1. SpoonJar


  2. grumpyoldgit

    Parallel parking... Oops.

    That's going to be expensive. Car-tastrophe: Mercedes-Benz reverses onto Ferrari 458 Speciale
  3. lisa110rry

    Oops, I didn't see that!

    Giantvanman and a few others will know where this is. I took it a couple of months ago. I consider this junction in Preston to be about the most dangerous ever!!!
  4. T

    Oops, I bought at c124...

    Well, here's the thing.. Having been a died in the wool Jag fan for too long, I finally purged myself of that ailment & today bought my first Merc - a c124 300 CE 24... I've read the debate on here - as a lurker - about 320 vs 300CE & having looked at a shed load on line & in the flesh...
  5. flying haggis


  6. Meldrew2


    Well - it's not exactly the Hoegh Osaka but… … … Moment car transporter carrying ten top-of-the-range Mercedes crashes into a ditch after skidding on ice  | Daily Mail Online
  7. h17n dj


    Well, Dad ripped off the side of my mums bumper by doing a 3 point turn too quick and taking the car onto the kerb the other week... So, last Friday me and mum took her W211 to the stealers to see what they could do... We got the quote and went and had a mooch at the used cars..... Next thing we...
  8. JohnEclass


    My wifes boss took an E350 CDI cabrio out for a test drive last night from a local Main dealer, £31k's worth...... the salesman said just wait at entrance I'll bring it to the door, which he did.....apparently not noticing the bollard :fail Mercedes bodyshop now have some work, replacing a...
  9. flying haggis


    Car towing doesn't quite go according to plan. [VIDEO]
  10. LTD

    Oh dear - this won't buff out

    Aston Martin DBS written off by £500 pink Vauxhall Corsa | Metro News
  11. aquanaut


    Car parking in Turkey!
  12. gaz_l


    Some mates went down to a pub in Twickenham yesterday, I was supposed to join them but was feeling a bit Moby so decided not to. Got a picture from them on Facebook, someone hadn't taken the tide into consideration.. Knowing me, I probably would have parked next to it so perhaps just as...
  13. neilz


    Umm... I don't think this bodes well, but when I changed case for my server (a computer made by Tiny Computers just before they went bankrupt, but already the clips on the front of the case broke!) I pulled the motherboard out carefully but somehow the frame around the processor which the...
  14. B

    Oops! Forgot my manners!

    Dear All Firstly, A happy New year to you all, and secondly, perhaps more importantly, I forgot to introduce myself in a hasty sign up just after Christmas. Having being converted to the joys of Merc ownership by my dad, and just off loaded an expensive C220 coupe back to MB finance, I now have...
  15. J

    was going too fast and the instrument's were incapable of clocking any speed beyond

    He is threatened with the highest possible penalty of 300 days of fines at 3,600 Swiss francs a day which comes out to close to 650,000 euros. In Switzerland and Germany it is common for fines to be levied in such a way. In Switzerland the level of the fine is always dependant on a person‘s...
  16. M

    Oops, I think I broke it changing the ATF!

    To cut a long story short - my E320 CDI (W211) should have been going in to get the ATF and filter changed tomorrow, but is now not the case, so I bought the filter, gasket and oil from my local MB dealer for me to carry out the oil and filter change today - then the plan was to drive it to the...
  17. Stratman


    If you were delayed around Langley today, this is the reason:- The green thing in the road under the bridge is the roof of the bus :o
  18. CE230


    Friends wife got side swioed by a police van this morning She was following a police van that started to make a left turn, she carried straight on but the van suddenly swung right and into the side of the car in order to do a 360. The top was cut off as she complained of neck pain that turned...
  19. MikeL

    Number Plate Oops

    Well, now that the matter has been rectified i.e. is legal! Have to admit to driving a smart for 12 months on the wrong registration plate. Only spotted it because it was booked in for first service :o The car was bought new, the plates weren't ready (May 2008) when collecting from Exeter...
  20. Howard

    Oops ...

    Don't get your car graphics done there !! Although what sort of graphics they would be putting on a Bentley i can't imagine ! :crazy: http://www.ybw.com/auto/newsdesk/20090308105236mbmnews.html
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