1. J

    Merc 220 CDI W211 Speedometer

    I have just bought a 58 E-Class 220 CDI W211 to use as a taxi. A wire in the multiplug at the back of the instrument cluster will carry a "pulse" from the gearbox (probably), to the speedometer. I simply need to run a trace from this wire to a taximeter. I wonder if someone can help me...
  2. ivandraganov

    Merc parts

    Has anybody bought from the prices are tempting.They have Delphi,Moog,Febi,TRW suspension arms in stock.Which shall I go for?Cheers
  3. W

    Independent merc garage

    Can anyone recommend a garage for service to e class in north London. Independent rather than merc
  4. B

    Back to Merc

    Hello folks had an E320 petrol w210 many moons ago. Now I am on the hunt for an E320 CDI estate. Looking forward to getting to know everyone on the forum :) kind Regards Christopher
  5. N

    A1 Merc Centre - any reviews?

    Hi All, has anyone used or had any dealings with these guys for any servicing work. They are quite local to me and if recommended would just use them instead of going all the way to Harrow or Romford? A1 MERC CENTRE LTD
  6. M

    Merc c class suddenly won't rev above 3000rpm

    Drove back down the motorway today and when I pulled off at the junction and changed gear the car suddenly will not Rev above 2500-3000rpm. Regardless of which gear I'm in. There has been no issues at all with the car until tonight . I'm a little concerned to as what it might be . It's...
  7. M

    04 C180 New to merc

    Fist of all I want to say hello to everyone, I am new to this forum same as new to merc owner. Don't want to call me self a mechanic yet however i did a college work and never did go to any garages yet!! I usually now have 2 luxury cars 04 Mercedes 180 Kompressor auto, and Lexus is200. Now...
  8. Reggie-rock

    You can buy a good car for under £600, but not a Merc

    It's about time I owned up as I have been looking for a second car for some time now for doing things my CLK Convertible is not very good at like the convenience of a hatchback, parking it anywhere without worries of any expensive damage on my return, +50mpg and front wheel drive for any snow we...
  9. M

    Merc E36 AMG (W210)

    She's all ready for the Rico Rally starting from Sunday. 2000 miles across some of Europes finest roads!
  10. C

    Just lowered my Merc

    Before After Eibach pro springs - Also fitted new top mounts and rubber shims, track rod ends, ball joints. Then it got a full service with all filters changed with merc parts. Happy days
  11. C

    Looking to buy a merc

    Hi,I'm new to the forum and to Mercedes-Benz, I'm looking to buy a c250d AMG sport 59 reg, any advice on what to look out for, I've heard that the manual gearbox isn't great, any thoughts are welcome, thanks
  12. 1

    Hi all Merc fans

    Hello and welcome! My name is Raf and my car is w124 280te 1993. Regards from North West
  13. H

    Merc Benz 230 SLK Kompressor 1999 Model

    Good evening all. I have owned the above model of car for the last 5 years and have been delighted with it. Of late ,over the last 3 weeks, the car has refused to start on 3 occasions,1 at home after overnight standing,2 following journeys of 15 miles. After 5 minutes of attempting,the car...
  14. D

    ml270 cdi smoking and need a merc specialist Manchester?

    hi I'm new to this site and I'm desperate for help. my ml270 cdi randomly started smoking black or sometimes greying smoke. I had the manifold changed,mad sensor and fuel filter. even drained the fuel in the tank and put fresh in. it smokes when you put your foot down and then the car cuts...
  15. T

    New to Merc and the Forums

    Hello World! Just thought I'd say a brief hello as I have a feeling I will be looking around here a fair bit over the next couple of years. I have just acquired a C220 CDi Avantgarde on an 02 plate which requires a little bit of work, and having not worked on Mercedes or owned one...
  16. S

    Merc c220 cdi estate 2008

    Hi all I have a mercedes c220 cdi estate 2008 s204 and seem to be missing the warning triangle from the boot under the floor, would it be possible for someone to check theirs for the part number so I can get a second hand one of eBay, also should there be anything else in the polystyrene...
  17. W

    First Merc - CLS or C Class or E Class

    Hi guys Looking to get my first Mercedes and thought I would get some views from the experts on here. :cool: I have always loved the CLS and went to see one at the Mercedes showroom today. I knew it only had 4 seats and that it was a big car. From speaking with the salesmen and having a sit...
  18. R

    merc E320diesel

    Help having nitemare with car. Turned it off after i got home. Went to it nxt morn,turns over wont start. Changed cam sensor and crankshaft as it cam up as non plasuble.. tryed easy start runs on it but dont keep going. Any ideas pls..
  19. T

    Windscreen washer water MERC S 350 2004

    Hi Just noticed my front windscreen washer does not pump water to the screen. I have topped up the water,still no joy, infact when the stalk is pushed the wipers work as normal but can't hear the pump running. The head lamp washers function ok.No error messages are present!! Any ideas chaps ??
  20. J

    New Merc owner!

    Hello everyone, Picked up my first Merc today, a C63 AMG Coupe, so thought I'd join the forum and say hello! Obviously not had time to do many miles in it yet, but am addicted to the noise already - looking forward to frequent visits to the petrol station!
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