1. M

    track names on comand

    I've only had my C63 AMG for a couple of weeks, so I'm still finding my way around all its toys. It's a 2012 facelift with comand and I've noticed that if a track, that I've stored on the hard drive, has a long name, then it just omits the part that wont fit on the screen. Is there a way to get...
  2. ringway

    Unfortunate Names.

    There are some howlers in these articles and one missed from the footballing list is Quim. Football. LINK. No's 14 & 16! :eek: :D BBC News. LINK.
  3. manofgresley

    Fuse Box Locations and designation names

    Hi. I have a 2001, CLK 320 Cabriolet, the owners manual is not clear on where the fuses are (imho) has anyone got a definative drawing of their names and locations?
  4. T

    radio not displaying names

    up until yesterday when my car went in for its UK mot test my becker audio 30 would display the names of the radio stations on the dash binnacle but now its only displaying the frequency how do I switch this back as its driving me made as usual the lcd on the becker is kaput/doa so i cant see...
  5. S

    W221 and telephone names

    I have the pre facelift W221 (2008) and every time I turn Bluetooth on my mobile, the Command unit takes a while to become operational, as its reading the phone details (names, etc) Is this normal? I'd have though the names would be stored on the Command unit so its ready to go as soon...
  6. johnbeal

    Comand NTG 4.0 Street names

    Is it possible to have more street names on the screen.At the moment my screen only shows approx 3 names.also I believe it is possible to have a different colour screen. Anybody know if possible and how to change it
  7. M

    Bluetooth mobile connection. Names list..

    I have a standard screen on my w204 with Bluetooth telephony connection. However when anyone calls only the number shows up not the name. Can I sync with phone or something so names also show up or do I need to enter and save each contact?
  8. P

    Comand Bluetooth not showing caller names

    Hi everyone, I'm back with my W219 '08 CLS63 AMG that I bought last November :devil: I have an issue that has developed with the MB Bluetooth, the Comand screen is no longer displaying the name of the inbound caller, it just displays the number. I took it down to MB last week and the tech...
  9. M

    Names ain't just for tombstones, baby...

    Having settled my bill at Hughes this morning, I took a brief wander round the showroom and found myself - not for the first time - sitting in an R172. I'm still in two minds about whether to upgrade, what with my now 8-year-old R171 starting to rack up extra bills outside of standard servicing...
  10. markjay

    Brand Names
  11. U

    Audio 20 Adress Book display names

    Hi there, I cannot find if this discussion is already open in this forum. I've got a 2010 MB C220 Avantgarde with the audio 20 (standart) install, when i transfer my address book to the the audio 20 it dyplay my contact list with surname, name. Is there update that can change this to display...
  12. C

    how does my car know the names of tracks?

    Hey all, wondering if anyone could help me figure out this mystery! Recently had a new c220 125 edition with comand, I love the car to bits, and I love the sat nag, but something really confuses me. (it's not a bad confusion don't worry) When I plug in my iPod into the centre console, it...
  13. A

    Help with apostrophe in names

    Hello I'm having a sign carved out for a 'secret' garden we are converting into a play area for our children. The Sign will read... Lily & James Garden as I am not sure and almost changing it to read Garden for Lily & James Do I need apostropheys?
  14. W

    1982 Nurburgring GP opening - Mercedes 190E 2.3 16v and a few famous names

    Click the link below for a list of the names who drove the 190 that day. PistonHeads Headlines - Time for tea? Senna makes his mark kUPXtXzjAQg
  15. U

    Before Mercedes-benz of (dealership names)

    See list of Uk Mercedes-Benz dealership names before the change over to Mercedes-Benz of ? My C36 AMG W202 came from MJ Warner Where did you car come from ? Mercedes A to Z dealer listings Cruickshank Motors LtdBRISTOL Tony Purslow Ltd Houndmills Arlington Motor Company Ltd BEDFORD...
  16. J

    Importing Contact Names from HTC Desire to Comand

    Hi folks, My first post so be gentle! Took delivery of my new facelift Edition 125 C250 CDI two weeks ago today. My first Mercedes and first auto and I'm loving it. So much more refined and comfortable than the TT it replaced. I've managed to connect the Desire via bluetooth to the Comand...
  17. Noodle-Pulp

    Trading Names / Business Names

    Hi, Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about trading name disputes please? My wife is about to start a new venture - she has the domain name she wanted to setup the business as, she's also opened a trading account with the bank. Today.. lo and behold she's discovered there's someone...
  18. developer

    Origin of members names

    Excuse me if this has been asked before (though new members join all the time so it will constantly change). What are the origins of our member names? Some are obvious, some are car related, but others have me guessing with interest. Here's my starter for 10. Developer215 - property...
  19. ringway

    Anagrams of forum members names #2.

    Following on from THIS thread, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with anagrams of our members names, again. Although I know quite a few of the members below, I don't know all of those listed but would like to think that nobody will take offence. :) Here we go. Camerafodder A Reformed Cad...
  20. D

    What are the names for these codes?

    The dealership provided me with some codes so that I can source some parts. However, they did not tell me the names assigned to the codes in all cases. The codes are:- 731 wood trim burred walnut root (this is okay I understand this one) 7181 mouldings on vehicle (not sure if this is...
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