1. M

    Can low power transmission fluid make steering noises

    Is just that when the engines cold - no steering noises When warm I get noises when I make a sharp turn I have noticed the PTF is low Is is possible when I turn a bit of air gets in Many Thanks
  2. J

    W124 suspension just refurbished, now strange noises

    Just picked my car up after having the following done to it: replaced front and rear ARB bushes replaced steering damper replaced rear lower balljoints replaced both sets of ties rods replaced diff mounts The difference is amazing, with the car rolling smoothly over bumps and potholes...
  3. michaeldargan

    Merc making pinging noises!

    Guys forgive my lack of experience but I have a 320cdi v6 e class, I drive it home from work the journey is about 4 miles, when I arrived home and I got out I heard a lot of like, hear realated pinging noises ,and the fan started as I walked away to cool the engine down. Is this normal? I had...
  4. M

    W211 Facelift air blower noises

    Hi all There are two suspicious sounds coming from the climate control unit/centre console when air is being blowed 1. High-pitched/frequency (but not loud) noise - like the edge of a metal peice being sanded:dk:? It comes for about 10 secs and dissapears, then re-appears after a few minutes...
  5. D

    W211 Srange noises - please explain !!

    I've had my E320 CDi 211 for a couple of weeks and there is a whirring motor noise that I can't work out what it is - please can someone tell me ? When I put the key in the ignition to turn on the noise comes on for a for about 3 seconds, same when I turn the engine off. Also the noise comes on...
  6. M

    E280 CDI engine noises

    Hi My father purchased an E280 CDI 2006 Facelift with 50000 miles, great condition and spec, runs fine but few issues with the engine: - Engine is loud with a heavy deisel sound (like a 4-in line deisel engine) - Vibration is felt through the floor and seats when the car is idling and...
  7. M

    B200 CDI gearbox noises

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this or heard about it. I have a 200CDI B class Auto done about 25k miles. Since we got the car every now and then you get metal rattling noise coming from the engine / gearbox. Initially we thought it was something in the steering rack however as we...
  8. T

    s210 e300td 1998 gurgling noises at switch off

    Hi all, I'm a new member and new to Mercedes-Benz ownership, having been a Volvo man for most of my life but never again after a v70! The Merc is fantastic. The interior like new, mechanicals well looked after and the bodyshell like lacework. I have never owned such a rusty car! Before I get...
  9. AMG J

    W203 C32 - random alarm noises - need to disable

    Hello Last night whilst at Tesco my alarm started making strange noises. Not the full alarm sound, just parts of it. It started after I unlocked the car, but would not stop even when I locked the car, then unlocked it, and even with the key in the ignition. Stopped in the end randomly...
  10. P

    CLK 430 Front Suspension noises

    Just purchased a 2000 CLK 430 which is making a few clonking sounds from the front when I go over bumps. Can anyone give me a heads up on typical front suspension issues on a CLK?
  11. cellarmerc

    Noises from glovebox area or below it - like a gaga counter sound

    Hi, since I bought the w210 2002 220cdi there has been gaga counter like sounds coming from the area around the glove box or below/above it , it lately has becoming more common and I don't know how serious this is nor what it means. I would imagine its like electronic switching going on often...
  12. T

    Strange noises from behind instruments on dashboard

    Hi guys only when my cl has been parked up in the garage for a few days AND when its been very cold overnight does a load of strange whirring and buzzing noises come from behind the instrument binnacle on the dashboard when I start up. The noises stop after about 3-4 minutes and then all is...
  13. M

    Knocking Noises

    Hi have a 220 cdi {2002 w210 model } Have a knocking noise coming from front end - especially when going over dreaded speed bumbs etc Any Advice ??
  14. borz

    squeaky and whistle noises

    hello fellow members my car has suddenly developed a squeaky noise from the left back wheel , this happens when i brake but not just when i brake but also when i go over a bumps one hears faint whistles(squeak),does any one know the possible reasons, could it be the brake pads or something else...
  15. simon1966

    E55 S211 - engine noises!

    Hi, I have recently bought myself a nice E55 S211 Estate, which I have had since May. It is a lovely car and goes great but I am a little concerned with the tapping and clattering from the engine. The car is a 2004 54 plate which only had 39K miles when I got it and now on about 42.5K. It has...
  16. K

    C230 Kompressor ...Noises over ramps

    Hi My C230 K is making some horrid noises when I go over ramps... I wish to overhaul the suspension and want to know what I need to replace in order for the noises to go away...Im thinking the shocks and springs, should that remedy the problem, no parts have been changed on the car since...
  17. IanT

    W210 E320 CDI noises and turbo behaviour

    having had a few turbo diesels, I know it's normal to hear the turbo under some conditions, but I'm wondering if mine is behaving itself. Under some conditions, minor changes in throttle result in the turbo being heard to spin up and down quite loudly from inside the car. It's much more...
  18. flat6buster

    W210 / E430 noises.......

    Wonder if any of you sage folk have some advice please? Had 'cats replaced a couple of months ago which cured my death rattle from under the car. Immediately after leaving the garage though I noticed a high pitched fluttering noise that sounds like a demented budgerigar. Took it back and...
  19. Ade B

    C124 Front End Noises

    After a long term intermittent chirrup from what seems to be the steering pump area, over the last week and after a 300 mile round trip on Friday the noise has become loud enough that I can hear it from inside whilst driving through traffic. Basically a loud and continuous dry metallic cricket...
  20. del320

    Worrying noises from rear suspension

    We've just returned from a week in Helmsley exploring the North Yorks Moors. Over the bumpy lanes I could feel and hear occasional dull and heavy sounding clunks/thumps from towards the rear. I suppose it might be some or all of the suspension bushes requiring replacement - they are all...
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