What are these markings on my air filter box?

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May 5, 2010
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Hi all

Just about to undertake replacement of the air filters on my w211 e280cdi...

Any ideas what these marking refer to?

If the are for the engine oil; I'm just as confused, as mine has a DPF and accordingly uses 229.51 spec and not 229.31 or 228.51 as mentioned on the label...


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These are OFFICIALLY MB APPROVED oil specs for that engine. LOOK AT Sheet 223.2 here
Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids: Engine Oil, Gear Oil, ATF, Coolant, Brakefluid the important bit is that 1 numeral at the end of 229.31 or 228.51 signifying a low SAPS [ASH] oil for engines with a DPF. What is not stated is that these oils have to be linked to certain fuel quality and vehicle use which dictates their service interval. All you have to know is that the 229.51 is the best oil in your locale suitable for the service interval set by the dealer. Under other circumstances the 229.31 or 228.51 would be suitable substitutes.:thumb:
thanks guys!

see what yo mean grober...

i got a bit confused because i was working off the assumption that mine was 229.51 and NOTHING else! :)

Well... have done the air filters now and will post a 'how to' with some pics ;-)


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