1. L


    Could anyone help me, Ive got a mercedes sprinter 312d, the chain has slipped on fuel pump sprocket is there any markings on the sprocket to save taking the whole pump off, thanks
  2. S

    MO markings on tyres

    Hi all, Am looking to change the tyres on my c63 coupe soon. They currently have Conti Sport Contact 5's with a big MO on them. I personally don't really like Conti's and would much rather have Michelin Pilot Super Sport's all round. However they do not have them with an MO fitment. I...
  3. simon1966

    Tyre markings - confused!!??

    Hi All I am just about to order some new tyres for my new wheels and have decided on Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2's. Following Alx's recent experiences with Michelins I am looking at ordering from 'Tyreleader' website and prices are best I can find. The thing is they seem to list 3...
  4. I

    W211 Spring markings

    We returned from a week on holiday yesterday to find the E class looking somewhat lopsided at the front nearside corner. Whilst seemingly very common on a Merc however for an '07 car to need springs for the second time in its short life already (last replaced in April '10 so no warranty to...
  5. R

    What are these markings on my air filter box?

    Hi all Just about to undertake replacement of the air filters on my w211 e280cdi... Any ideas what these marking refer to? If the are for the engine oil; I'm just as confused, as mine has a DPF and accordingly uses 229.51 spec and not 229.31 or 228.51 as mentioned on the label...
  6. Sp!ke

    Understanding Tyre Markings

    I thought I'd start a thread with pictures of tyre markings in a bid to help everyone understand what they mean. I'll start with this one since I've never seen it before so assume it to be a new type of marking. Anyone seen it before?
  7. wheels-inmotion

    New tyres and their radial markings

    Most fast fit centres/ fitters do not know what these markings mean, so be prepared for a "heads up". Most branded new tyres will have coloured bands around the circumference, historically they are red/ blue/ yellow. In most cases it's the red band that's of interest? What does it mean...
  8. BTB 500

    Parking ticket for 'parked beyond the bay markings'

    Mother-in-law got a PCN in Windsor today from a CEO: code 86, "parked beyond the bay markings". She was parked in an arch beneath a railway bridge, which had two spaces marked out side-by-side. Due to the length and width of the car (it's a LHD LWB R Class) she had the wheels on the white...
  9. purplegoddess

    bungled road markings this was so funny,they removed the markings before i could get a pic when i went past.
  10. mercmanuk

    speaker cable markings

    on speaker cables is the striped usually + or -?
  11. jeremy156

    De-coding window markings

    Hi, Does anyone know of a place to look up the markings on car windscreens and other window glass? My car is fitted with PPG Solextra which I believe was standard on the 1998 Avantgarge model (any please correct me?) and my windscreen was replaced yesterday by RAC Auto Windscreens with an...
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