1. gr1nch

    Monster MB garage in Aachen

    Was at Aachen today getting my car looked at (Keyless-Go keys not detected), having decided for its first warranty to drive the two hours over the border to a large German garage, recommended by MB customer services. This garage covers acres! Notably single buildings for separate functions. The...
  2. Alienator

    MERCEDES ML420 CDI SPORT AMG 471 BHP V8 MONSTER - most powerfull ML

    MERCEDES ML420 CDI SPORT AMG 471 BHP V8 MONSTER, 22" ALLOYS, YEARS MOT, FSH | eBay Not sure what should be my reaction :doh: What do you think guys???
  3. Beardz

    Monster Scratch!

    In the last 2 days some div has decided it would amuse them by keying my car from front wing all the way to the rear lights deep enough to show the white primer underneath:mad: I looking for advice on bodyshops that can rectify this issue at a reasonable rate? Looking for quality at an...
  4. J

    Monster E55

    Big insurance to go with big numbers???? Mercedes E55 W211 Supercharged 580 BHP MSL Remap / Pulley / Decat - Stunning | eBay
  5. Jim G

    MSL Monster For Sale

    For sale: Mercedes Weistec Supercharged E63 AMG £45,000 ono Mercedes E63 AMG Weistec Supercharged 814Bhp | eBay? Autotrader add to follow Photos in the album below: This...
  6. Felstmiester

    There's a monster of a 63 out there somewhere

    Read the description lol
  7. mercmush

    A green monster

    When paint jobs go wrong Mercedes 500 SEC V8 1983 | eBay :crazy:
  8. M

    Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

    Hi Guys, As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s...
  9. S

    Another Eurocharged Tuned Monster, 5.7L with Weistec Supercharger

    Just INSANE 5.7L full Eurocharged build with Darton Sleeves & Mahle Pistons & Weistec Supercharger, this time on a G Wagon. 620hp in a G Wagon but its at the wheels :eek: So yes 620 AWHP !!!! This thing must have more than 20% drive train loss which would put it around 780bhp at the crank...
  10. S

    Eurocharged 5.7L Monster Build

    In the weeks coming our attention will be fixed on the creation of a fully rebuilt M113K engine. The Eurocharged HQ in Houston have been working on several of these recently with power options ranging from 700-800bhp :eek:. The are several options available including twin turbo or larger...
  11. Lee C63

    First impressions of the Weistec / MSL C63 Monster

    Well I drove down to MSL today to pick the car up, I felt sick with excitement and wondering if I had done the right thing, it’s not as if the C63 is any slouch and I was wondering can it really be as good as you see on the You tube clips and reviews on the American forums. Anyway I arrived at...
  12. D

    Monster spec W211 Designo E320 CDI Estate

    Never seen an interior like that.... The roofliner is like the one in KLP's SEC!... Dont know too much about this shape but that spec does look healthy.... MERCEDES DESIGNO E320 CDI ESTATE AVANTGARDE AMG HIGHEST SPEC CAR UK | eBay
  13. Howard

    Monster G Wagen

    Ended now , but didn't hit reserve so might be back up for sale soon. Drive it home from holland ! Mercedes-Benz : G-Class XXL in Mercedes-Benz | eBay Motors
  14. 300CE

    Armoured coach ex Margret thatcher northern ireland 38 ton monster

    Armoured coach ex Margret thatcher northern ireland 38 ton monster | eBay
  15. finisterre

    Vito 638 monster truck lite

    Not really but time for some new tyres.. I spend quite a lot of time on tracks and grass, the ground clearance could do with a boost. Something with an aggressive tread wouldn't hurt much either. Does anybody know what I can cram into a 97 Vito wheel arch without fouling? Currently budget...
  16. corned

    Allan McNish survives monster Le Mans crash

    Just thought you would like to know that Allan McNish is alive and well (and walking about) following one of the worst motor sport accidents I have ever seen. That Audi is one strong well-engineered car. Thank God it was a closed car not an open one or the result would have been very different.
  17. A

    Just bought myself a monster!

    Hi everyone. I've just become the very lucky owner of a C63 and thought I would join up with fellow 3 pointed star enthusiasts. I've had the car for around a month and it's awesome! I've always wanted a really fast car but you know how it commitments/life etc prevent you from doing...
  18. BenzedUP

    Monster C55

    Mercedes : c55 estate with 41k miles Has Renntech CB airbox etc., look great, :D:thumb:
  19. tpwuk

    S210 E55 AMG - Big Black Monster!

    Mercedes : AMG E55 Estate Low miles, Low price!
  20. buccal

    E55 with monster bills

    Mercedes : MERCEDES E55 AMG 8k spent it last 10 months:eek: On what????????
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