1. Psilonaught

    Why is MPG so much better on 97 super unleaded?

    Unfortunately, my village garage doesn't do 97, so for the last couple of weeks i've been running on 95. I drained the tank today and filled up with 97, and then reset the MPG couter. In eco, on b roads at around 50mph the average i was getting around 31mpg. This is amazing and far higher...
  2. ace8800

    Mercedes CLS220cdi AMG Line MPG

    Hi all, Im looking at some CLS220 cdi AMG line, just wanted to know what was he real mpg. I drive mainly city and probably once a week 20miles strech. I had a CLK320cdi (2006) a while back and i remember it giving me 30mpg avg. So im hoping the 220cdi will give me more.. but because its a...
  3. Z

    C300h - Real world MPG's ?

    Hi all, Considering the C300h, in a move to potentially reduce fuel costs and get with the times in the move to becoming an eco-warrior. However, road tested one today for an hour in Eco mode, on different roads, some flat, some ups and downs, and drove it very sedately at times, and a...
  4. R

    Viano running problems poor mpg

    Hi all I have a 04 plate viano, what mpg would you expect? Currently I do the same 50mile journey to work then 50miles back every day, you'd expect the mpg displayed on the dash to be the same or similar for each journey, one trip would be about 31mpg then the next exact same journey would be...
  5. L

    Terrible MPG from C200

    Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a 2016 C200D 1.6, but I'm getting terrible MPG on it around 30 MPG from the last tank? I am a bit heavy footed on the accelerator but I was expecting around 40 - 45 MPG not the terrible 30 MPG which I believe a C63 AMG can achieve. Do you guys have any...
  6. F

    Surprise mpg for petrol E320

    Just got back from my hols. in Czech Republic, where I did about 2k. On the autobahn, I cruised at 90/100 mph where possible & the computer showed around 32 mpg, which was good. I found the most economical cruising speed was 80/85 mph where it showed 34mpg. Cruising around 70 only showed 30mpg...
  7. F

    W205 C63 mpg

    I did a trip to day and was mighty impressed with fuel consumption, 101 miles average speed 51mph and 37.1 mpg, I've no idea why it was so good I've never got anywhere near that before, all I can say is it's a good 10mpg better than my old 204 C63 on the same journey, I'd post a pic of the...
  8. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  9. Cymruambyth

    MPG display.

    Is there an average MPG display on my 2007 C350? I`ve been through all the menus but can`t find anything :wallbash:
  10. E

    Poor mpg and possible auto gearbox problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum having only owned my E280cdi 2009 estate for a couple of months. On the whole I'm pretty happy with the car but it does have a couple of issues. Firstly. Although it has full MB dealer history it had only had 1 gearbox service done at 45K it's now done 110k...
  11. S

    CLK220 2007 MPG / Turbo issues

    Hi there, Recently brought a CLK220 AMG with tiptronic and it drives fine but not quite as quick as I would like but the mpg is only around 32-34mpg on a 55mph run on A roads and drops to mid 20's around town. Garage thinks it may be a turbo issue and suggest taking it out for tesing /...
  12. E

    w240 c220 cdi sport MPG

    hi guys I think my car is quite sore on fuel, it has 37000 miles and been serviced recently etc it is avergaing around 30-32mpg it is a 2011 c220 cdi sport, others I know are getting 50-60 mpg my driving is mostly short 30mins journeys the car is automatic
  13. CLSMark

    Guess my MPG ( excitement lays ahead, read on!!)

    So, I live in Hampshire, and I'm originally from central Scotland Tonight I'm driving the 398 miles back home for a long weekend. Scenario is Cls 3.0 v6 DIESEL just me ( no kids or wife or their accoutrements) One bag (not the mother in law) Route is Basingstoke to Newbury A339 Onto A34...
  14. B

    CLK 270CDI diesel consumtpiom reduced from 45/mpg to 23 mpg after MOT done

    Hi everyone, Wondering if you would have come across similar scenario: My consumption of my 270 cdi has been always really good, with most time computer showing an average 45mpg. I just recently had my MOT done and it passed with flying colors, no advisories. But since then, my computer seems...
  15. A

    W212 e220 facelift reliability + real mpg

    Has anyone had major issues with the facelift E220 cdi w212? I'm thinking of purchasing one from auction, 80-100k with MB service history. (2014 reg) What is the real mpg, especially around town. (Using it as a taxi) One of my friends has the w211 e220. He only did 15-20 miles a day and he...
  16. Londonscottish

    Real world MPG - 350 CGI vs 500 vs E63

    Hi All, I'm really struggling to find a 212 350 CGI in the spec I want to thought might cast the net a bit wider. £19k could get me into a nice W211 E63, for example, but the fuel economy does make me wonder (and yes, I know, if I'm asking that question....). Anyway; the only thing...
  17. robgosty

    SL 350 real world MPG

    As above, quite fancy one of these around 05/06/07, what MPG are owners actually getting. I know what the specs say but I don't drive round a test track at 55mph, any replies much appreciated Cheers
  18. steve333

    Ml300cdi real world mpg

    Can any present/past ml300cdi owners give me the real world average mpg over a tank please(interested in a ml300cdi 2011,will be mainly urban/extra urban journeys,some 100 each way twice a month and a daily roundtrip Monday-Friday of 20 miles involving 4 stops during),thanks for any help!
  19. Guy.Pap

    Sudden Massive drop in MPG

    I have a E280 Sport S211 2008 with 75500 miles on it, and love the car to bits. The car was remapped by MSL early in 2015 and the EGR was mapped out also the cat was removed the car drove lovely. The car was treated to a new turbo and control unit last September (2016) and a new N.S.R ABS...

    Issues with the average mpg not displaying

    Hey Guys Im new to the world of owning a MB so please excuse me if I make any mistakes. I have just bought a CLK270 CDI 2003 and almost everything in it works but I have been having an issues with the after start and after reset section in the information system. It display some things but...
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