Age vs Mileage

    I daily drive a 1987 300ce with just over 40k miles. Since I bought it a year ago, it's had a slight shake at idle when in drive or reverse. The revs do not fluctuate, but every second or two you get a slight shake from the engine that's felt through the body. The car also jolts when shifting...
  14. M

    M103 ke parts

    I ma converting my 300se to megasquirt so I have nearly two sets of ke systems going spare. In the interest of being very honest one of the fuel distributors was weak on a cylinder at idle and the other I have not heard run yet. The only parts not available is a throttle body and idle valve as...
  15. I

    M103 seventh spark plug?

    Hi All, I was looking at a review of the 300e last night before going to look at one today and I'm sure I saw a reference to a seventh plug. I forgot about it until I looked under the bonnet today and saw one - or what looked like one - on the right hand side of the engine near the...
  16. optimusprime

    vacuum diagram m103 260e

    Just purchased this new thermovalve to replace the one on my car .Would anyone have a good vacuum lay out diagram for the m103 engine. For some reason i think the old one is pluged in wrong ,ie one connection on to the pipe of the valve is off set ,other one sits upright. If i had one i can...
  17. optimusprime

    aux water pump W124 M103 info

    Hi just a question for this water pump plug. Just about to refit a new auxiliary water pump .Removed old one by splitting the plug .The one half is left on the loom .Do i just plug the part thats on the loom [socket] on to the new pump . The pump is recomended for my M103 ,and the socket on...
  18. D

    M103 engine noise - Tensioner or Viscous CLutch

    Good Morning, Following a moment of madness / excitement I bought a 1993 300SL at auction - "sold as seen"..... Bodywork is good, some pealing lacquer but no rust. Interior is good bar drivers seat bolster and engine runs well. Car does appear to have been looked after in a past life. Hard...
  19. L

    M103 to M102 SWAP

    Hello there, I was wondering if its possible install an M102 on a W126, and without much difficult & spending? regards lesten
  20. T

    M103 HG replacement SE London/Kent

    Hi all, Looking for an independent garage to replace the head gasket on my 300te M103 12v in the SE/SW London or Kent area. Any recommendations? Thanks,
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