1. KillerHERTZ

    2012 M-Class Popemobile unveiled at the Vatican

    Dr Dieter Zetsche hands over Mercedes-Benz M-Class in Rome: New Popemobile from Mercedes-Benz for Pope Benedict XVI Stuttgart/Rome – By delivering a new Popemobile to Pope Benedict XVI Mercedes-Benz continues a tradition, which lasts for 80 years now. Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the...
  2. G

    M Class 2007

    Hello all We have just bought a 2007 M class 280 SE for the business and need to go to France on Wednesday It has bi Zenon lighting and I wondered what the process is for driving on the right? Any assistance greatly received:bannana:
  3. CraigRoyK

    M-class buyers guide?

    Hi all, We're looking for a replacement vehicle for the wife. She likes the idea of a 4x4. High seating position, etc, hence looking at the M-Class. Other requirements are basically automatic, occasional 7 seater, space for dog cage, baby buggy, etc in the back when not in 7 seat...
  4. U

    Price list for new 2012 M-class W166 available

    Hello, I have received price list for new W166 M-class today:rock:. I don't see that available yet on main MB UK website so I share with you. I must say I am well impressed by the fact that many things are going under standard hood where in rest of Europe they are optional and expensive...
  5. Alex

    Mercedes-Benz ML55

    2004 ML55 AMG 550BHP - KLEEMANN Supercharger, ECU, Fuel System, Headers and Camshafts - Alcantara Headliner and Pillars - AMG Illuminated Door Sills - H&R Anti-Roll Bars - Supersprint Sport Exhaust - BRABUS Door Pins, Pedal Covers, 5-piece Wood Trim, Sport Suspension, 12-/4-piston...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    2012 M-Class Offically Unveiled

    2012 M-Class Offically Unveiled At launch, three different engines will be offered. The entry-level ML 250 Bluetec has a 2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel that produces 204 PS (150 kW / 201 hp) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. Moving up to the ML 350 Bluetec rewards drivers with a...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    M-Class Grand Edition Announced

    2011 Mercedes-Benz M-Class Grand Edition M-Class Grand Edition and R-Class 2010: Sales start on 4 May Two new models are enhancing the Mercedes-Benz model port-folio in spring 2010. The new-generation R-Class can be ordered now, with an entry-level price of Euro 42,100*. With a total of nine...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Fatality as 2012 M-Class Prototype Crashes On Autobahn

    One man was killed and a Daimler test driver was injured in an accident on Autobahn A81 near Rottweil, Germany. In the early morning hours of the April 23 the 52-year-old Daimler employee was testing a 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class prototype SUV when he struck a 26-year-old man exiting his...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    W164 M-Class facelift + ML63 AMG Facelift

    The new-generation M-Class: More dynamic, more powerful and with even more style Mercedes-Benz has meticulously revamped the successful M Class. The new generation of the dynamic, stylish SUV now has even more distinctive characteristics, and looks even sportier and more powerful. The front...
  10. B

    M-Class Owners Alert

    I discovered a while back that as an ML owner I was entitled to a complimentary M-Class Experience from Mercedes, with the chance to drive ML's off road and on track to see what it can do (in their car, not mine!). I had never received an invitation for this, but I got more information through...
  11. P

    Comand APS Navigation Version for M-class

    Hi I have a M-class from december 2005 (W164) with COMAND APS DVD Navigation. It was delivered with version 4.0 of the navigation DVD, and I am looking for the newest version. It has been difficult for me to find out the right version to buy, but looking for some comments about version 6.1 or...
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Replacing M-Class horns for those from an E-Class

    The horns in my 2003 ML are embarrassing - "meep meep". Something more like "HONK HONNNK" or "PARP PARRRP" would be much better IMHO!! Got some part numbers (A2035420120 and A0045425620) for horns fitted to ML55 AMG, but they were about £60 from the dealer. Went off the idea fairly rapidly...
  13. glojo

    M-Class 320CDI review

    I don't know if this link will work, but it is a very nice review of the new ML 320CDI.,,12929-1541864,00.html Regards, John
  14. marcos

    New M-Class PDF Document

    Found this and thought it might be quite interesting to share with you guys.
  15. A

    Mercedes M-class

    Hi, I am seriously looking at buying a M class as I need 7 seats. I have heard that the build quality is not very good. I have about 15k to spend which seems to be the W or X reg bracket. 1. Pls can some one advise what is the best engine? 2. What are the main problems or weak points? 3...
  16. A

    Mercedes M-class?

    Hi, I would like some advise. I currently own a 1998 S280, but due to a large family I need more seats. I am considering buying a M Class (with family pack), but have heard that they are not well made, especially the earlier ones (1998-2000). Can some one please give me advise on these...
  17. marcos

    M-Class revision and C-Class price

    Does anyone know when the M-Class was revised. My mate is looking at buying one and is unsure about when the facelift was. He is also selling my old C240 Sport 2000yr, silver, black leather, auto, autochanger etc and needs to know a price. If its a good price I might buy it back off him and...
  18. S

    New W164 M-Class (2005)

    Has anyone got any information on this vehicle.
  19. Gary430

    Which wheels for an M-Class?

    Keep coming back to the desire to 'upgrade' the wheels on my ML430. Currently has the standard 17" 7-spoke wheels on, but I fancy something bigger. The AMG 18" are nice, but at £2k for an extra inch :eek: and really don't want to have to lay out that much in the first place. Don't do a...
  20. Gary430

    New member + M-Class 'bits'

    Hi - new boy here :eek: Have been involved with various BBS sites for many years (both as member and moderator) and look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with you all - although it might be a bit one-way to start with :rolleyes: Have had an ML430 for 3 months now, and love it...
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