High/Low octane settings?

    Just been told that AMG engines can be set to take high or low octane petrol simply by using the ignition key in 2nd mode; i.e., select 2nd mode and wait 30 seconds. Start engine and run it for 2 minutes, turn off and repeat once more. The engine is now tuned/mapped to use whatever octane petrol...
  2. Spinal

    Octane Booster ?

    A query... On the mongol rally, we'll be driving through places where the standard fuel is 78ron. I don't want to tinker with the timing, so was thinking of buying a box of octane booster bottles. Some claim 5-10 ron increase... but is it of any use? Ideas/suggestions? M.
  3. L

    98 octane fuel near calne or Chippenham?

    Any 98 octane fuel near calne or Chippenham?
  4. J

    W208 320 Is higher octane fuel safe/worthwhile

    I have just bought a 2001 CLK 320 and really like it. Engine is nice and smooth and shows 25mpg around town and 29mpg on the open road. Would Shell V-power be better for the engine and give any increase in performance and mpg.
  5. E

    AMG fuel octane rating?

    Ok folks, I have a C32, just recently running into some emissions problems at MOT. Now, when I first got the car, precious owner said he used 95 octane (std unleaded). I checked the handbook first fill up, and the manual says 95 min. Check the filler cap cover, 95 octane again. Talking...
  6. T

    Octane magazine

    This has just dropped into my inbox, don't now if any one might be interested. Claim your copy of Octane ABSOLUTELY FREE
  7. simon22

    HIGH OCTANE Fuel ,which do you use (Petrol)

    What HIGH OCTANE Fuel do you use (Petrol) and which do you think is the best, include what octane count,and did you get an improvement on a full tank, all comments welcome for all us MB Lovers :bannana:
  8. chriswt

    Evo or Octane Magazine, both or neither?

    Although I have every copy of Evo magazine from day one I find it an annoying read most of the time with too many supercars and a feeling that Evo is slightly full of itself with all that ‘Evo-ness’ b*ll*ck. (however this months issue is excellent with it's £1000 performance car article) I’m...
  9. FishtailnZ

    Myths about octane booster.

    Besides being horribly expensive (your prices are even crazier than ours!), they can hurt performance, not help it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jbcCr2ll3c
  10. L

    Change in Petrol Octane

    My Merc A200 Turbo states in the guidebook that only 98 RON unleaded should be used. The onyl place we can get this is Shell with V Power but I'm not always near a garage. How damaging to the car is it to use 97 ron and what damage is done by using it in emergency?
  11. F

    Suitable petrol octane rating

    According to the owner's manual, I can use a minimum 87 octane petrol if the car has no catalytic converter, minimum 95 octane if it does. Anyone know if my car came equipped with a cat converter? It's a 1990 230CE
  12. big x

    BP 102 octane fuel

    On my regular run up to London I've found the premium fuels do give a better MPG. In my 2.5 litre BMW around + 4%. Checking the BP website http://www.bp.com/modularhome.do?categoryId=6620&contentId=7009602 I see that's close to their test video claims.Also check out the video showing an Audi A8...
  13. imadoofus

    99 Octane Unleaded at Tesco

    Picked this up off another site this morning... Unleaded petrol with the highest octane (RON) of any fuel available on UK forecourts is now available at Tesco – guaranteeing the market’s best value, performance-enhancing fuel. The product is Super Unleaded 99 Octane and it will be rolled...
  14. vito113

    C230K - 98 Octane Petrol?

    I'm looking to buy a C230 Kompressor. Does this beasty need 98 octane fuel or will the standard 95 stuff do? Many thanks Andy
  15. W

    95 or 98 Octane

    Can i use 95 octane in my c230K 1997? Whats the difference if any from the use in terms of performance ?
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