1. aquanaut

    Nice AMG GTr....

    Picking up my C63 from service yesterday from local dealer and saw this...fantastic looking car. Not totally sure about the colour though
  2. 219

    Now this is nice ! Although I'd be hard pressed to decide between it and the Pinin Farina 230SL
  3. sssammm

    Nice Piece

    Nice bit of kit in Portugal
  4. nick mercedes

    nice 6.9
  5. D

    nice w111 280 se coupe left hand drive

    Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111 **NO RESERVE** | eBay
  6. Darrell

    Nice lights....not!!

    In Newbury opposite my brothers.
  7. ckember

    nice driver academy cars

    got a chance to visit the nurburgring last week, nice collection of cars at the amg academy, from a43 to the bar must have been close to a €1m in the car park Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  8. MancMike

    Some nice things about pre-war Syria

    Some things you may not have known. I learned some things.
  9. L

    Anyone looking for a nice W140 S500 Coupe?

    Hi All, Selling my 94 S500 Coupe. I haven't met the criteria for posting a proper ad but I thought as it's a fairly rare car it might be of interest to someone on here. Full details on ebay or you can message me for details. I am a regular forum user but have tended to put my posts on...
  10. D

    There's some reet nice people around

    Last Saturday I spotted a scooter on eBay for Mrs Ant as her existing one is 7 years old and a little tired. Judging by the listing and pics it was obvious that the scooter was as good as new. I messaged the guy to ask postcode. 161 miles to Doncaster. To cut a long story short we ended up...
  11. BTB 500

    Fancy a nice 1996 R129 SL500 for £55k?!

    A one-owner 1996 SL500 with just 81 miles on the clock ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 | Coys of Kensington
  12. gl boy

    Nice drive

    Well got home from work today/this afternoon and thought I'll go out for a drive for awhile , question was did I take the Porsche or The Cabriolet ? , Decided in the end to take the Porsche , was it the right decision ? Well I thoroughly enjoyed driving the old thing and took the removable...
  13. Abb

    Nice E63 S anyone??

    Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S AUTO | eBay
  14. kvz2000

    Looking for a nice 123 Coupe

    Hi, Sold my 300sl today and now looking for a nice 123 Coupe , would love one soon with the possibility of using it for a European tour in the summer
  15. L

    Nice Profit for Someone

    I see that a 2014 SLS AMG Black Series sold for €470400 ie £407152 at an auction in Paris. By my calculation that is £157000 approx. more than it cost originally.
  16. gr1nch

    Nice and affordable areas to live in Lincolnshire or nearby?

    Hello ladies and gents, It would be very helpful to get your views on nice areas to live, that are also affordable. The wife and I are looking to move back to the UK this summer and settle down. We really liked Lincolnshire the few times we visited - the people and the hillier bits. We're also...
  17. M

    Looking for a nice w123 estate

    I would love a nice w123 280TE. Top spec would be nice but I'd love to use one as a daily driver. Needs to look good with hardly any rust (I know). I dont want a show car but one with good mechanicals and that is non leaky is important. Would consider a 230TE but no diesel or smaller petrols...
  18. Ray1888

    Nice wee surprise in the post???

    Bought a cla 45 in November a used 14 plate and was told it had 1 years Mercedes used warranty,received 2 envelopes yesterday,1 had a warranty card and docs for 1 year to November 17,2nd envelope had warranty card and docs from November 2017 till November 2018,a result me thinks,2 years Merc...
  19. 350cls

    This sounds rather nice. Not for everyday use, could blow the ear drums !!!!
  20. G

    Wanted nice R170 SLK230

    I hope I've posted in the correct section. As above really. My budget is up to £5k for a post face-lift with less than 70k miles. Must NOT have rusty arches (is this possible ?) Must be auto and have fsh. Any colour except black considered. I'm fed up of looking at rusty cars and I don't like...
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