1. R

    Mclaren SLR test drive!

    This morning I was privileged to be able to Road Test a Mclaren Mercedes SLR and so I thought you’d like to see how I got on! I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come given that Mercedes and Mclaren were definitely unhelpful when I approached them before. Fortunately I was...
  2. J

    C320 McLaren

    Hi, I'm trying to find out some info on my recently purchased C class. It's very different to the normal C320 Avantgarde which is what it started out as. It is badged MaClaren, has a four pot exhaust, lowered suspension, tweaked engine and very special 18inch alloys. The man i bought it from...
  3. De_Godfather

    Visited The Mclaren Technology Centre

    On Wed I had the proud privalige to visit the McLaren Tech centre in Woking Surrey. I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had. It was like something out of a "James Bond" film, The building, the staff, and the cars were truly mind blowing !! We got to see the production...
  4. Satch

    Help for Heroes: McLaren Mercedes

    "Donate online and win a VIP day for 4 at the Mclaren Mercedes Technology Centre, Woking, Surrey. Visit the award winning corporate, development and production facility for the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1 car and the stunning Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren roadster." Ticket raffle will be drawn...
  5. Gucci

    Mercedes want to swallow up McLaren?

    I hear on the grapevine that Mercedes are looking to increase their share of McLaren (currently at 40%) The new 2008 F1 car was unveiled in Stuttgart with Ron Dennis keeping a low profile (his share being 15%). What reckon? Ron being pushed out? Mercedes looking to race as just 'Mercedes-Benz...
  6. The Dent Guy

    SLR video + F1 McLaren 'v' DTM and AMGs

    Found these interesting videos whilst browsing the McLaren website.... McLaren SLR with Alonso driving.... Comparison of current McLaren F1 car against DTM and AMG MBs at Silverstone...
  7. Gucci

    McLaren in possible poo AGAIN?!
  8. stats007

    Vodafone McLaren Sale

    Not a lot worth having unfortunately. :o
  9. scumbag

    Schumi in McLaren for 2008!!!!!!

    Breaking news. the useless one Admittedly he is clutching at straws with this one!
  10. Gucci

    Renault spying on McLaren

    Accordind to the BBC website, they were at it, but McLaren being the victim this time. They're all at it! Just make identical cars and see who is the best DRIVER!
  11. jeremytaylor

    Alonso leaves McLaren

    Yes, he's left! (Hurray!). No word of a replacement yet, but Rosberg and Kovalainen seem favourites.
  12. smiddyboy1

    Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Guilty

    Vodafone Mercedes McLaren Guilty have just been found guilty, All constructor point have been stripped but Lewis & Fernando keep their points. Also a fine of $100 Million fine imposed.
  13. R

    Mclaren and Koni FSD

    I have just realised that Mclaren have done a deal with Koni to fit Koni FSD dampers to their F1 cars and the SLR. Koni FSD is a type of adaptive damping which gives improved handling and ride by being adaptive. Why am I interested....because Koni are producing FSD dampers for the...
  14. smiddyboy1

    Bugatti Veyron V McLaren SLR

    Nice race between Bugatti Veyron V McLaren SLR!!!
  15. grober

    Todays the day for Mclaren!

    Todays the day for Mclaren Spying charges McLaren face charges TODAY the 26 July FIA hearing of "unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Ferrari". What this means for Lewis and Alonzo remains to be seen.:eek...
  16. U

    McLaren suspends senior employee

    Less than a day after Nigel Stepney's dismissal from the Ferrari team following allegations of sabotage and industrial espionage, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team has suspended a member of its technical team, having learned that the employee 'received a package of technical information from a...
  17. glojo

    McLaren suspend top designer

    :o :o Gloom and doom. Looks like we were wrong about that whiter than white red team:o :o :o John the embarrassed
  18. glojo

    McLaren result to be investigated

    I was surprised to hear the result of the Monaco Grand Prix is to be investigated by the FIA. Were there team orders or was it a tactical decision? How dare there be team orders, no other team would ever dream of such skulduggery. John
  19. scotth_uk

    2008 McLaren Roadster

    2008 SLR McLaren Roadster ---- Specifications ---- Price -- Production -- Engine 5.5 liter V8 Weight -- Aspiration supercharger Torque 575 lb-ft HP 626 hp...
  20. mobeyone

    Vodafone launch mclaren mercedes handset Anyone seen this?? vodafone do not stock it anymore though... "Vodafone launce mclaren mcerdes handset" I know, my spelling is getting worse...
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