1. R

    Hello from Norway

    Hello all. New member here fromNorway. Was a MB owner some years ago, did have a W210 290TDT at the time. Great car. Now I am back, looking for a new one. So, I guess I will ask for some help/tip here. Cheers
  2. grober

    Why Electric cars are popular in Norway

    Why do they love electric cars in the Arctic Circle? - BBC News Encouraged by Norway's abundance of electrical hydropower their electric car incentives make the UK MODEL purchase subsidy a bit of a joke. Interestingly no mention of the problems of battery powered cars operating in near or...
  3. horgantrevor

    In norway stuck on plane friday 13th

    In Norway stuck on plane Friday the 13th Amsterdam is busy they say What to do mmmmmm
  4. TheStig

    Greetings from Norway

    Hello all. I allready posted a thread in the MEMBERS GALLERY about my Mercedes quite a while ago, but I have not introduced myself here yet. :doh: So I thought it perhaps was about time I did.. :o My name is Stig, I am 38 years old and have a 1990 W124 230E that I bought a couple of years ago...
  5. Y

    Hello from Norway!

    I just found this site! I'm a new member and new to M-B in general. I own 2 german cars (a 1996 VW Polo with a few mods and a bone-stock 1988 230TE which is my (very) long-term project) The name is Joachim, but please call me Yankee :)
  6. tedzwedz

    Gemballa 500SEC Widebody For Sale in Norway currently..

    Mercedes-Benz Gemballa 1982, 130000 km., kr. 251.585, - - Mercedes-Benz Gemballa 1982, 130000 km., kr. 251.585, About €30,000 Rare opportunity!!! Mercedes 500 Gemballa for sale.This car is only made in 4 copies.The car was rebuilt in 1985 at Uwe Gemballa in Germany for $ 1.4 million.The car...
  7. Godot

    For the People of Norway, by Michael Morpurgo

    From BBC News - Today - 'Each of us must face the monster down' & giving out an excellent idea at the end of the piece : Only last Summer I was sailing along the coast of Norway, in and out of the fjords. We picnicked on deserted islands, explored tiny villages, with their simple...
  8. N

    Hello from the frozen gates of hell (Norway(

    Hey, and hello from Norway. Ive been driving my W124 for the past 4 years now. Came across this forum as I wanted to expand my knowledgeably of the car and help others where I can.
  9. T

    Freight from UK to Norway

    Hello. Does anyone know an easy way to ship parts from UK to Norway?
  10. F

    Mercedes-Benz Enthusiastclub of Norway , get together in Gol 2009

    Remember last year??? This years event will be more or less the same as last year. We've had visitors from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Russia(!!), but we still haven't seen anyone from the UK...
  11. D

    Driving in Norway

    In 2 weeks I'm off to collect the family from Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) and after a few days there, we're off to Norway. Trondheim - Andalsnes - Geiranger - Laerdal - Oslo. After that home via the Oresund bridge to Eurotunnel. Frankly, I can't wait for the trip. Driving in Norway...
  12. F

    Mercedes-Benz get-together in Gol, Norway 30. may - 1. june 2008

    We are proud to welcome all foreigners to our yearly get-together in lovely Gol, Norway. Last year we were over 100 cars at the most. Maybe not that much by international standards, but we dare to say that this may be one of the best Mercedes-Benz gatherings you can go to if you are into the...
  13. Surf Blau

    National Mercedes-meeting in Norway this summer!

    In the weekend of 28-30th of May 2004, the place to be for all Mercedes-enthusiast is in Gol, Norway! This weekend the Norwegian Mercedesclub MB Entusiastklubb will arrange their annual Mercedes-meeting here! Combine your favourite hobby with a nice holiday in Norway! Gol is located in the...
  14. Surf Blau

    Indoors Mercedes meeting in Norway November 22nd!

    The local branch of my MB-club (MB Entusiastklubb) will arrange an indoors wintermeeting on Saturday November 22nd. Preliminary program: 10.00 - Registration for cars entering the show 10.00 - Sale of hot-dogs, waffles, soda and coffee begins 12.00 - Show begins 14.00 - Puzzle-race...
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