1. bpsorrel

    Button poised to switch to McLaren..

    Story here: Button poised for McLaren switch - Does anyone else feel he's displaying bad form here? After all, this time last year he was unemployed effectively and Brawn gave him a drive. Sounds like he's forgetting very quickly who gave him the great opportunity after so...
  2. M

    Mercedes leaving McLaren

    Hi Guys, Just heard Mercedes Benz are leaving McLaren, to take over Brawn Racing. K
  3. Matt32AMG

    Button in frame for McLaren drive

    BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | Button in frame for McLaren drive good or bad thing:confused: Guess its going to be a matter of dosh in the end :)
  4. W

    McLaren MP4-12C revealed

    Autocar - McLaren MP4-12C revealed WKuAP9jhrsI
  5. The Dent Guy

    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Pit Tour

    Today i was luck enough to be selected to attend the McLaren Pit Tour, ahead of this weekends British GP at Silverstone. A long way to travel for a half hour tour - but well worth it. Saw a few famous faces along the pitlane too...... Lewis's car parts Shame i didn't get my shirt...
  6. flango

    McLaren F1 goes up in Flames

    See the tradegy HERE One of my customers who is the CEO of a big mining company has one of these and they are a truly awesome car, I turn green with envy everytime I see it, so a real shame to see one end up like this.
  7. M

    McLaren given suspended 3 race ban

    story from BBC Sport F1 McLaren have been given a suspended three-race ban for misleading stewards at the Australian Grand Prix by motor sport's governing body, the FIA. The British team admitted five charges of breaching Formula One rules at a special inquiry on Wednesday in Paris...
  8. glojo

    McLaren fastest in first practice

    As per the title Hamilton clocked the fastest time in first practice in China Surprise, surprise he had this 'double diffuser' so obviously McLaren were prepared for the appeal being dismissed in Paris but the number two McLaren is still using the original diffuser :( Good link Edit Is it...
  9. TonyVianoAmbiente

    McLaren's Ron Dennis quits Formula 1

    From BBC Sport: Ron Dennis has handed over complete control of McLaren Racing to team principal Martin Whitmarsh, ending his 43-year involvement in Formula 1. The 61-year-old stepped down as world champion Lewis Hamilton's team boss on 16 January, but stayed involved in F1. Dennis will...
  10. glojo

    McLaren excluded from Australian Grand Prix

    Ooops Looks like McLaren might have been naughty and have now been disqualified from the Australian GP and Toyota reinstated to 3rd place
  11. partsspecialist

    New Mclaren Spy shots
  12. S

    2009 Mercedes McLaren SLR Sterling Moss

    The 2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss will officially make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month, but Mercedes decided to tease us with these shimmering photos of the last of the Mercedes-McLaren partnership. Designed with Stirling Moss’ 1955 300 SLR racer in mind, the 2009 SLR Stirling...
  13. P

    Sneak preview of Mclaren developments for Singapore night race

    Video of Martin Whitmarsh talking about the challenges to Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes..... very tongue in cheek :D
  14. D

    Peep inside McLaren Brixworth with Lewis Hamilton 19.08.08 :p
  15. D

    Mercedes SLR McLaren 722

    Soft top SLR :eek: Like Batman mobile...
  16. R

    What you buy when you get bored with your Mclaren SLR.

    I may have mentioned that a contact of mine let me drive his SLR a little while ago. Well the SLR has gone and this has replaced it............... LAMBORGHINI Murcielago VT Roadster in Metallic Aranchio Atlas Pearl Orange...........Subtle eh?
  17. R

    Buying Mclaren SLR

    Some of you will recall that I test drove an SLR recently (see below) well I've decided I must get one! I'm getting a used one. It has the optional 19inch turbine wheels, Silver arrow red interior and is Anthrazit metallic (Dark Silver). Details and photos to follow
  18. Flyer

    F1 - Wired cover McLaren and Ferrari story

    This month's Wired has an interesting feature on the McLaren and Ferrari shenanigans from last Summer. Probably best to ignore the 'Inconvenient Truth' b*ll$ck$ though :)
  19. D

    McLaren Technology Centre

    Who can arrange a visit?;)
  20. D

    Heard the rumour Merc wants to buy Aston and divorce McLaren?
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