1. MSG2004

    Cleaning my new GLE & windows, all 4 part opened by self

    Hi The brand new GLE we got a couple of weeks ago, cleaning today ie taking the dust off it as rarely driven. As I was removing the dust form the outside of the car, and car was open as I has moved it on the drive, all four windows opened by about 3 inches - it startled me. The car has the...
  2. R

    50 year old wine bottle opened with a feather

    I was in a restaurant yesterday, a party at one table, apparently they ordered a 50 year old bottle of wine, I was amazed how they open this bottle. I might add this was not my own table, but it was great entertainment, opened it with a feather, any one else seen this before?? there is more...
  3. M

    Other doors not unlocking after drivers door is opened

    Hi, just discovered a recent problem with central locking on c220 w204. The doors will lock after the car has achieved a certain speed - they then usually unlock once the car is stopped and drivers door is opened. Ive noticed in the past couple of years since ive had the car that about 1 time...
  4. T

    Windows drop two inches when door opened

    Hi just had a new fault today and wondered if anyone had any thoughts. A few things to mention. I have had car parked up for a few weeks so thought i'd charge battery overnight. Disconnected as per manual and reconnected. All ok.:D Started up fine. :D Noticed water in passenger footwell...
  5. Borys

    Pandora box opened :-(

    So decided to do manifolds job on my w221 diesel and it went the wrong path :-( We found why flaps went bang - EGR cooler was leaking and EGR valve itself was stuck solid.As a result cooler was running hot and it melted plastic linkages which operate the flaps (they are properly out of line) EGR...
  6. Harrythedog

    Tyne Tunnel now fully opened

    For those that regularly travel in the North East of England I can confirm that both tunnels are now open. Hopefully we'll say goodbye to nightmare queues
  7. Nasco12

    I opened the boot and it went BANG!

    It was the nearside spring. When I eventually managed to remove the trim it turned out it was the bracket attaching the spring to the lid that had failed rather than the spring itself. I noticed that on the remaining bracket there were still some holes. Could I attach the spring to those...
  8. S

    W203 Interior Lights not coming on when doors opened

    Hi everyone, My 2001 C270cdi Estate developed a fault last night, that I'm hoping someone on here has came across before and can point me in the right direction to solve the problem. When I unlock the car with the keyfob (or key) the interior lights do not come on, also when I open the doors...
  9. High-Lo

    Opened first Christmas pressie..

    From my wife and it was an indoor dust cover for the Porsche. So pleased that I have just fitted it to the car. The neighbours must think I am mad :o And comes with a Storage bag too :) Merry Christmas to you all :bannana:
  10. I

    Interior lights not working when door opened

    My interior lights have stopped working, when i open the door they dont work but they work when buttons are pressed inside to constant also reading lights work.
  11. scotth_uk

    Playstation Portable - now shipping - pics of it opened up!
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