1. brucemillar

    W124 Wagon. Petrol Flap Solenoid Mech?

    Folks I have just noticed that my solenoid is not working meaning i have to use the manual plunger. I suspect that this is down to excess paint in the mech (car has just had a bare metal re-spray). The manual plunger is stiff. Liberal use of WD40 has not freed this up. I need to get the...
  2. T

    Vito (639) door lock mech, new member

    Hi all! I've bought myself a 2008 vito 111 long, with the aim of converting it to a camper van over the next few months. It seems solid so far but I do have few minor body jobs to do, starting with a door lock. The passenger side front door opens and closes fine but won't lock, either with...
  3. poormansporsche

    Best "Lube" for wiper mech

    like it says - read all the other hundreds of posts but there doesnt seem to be a definative answer ! preferably something I can just walk down to halfrauds and buy ! cheers brett
  4. s2oty

    w124 wiper motor mech fault

    As I only drive the 300ce in the summer months when its dry, my window wiper is now bitterly slow and really only works on one speed... the cars not coming out to play until the summer but im thinking I should get a replacement from a breakers on ebay.. or on here if cheap enough! What do...
  5. J

    Merc mech reqd Portsmouth area

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a reliable and good (and reasonably priced) Mercedes garage in/near Portsmouth (hants). I've had the car for 9 months now and want to change gearbox / filters w211. Any suggestions welcome.
  6. M

    W124 CE coupe, window regulators / mech

    Hi, have a nice CE which I'm putting back on the road but the front windows are holding things up as they are misaligned and seized slightly open! Quick question- are all W124 electric front window regulators/mechs the same or do I need to find one specifically for a coupe? If not- Could...

    clk w208 wiper and window mech!

    hi all - 2 problems i need to resolve: 1) wiper 2) the window mech 1) if i try to change the wiper blade, lift the wiper and theres a loud clunk then i have to force it down while cringing as it sounds like its about to snap! 2) the drivers side window is not as smooth as it used to be...
  8. Ian B Walker

    Gear Shift Mech

    I am looking for a gear shift mechanism for a 190 Cosworth 5 speed (dog leg box) Does anyone happen to either have a spare or know where one can be found.
  9. T

    W124 front passenger elec. window mech - URGENT!!!

    I need the mech with motor as mine is missing a few teeth so window no shutting properly so need to replace before it rains. If anyone has one knocking about or breaking a W124 i can travel to pick up. I am coming from west london area. Needs to be good nick with no missing teeth and motor...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    WANTED: W108 Rear window mech

    WANTED BADLY!, A complete rear window mech for a w108 door. Cheers
  11. jpskiller

    Excellent Mech. for older mercs and others

    86' 260e just like to say I took my car down to kirkham today sunday, and ian @ fixed alternator, handbrake, also miss firing, within a couple of hours at a extremely good price, its now running like a dream. highly reccomend. will be going back for more work when required...
  12. R

    W202 Wiper Motor and Mech

    Saw this on E-bay... I was going to buy for a spare but its too expensive now. I guess if you need one it will be a bargain though(Currently at £62.00)
  13. L

    Wiper Mech

    Ebay again, anyone needing a wiper mech for their 202 just came upon this
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