1. A

    Mercland Nuneaton

    Went to see them yesterday,put car on star. Found faulty part,ordered yesterday. Part came today and fitted today. Part was alot of money.but car fixed. Good service well done lads keep up the good work.
  2. M

    Mercland's Second Workshop

    HI All, So we have outgrown our workshop here at Mercland. We currently have 5 ramps in a small space and for the last few years we have been looking for suitable premises; either to move our whole operation inclusidng sales, or as a second premises for the workshop. Needless to say business...
  3. trapperjohn

    Jay at Mercland. Nuneaton.

    Just had a ride down to Jay's with my brother to pick up his CLS 300 which was in for a bit of fettling. Have got to say how nice it was to meet Jay again and my brother was delighted with the work Jay had done and to have his own car back. Not that there was anything wrong with Jay's loaner...
  4. trapperjohn

    Jay at Mercland, Nuneaton.

    Big thanks to Jay at Mercland for helping my brother today to get himself a fabulous Mercedes. Sorry I could not be there Jay, had a very important date with a Vulcan in Southport and I must say she was lovely, as were her escorts. The Red Arrows. Ill let Bob put pictures up himself later.
  5. jaymanek

    Some Fun at the Mercland GTG? Segways?

    I am looking into the possibility of having Segway Taster sessions at the GTG to add some fun to the day. There would be a track set up and everyone could have a go. Its quite expensive so wanted to check if people would be up for having a go? We would ask for a token donation of £5...
  6. M

    Midlands GTG Sunday 23rd August 2015 - Arbury Hall (Near Mercland)

    Hi All, we are holding this event at: Arbury Estate - Welcome to Arbury Estate Arbury Hall, Arbury Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 7PT Its only around the corner from Mercland but there is a lot more space. There will be sandwiches etc provided. Also for those of it who may be...
  7. johnsco

    Mercland Thanks to mercland for car and great service

    In March I bought a car from Jay at Mercland. Year 2009 - E280 CDI Sports Auto Estate ... 3.0 litre V6 engine. I spotted it on the Forum and went specifically to buy it for personal and business use. I test-drove it with one of Mercland's helpful staff and drove it home. Car was...
  8. jaymanek

    Mercland GTG August?

    Sounding out a date? 23rd August... Its a Bank Holiday weekend... Would this be better or worse for most? Kids still of school etc.
  9. merc85

    Mercland opinons?

    As above a good friend of mine is looking for a Mercedes, there is one at Mercland that he likes the look of. Has anyone dealt with them any opinons most welcome:thumb:
  10. M

    w124 e320 estate at Mercland

    Lovely looking at w124 at Mercland. Not sure why Jay hasn't listed this in the traders section as it looks like a beaut. 1995(N) MERCEDES E320 ESTATE AUTOMATIC (5 SPEED) 7 SEATER W124 AZURITE BLUE | eBay
  11. S


    You've had a good day mate!!
  12. M

    Mercland Nuneaton is looking for Technicians

    Any Vehicle Technicians / MOT Testers in the Nuneaton Area looking for work? We are recruiting at Mercland, If you know any good mechanics, please let us know! Looking for both an experienced individual to join us and also someone at an earlier stage of their career. Contact me for more...
  13. C240Sport97

    Mercland Cars for Sale

    the ads have deluged "Today's Posts" !! also, they should be in "Offers from Traders" rather than Cars for Sale which is supposed to be for private sales.
  14. M

    Hi from MercLand!

    We have been invited to advertise our cars on here so will try it out, hopefully wont annoy members with the number of cars we will be uploading... This may get a little confusing... Of course I am "jaymanek" and using the "MercLand" handle to advertise our vehicles in the classifieds only...
  15. Jukie

    Has this one pass through Mercland's hands?

    Mercedes-Benz E Class E280 CDI Avantgarde 4dr Tip Auto 3.0 sat nav, lovely example Either that or he's wangled some free advertising on the rear number plate! Looks a nice car.
  16. jaymanek

    Midlands GTG Sunday 4th August - Mercland Nuneaton

    Hi All, Getting Here: Mercland, 95 Whittleford Rd, Nuneaton, CV10 9JD You are looking for this (not current prices im afraid) At this end of the building (Same end as the pole sign) there is an entrance that leads to the rear of the building. I will be here from early on...
  17. B

    Mercland Service

    Just booked a B service for my first Merc (2010 E220). Booked it into Mercland as it is not far and many people seem to recommend. Quite looking forward to paying it a visit as it goes. Obviously i will take in the info on the previous work that has been done on it but is there any other...
  18. jaymanek

    GTG Sunday 4th August - Mercland, Nuneaton DATE NOW AGREED

    I know it seems like ages away but missed having a GTG last couple of years, so who's up for it? Preferred dates? 26 August is a Bank Holiday Monday so maybe the 25th? or are people going away that weekend? Also anyone know if any major sporting or motorsport events on any of the Sundays in...
  19. bpsorrel

    Great service from Mercland

    Just a big thumbs up to Jay and his team at Mercland for putting my mind at rest with my CLS and helping me to enjoy the car again. :) :thumb:
  20. The _Don

    Spotted: Mercedes 500e (w124) jay mercland

    Spotted: Mercedes 500E (W124) - PistonHeads
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