1. Conquistador

    McLaren P1 in the local £5 car wash

    Spend £850,000 on a hypercar then take it to the local £5 a time car wash. Wonder if they got the inside done for a tenner?
  2. Meldrew2

    Vodafone McLaren Jackets £25

    Men's Grey Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Full Zip Softshell Jacket | eBay McLaren store (so the real thing) selling off the grey jacket £25 including p&p Cheaper than a fake!
  3. The _Don

    Meet the $14m McLaren F1
  4. DRBC43AMG

    C43 McLaren

    Anybody know about this vehicle? Mercedes-Benz C Class C43 4dr Auto 4.3 I know this specific version was offered at the time, but would like to know if 90 vehicles were really produced and also anybody have an idea how the 390hp are obtained?
  5. Ten elena

    £6 million McLaren F1

    Not exactly a bargain :) British petrolhead spent more than £6 million on McLaren F1 in what could be the highest price ever paid for modern sports car | Mail Online
  6. The _Don

    Chris harris video: Mclaren 650s onboard
  7. The _Don

    Chris harris video: Mclaren p1
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: McLaren P1 Test

    Kb8tGX-HPQE The McLaren P1 Test. On Road and Track: /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  9. Koolvin

    McLaren Mercedes Team Umbrella

    £11.99 including postage reduced from £39.95 Sold by McLaren official eBay store Link: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Umbrella | eBay From our Vodafone McLaren Accessories range, this telescopic umbrella comes in classic black with a Rocket Red inner canopy and an 'All Weather Spectator'...
  10. The _Don

    Chris harris video: 911 turbo vs mclaren 12c
  11. ioweddie

    I'm selling a lovely Model of an SLR Mclaren

    On ebay now, got bids so be quick if you want to treat yourself to a Mercedes SLR Mclaren. 1:18 Diecast Car Mercedes SLR Mclaren Road Car Mint Condition Metallic Black | eBay
  12. The _Don

    Mclaren confirms p1 performance figures Rapid !
  13. Bobby Dazzler

    Spotted: McLaren P1

    Spotted this bad boy yesterday - I thought I'd share :thumb:
  14. E

    McLaren P1 App

    Install the App then print the page, after look at the print using the App to reveal the car....Awesome :thumb: App Print this
  15. The _Don

  16. KillerHERTZ

    I saw a McLaren P1 on the road today

    About 2pm, turning onto Milton Road off at the Golden Hind junction I saw a McLaren P1 in black Sorry no photos as I was turning into the junction. I wasnt aware these were 'public' as such...? - and no it wasnt the MP12-C Amazing anyway, in reality 10x better. The highlevel brakelight...
  17. Bryan Allman

    McLaren - Honda .... What do we think ?

    Anyone else thinking this is a bit of a strange move? Bearing in mind that Honda will enter the new engine formula a year late (2015), it means McLaren will be using the new Mercedes engine for just one year, so a complete engine packaging redesign for each season - not the best way to build a...
  18. wastedisposal


    Anyone fancy a cheap SLR McLaren? Copart
  19. WDB124066

    One for the McLaren fans going to Goodwood...

    The old CanAms are the ones to watch if you are going to Goodwood, they have a sound like thunder but travel at the speed of light. Still faster than this new badged one I suspect. McLaren honours more Kiwi achievements - motoring | Here is one gapping a F1 GTR McLaren at Spa no...
  20. A

    Vodafone Mclaren

    What is going on with this team in the last 6 months, they have lost Lewis Hamilton (There best Driver), Paddy Lowe (Technical Director), Possibly losing Mercedes Engines at end of season and now annoucement they are losing there main sponsor Vodafone (Can you blame them). Is this a sinking...
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