1. BenzComander

    Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition

    Limited edition if your bog standard car was too common for you!!:D :D
  2. T

    Mclaren goodies 70% off Yes!!!!!! 70% off everything except the box set and the model cars.......
  3. scotth_uk

    The McLaren SLS - perhaps? SPY PHOTOS: Mercedes SLS McLaren by Andreas Conradt Copyright by AUTOMEDIA 11-28-2006 advertisement The150,000-Euro baby These pictures prove that early development...
  4. grober

    The Kiss of Death for Mclaren??

    DaimlerChrysler to buy out McLaren? From 4CAR DaimlerChrysler is considering buying the 60% of McLaren that it does not already own, according to rumours in the German media. DaimlerChrysler bought 40% of McLaren in 1999, as part of the programme to develop and produce the Mercedes-Benz...
  5. jwarren

    Mclaren CLK - yes a CLK

    I was in a car park at the weekend in Chichester City centre (Festival of Speed was on), and slightly amazed at how many MB's were occupying the thirty or so spaces. Anyway, to my right I noted a very shiny and superb black CLK on an 06 plate, being a nosey admiring sort of person I did a bit...
  6. Howard

    Mclaren APS30 one of only 3 looks nice....
  7. stats007

    McLaren Sat Nav?

    Seems a bit expensive? McLaren APS 30
  8. grober

    McLaren SLR 1000 UP!

    Yes today McLaren produced its 1000th SLR. Common as muck then!:crazy:
  9. jeremytaylor

    Alonso to Join Mercedes McLaren

    In 2007, Ferdinand Alonso, current F1 champion is to join Mercedes McLaren. Ron Dennis hasn't decided who will make way for him, but as Kimi Raikonnen has been tipped to join Ferrari when Michael Schumacher's contract expires in 2007, it's likely to be him. Time will tell.
  10. Maff

    Got to 170mph in a McLaren SLR today...

    Had the pleasure of going round the circular bowl at the MIRA testing facility today in a new SLR. Only got to 170 as it was raining heavily. Was quite looking forward to it, however to be honest it wasn't all that great. The car sounds awesome, best V8 sound i've heard to date, and got it a...
  11. scotth_uk

    New McLaren?
  12. S

    Brabus SLR McLaren

    The ultimate Merc just got Brabussed...! Pics:- Words:- :eek: :eek: :eek:
  13. McGreggor

    C43 Sport McLaren

    My C43 AMG, breathed on by McLaren to produce 390BHP :devil: These are pictures the dealer sent me so I could get an idea of the car before the very long trip to Glasgow to pick it up.
  14. McGreggor

    C43 AMG McLaren Varient?

    C43 AMG McLaren Varient The ad below appears to be talking about a 390BHP C43, oh yes :D One of 90 cars made I belive. Anyone have any info on these varients? I assume they are the same spec as the C43's that were used as F1 saftey cars...
  15. Maff

    McLaren SLR v Merc E55 Street Race...

    Little clip for you... :D
  16. Philirv

    polish built Mclaren SLR

    These guys from Poland managed to create a mclaren SLR from what looks like an old SL. hope you enjoy this presentation ! Rgds Philirv
  17. Steve_Perry

    4car test drive the MB McLaren SLR.

    Read McLaren SLR road test. 8 pages worth :D S.
  18. R

    Mclaren Mercedes F1

    Its looks very dead in here to day. I am a saddo who is missing the GP season. How do you think DC and Kimi will get on this year? It really is time in GP to see something different than 2 Red cars finishing 1st and 2nd (or was it 2nd and 1st). Come on DC. Post your polls! Regards Saddo (Ian)
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