1. D

    W163. Ml500 xenon headlamps - simple swap ?

    Hi , like most people , my lamps on my newly purchased ml500 are fogged . Yes they can be polished but it's never as good a new shiny lamps . So Looking at new units , the only difference I can see between xenon and halogen is thebalast plugged in at the bottom ? Can I just buy a new...
  2. CraigRoyK

    W163 ml500 lhd

    Hi all, As above, I'm looking for a left hand drive ML500 W163. Cosmetic condition not really important. I.e, can have rust issues, etc, but ideally should be sound mechanically. (Or relatively sound mechanically), and price commensurate with condition. Would also consider an ML55 LHD...
  3. Charliecloud

    ML500 Sport

    As Title - must have airmatic and a sunroof. Less than 100k and no Cat C or D pm with details Thanks
  4. S

    W163 ML500 Engine Rear Main Seal Leak

    Hi All So was looking under the car to see where the leak was coming from my exhaust and noticed flipping oil coming out the bell housing. It is not gear box oil but am 100% sure it is oil coming out the rear main seal. I have a camera that im going to stick in there to confirm 100%. The car...
  5. Charliecloud

    ML500 Sport

    Hi Guys Looking to get some owners views on the ML 500 Sport. I generally only do about 4k a year, so fuel consumption is not an issue, I'm more interested in hearing about reliability and any quirks with this model Thanks
  6. S

    An ML55 / ML500 owners near Worthing ?

    Hi all, Are there any ML55 or Ml500 ( 2002 ) owners near Worthing in the UK on here ? I would love to meet up to compare cooling systems, and other bits, as my truck seems to be been adjusted. I would love to compare to see how different / what has been done to my truck. Any one on...
  7. S

    ML500 or 270cdi

    Hi guys, busy looking for a ML at the moment to buy, not sure if I should go for the 5L v8 or the 2,7cdi. The car is not going to do much mileage every day only when we go on holidays so hence why I was thinking of the 5L v8. But then my mind says better mileage on diesel but short trips not too...
  8. I

    Mercedes ML500 W163 - £3,250

    I'm in the process of getting my car prepared for sale, so it is booked in to have the MOT and a service done next weekend (5th March) so will be available to buy after that... For sale is my Mercedes ML 500, December 2001, 96K, Silver, MOT till March 2017, Tax costs £285 for 12 months, Private...
  9. gina2201

    W163 ml500 / ml55

    Wanted a W163 ML500 or ML55 Must be facelift, with LPG would be preferred Good condition, history etc Just missed out on one so cash waiting for the right car Based in SW but will travel
  10. P

    w163 MY2003 ML500 springs - u49 sport pack u61 luxury

    Hi MB friends! My rear springs have bought it after the princely record of 160,000 miles of UK speed bumps :bannana: The VIN decodes as having the u49 sport pack, which has the bits and bobs I can see (bumper, wheels, exhaust tip etc). My mechanic reckons we need to order in the ML55 AMG rear...
  11. I

    Wanted: w163 ML500 or ML55 AMG

    As title really, looking for a bargain basement ML... not looking to spend a great deal of money (c.£3k) but know they can be had for this money, so if you have or know of one for sale, let me know.. Cheers, Karl
  12. U

    W164 2006 ML500 idle stutter

    Hi all, Every so often when coming to a stop the idle starts to fluctuate, be rough etc. from what I understand this is most likely to be the MAF sensor. As soon as throttle is applied it clears up and runs perfectly. If it's starting to go then is it a straight swap or will it need to be...
  13. W

    Wanted - E55K / E63 / ML500 / ML63 or similar

    Hi Gang, Thought I'd ask on here before I cast the net a little wider :) I'm looking to move on my trusty CLK55 AMG after five years and am looking for a replacement - something with 4/5 doors. I'm open to quite a few ideas but possibly a 211 E55 estate, ML500 or similar. Maybe a C55...
  14. S

    Removing Spare Wheel Carrier from 2002 ML500 W163

    Hi, just picked up a lovely ML500, but it has the spare wheel carrier on the rear. Now with two kids I need the boot a lot for their junk and the wheel carrier is becoming a hassle to open to get to the tailgate. I've started to investigate removal but will need to sort the wiring out for the...
  15. M

    Hi, ML500 owner

    Hi everyone , I've just bought myself a Silver ML500 w164. I have a few questions about spacers and wheels if anyone has some info i'd appreciate the help cheers
  16. G

    WANTED: W163 ML500 AMG Front foglights

    WANTED: W163 ML500 AMG Front foglight lenses in good condition. PAIR. Thanks
  17. EDZ649

    Bargain ML500 anyone?

    If this is a genuine ad it looks to be a bargain. I did an HPi on it and it is clear apart from a number plate change. No mention of service history though.
  18. S

    Greetings from a new ML500 owner in Cheshire

    Hi folks I just got an ML500 which was to replace my previous VW Touareg 2.5tdi. To say that the driving experience is poles apart is an understatement! :D The car has 94k on it and a few niggles but drives fine and the bodywork is very tidy. So far so good although it's only the end of...
  19. 321mutley

    Hi everyone, just bought another Merc to add to the fleet

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and wanted to say hello. I've just bought a ML500 as an addition to the family fleet to help transport my growing family. In addition to the ML, my wife has a A160L and we have a Sprinter, although that's being sold. I love the ML, it's my first 4x4, I...
  20. M

    Dead Comand in ML500

    Hi All My ML500 2005 has lost its Comand center. Car has the "posh" surround sound system - don't know if this alters things. First no sound from speakers Next morning Comand just got to the Merc symbol then switched off :-( My Local dealer says fried hard disk ??? New comand only solution Has...
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