1. MikeInWimbledon

    Goodwood: which McLaren model is this?

    Someone didn't make it to Goodwood at 6am on Sunday morning. (Both passengers escaped) Two questions: Can anyone Identify the model: 570s ? Lend the owner some T-Cut ? On a more serious note: isn't modern car passive safety phenomenal? McLaren supercar left in twisted...
  2. bob6600

    2019 McLaren F1 hyper-GT road car

    Will have 3 seats, hybrid technology and cost around £2m The 106 applicants who were successful have already be told who they are 2019 McLaren F1 to feature new hybrid tech | Autocar
  3. whitenemesis

    McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems

    This could be interesting.. McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems - BBC Sport
  4. grober


    A brief interview with Zack Brown the new Head of the McLaren Technology Group and chairman of MOTORSPORT NETWORKS talks about F1 and Formula E - evidently all cars for the 2017 Season will powered by McLaren batteries. BBC iPlayer - BBC Business Live - 02/02/2017 20 minutes in.
  5. bob6600

    Ron Dennis removed as McLaren CEO

    The McLaren Technology Group have released a statement confirming Ron Dennis' exit as their chief executive. It read:
  6. Conquistador

    How Tyres Change For OE Approval. AMG, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari etc.

    Horses for courses really but interesting to see how attributes of the 'same' tyre vary between manufacturers that commission them. How Tyres Change For OE Approval the P Zero Story - Tyre Reviews
  7. The _Don

    Apple in talks with Mclaren
  8. F

    McLaren P1 MSO, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes G500 4x4² in London
  9. V

    McLaren Chip

    Spoke to a guy today who has a friend with a SL that's had a chip fitted which gives 750 BHP at a £600 cost. Not heard of this??
  10. M

    Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer

    From the article: Aritra Das, a 22-year-old designer, from wondering what it could have looked like. Combining design language elements from both brands, he created this stunning reborn Mercedes SLR McLaren. Photos - Mercedes SLR McLaren imagined By a 22 year old designer .
  11. The _Don

    Chris Harris on Cars - LaFerrari v Porsche 918 v McLaren P1 at Portimao.
  12. Andrew W

    Mclaren SLR performance

    I'm guessing there's a fair few cars on here with more power than the mighty SLR . How hard is it to get close to 600bhp and 580lb/FT torque with our 55k engines and would the performance figures be as good . I know I can't afford an SLR but may possibly get my CLS55 to go like one , maybe !
  13. N

    Uber McLaren A bit of fun.
  14. The _Don

    Can The Mercedes-AMG GT S Put Up A Fight Against The McLaren 650S?
  15. R

    Mclaren P1 and range

    [ McLaren range plus "target" for interactive app. £15 inc p and p
  16. R

    Mclaren SLR Brochure and Price list

    McLaren SLR Brochure and Price list in English £15 inc p and p
  17. Halcyon Days

    McLaren SLR

    A few shots of a local SLR that i was lucky enough to photograph - thought someone might enjoy them :)
  18. WDB124066

    The World's very first McLaren..??

    Spotted this very day lurking in the shadows, wonder what it's worth....??
  19. ioweddie

    Mercedes SLR Mclaren 1/18 Diecast model for sale

    I've got a super 1/18 scale Mercedes SLR for sale on ebay. Its got infrared remote control lights, steering, forward and reverse driving via the remote. Fantastic Christmas gift for someone. See link plus I've got lots more from my collection for sale. Thanks for looking Eddie 1:18 Diecast...
  20. grober

    Hamilton signs for McLaren 2015

    Hamilton signs for McLaren 2015. Didn't see that one coming. :eek: 'Hamilton signs for McLaren for 2015' - Formula 1 news
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