1. chris3004

    W124 heater matrix

    In need of a good working heater matrix. The one i currently have is melting the fuse box connector.
  2. Druk

    The Hot/Crazy Matrix.
  3. Braincrank

    Heater matrix , how to get to ??

    Is there any way to get to the heater matrix from the engine bay or just via the dash , which I took apart about a year ago due to a leak at the connection at the matrix. And since taking the dash apart was a pain in the backside and I hated every minute of it , I don't really fancy doing that...
  4. Mike060280

    Matrix problems and air locks heaters not workng HELP please

    Ok I have changed the engine on my 112 cdi vito over the weekend I now have a few problems please help lol the engine is running fine starts first turn and engine fan comes in @85 like normal. :D BUT I can't get any water running through the heater matrix only blows cold I have tryed so...
  5. optimusprime

    flush out w124 heater matrix with T piece

    Can you good lads help with this one please. New water pump as been fitted ,i wanted to flush out the system But the drain plug, on the block is in a place that i just cannot get to it to open it up, just no room from above.The drive as a big slope down to the house,so ramps are out.Can i use...
  6. H

    Heater matrix advice needed!

    I have a coolant leak from the vent in front of the back seat, so I know my matrix needs changing. I can do the job but not until June because it will take me a few days to carefully take the dash apart etc Should I bypass the matrix or just keep an eye on it? Is the matrix likely to grenade...
  7. R

    windscreen mist after heater matrix change

    Just finished changing the heater marix on my friends Mercedes 300CE. The air coming out is getting nice and hot , although there is some steam coming out the vents that smells of coolant. I can clear the screen by leaving the heaters on but wondered if i can put this down to old coolant...
  8. jaymanek

    190E Heater Matrix - Never Again

    There is enough info on cyberspace about this so I wont go through it in detail. My dash has been producing a little bit of steam since ive had the car... never been a worry as I knew the lack of any real leaks meant it was still very early days... today the steam got a little worse so...
  9. R

    Help Removing W124 Matrix

    Hey Peeps, Im on the process of removing my heater matrix on the W124, im doing ok got the entire dashboard out, just cant get the matrix out?! i no that the heater unit needs to come out to access the matrix, but i cant seem to get it out. Do the pipes need to come out with it? ive been...
  10. R

    W124 Dash Removal To Replace Heater Matrix

    Hi, with help ive managed to diagnose the reason for my heating now working. Its the matrix that needs replacing. Does anybody have a tutorial with pics on how to remove the dash to gain access to the Heater matrix? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  11. BenzedUP

    Samsung SyncMaster 226BW - 22" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display

    Hi, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW - 22" - widescreen TFT a SyncMaster - active matrix LCD display. It's only 2 months old and is in perfect condition, can be said new. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is a brand new MAC has arrived, no need for windows anymore!:D I bought it for...
  12. BTB 500

    Why are motorway matrix signs so unreliable?

    We do a lot of motorway driving early on Saturday and Sunday mornings (on the way to dog shows). Mostly M3, M4, M25, M23, M1, M40. I would say almost every trip we get a totally spurious warning or speed limit from the orange matrix signs. Last Saturday on a deserted M4 at about 7AM it was...
  13. S

    W124 230Coupe - IS there a heater matrix flap?

    I have a 1990 W124 230CE, and apart from all its minor faults, the one which may force me to sell it is that the heater is not working - i have read previous threads about duo valves in the past, however i know that this isn't the problem, because....... Even when i disconnect the duo valve the...
  14. S

    active matrix screen merits

    'have had a little trouble lately with my desktop screen (a flat one) it seems tiring to use , and have been advised to cansider an active matrix type , can any savvy PC people advice on the merits please? thanks:) Steve
  15. L

    Matrix Cow

    This just madw me cry with laughter!
  16. M

    removing matrix and demistor lines

    hi lads, ive tinted my rear window (mercedes c w202) but the demistor lines and the window matrix are pissing me off cuz from the outside its not a plain black window but many brownish lines running through and on the edges the tint aint on properly. im building a wall on the back shelf...
  17. A

    clean your rad and matrix

    OK the cold weather is here and we all want a warm car, now I have noticed a lot of posts on rads and hater matrix. This may be of help, and can easily be used on the hater matrix; I have done both on my w210. With a cunning plan, From work i rescued a stainless steal sump pump with a...
  18. Steve_Perry

    Fart within The Matrix Work safe and child friendly but sound & appreciation of toilet humour required :p You can probably guess from the thread title. ;) S.
  19. W

    heater matrix

    air con packed in on my clk, have been quoted silly money to repair, have removed blower motor and regulator, which i intend to check myself to see if knackered as footwell was full of water, which believe is from the heater matrix packing in. cannot find any details on hoe to remove heater...
  20. B

    190E heater matrix

    Anybody here know the easiest way to replace a matrix in the 190? Haynes reckon the dash needs to come out(don't have the time right now, plus if the dash is coming out, I would like to replace it with a black one and I haven't found a good one yet) I know the evaporator for a 190 with a/c...
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