1. W

    S210 Bump this afternoon - ouch

    Text message this afternoon from SWMBO: "On the drive outside the house, wet foot slipped off brake, car crashed into house.........." Upon my return home, I found that the NSF corner had hit the corner of the porch, whilst the wheels were on a righthand lock. The wing is badly scraped...
  2. Headhurts


    So I managed to kerb my diamond cut alloys, well the front offside one. My fault and not something I have done since buying decent cars. Never mind I can get a repair done at my home. Well apparently not with diamond cut alloys. Following a call to Mercedes Norwich and a search on reviews I...
  3. Ultrarep

    Heated drivers seat OUCH!

    Hi Guys Can anyone advise if you can swap out the drivers side seat squab for the passenger side or if there is another reasonably simple fix for the drivers side seat heater? It seems to have gone in to melt down mode but only where my right leg is everywhere else is fine and nicely toasty...
  4. Piff


    Washed the car at the weekend and discovered this SWMBO has no knowledge of hitting anything. Looks like it has been reversed into by a tow ball, but it's much too low for that.................:dk:
  5. Thehouseofbrown

    Noisy R129 auto box OUCH

    Hi all. Hope you can help. The auto box on my 320sl has been working beautifully, but since I have had it a year and am uncertain when the auto box had a fluid change I was just about to book it in (all other liquids, filters and consumable have been changed). However - quick trip this...
  6. G


  7. bpsorrel


    Mercedes wedged between two Boris buses in expensive pile-up in London | Weird | News | Daily Express
  8. MWCLS


    Hit and run to.
  9. kianok


  10. Chrishazle

    M62 Street Lights In High Wind - OUCH!

    Mate of mine is a highways lighting engineer for Kent, just sent me this video taken by Highways blokes on the M62 yesterday 28/1/15. Scary! https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpwbcharwx42qow/M62%20Columns%20Oscilating%2028-01-2015.mp4?dl=0 First time I've tried a link to a video in dropbox, just tried...
  11. grumpyoldgit

    Ouch. Frozen windscreen.

    I'm sure no one here would ever be so foolish, but here's a reminder of the possible consequences. It could easily have been a pedestrian instead of a van and tree. :wallbash: PICTURED: Motorist crashes after driving off with frozen windscreen « Express & Star
  12. amiller81


    Just watching a few videos from the Gumball Get Together in Manchester today and came across these. Was is this anyone on here? http://youtu.be/91_7GNhUNnE http://youtu.be/5P6kYLr5H9o
  13. clk208

    Ouch, graze...

    Reversing in a very tight spot and failed to notice a low drystone wall (parktronic also failed to notice it, not that this is an excuse..) Happily only just grazed the plastic bumper and at very slow speed. There is no indentation, it has only just taken the paint off. First time I have...
  14. tali

    190E - ouch!

  15. Palfrem


    BBC News - Seized Lamborghini Aventador auctioned for £218k Can't believe no-one claimed the car! Do they really have that much more money than sense?
  16. D


    No rust, no politics, no petrol v diesel, no geographical bias, no insults, just a few laughs (and a couple of Mercedes): HvuEFafFhBA
  17. haggis2768

    ouch!! new brake lines

    just dropped my recently purchased 124 coupe off at the dealers for a service and check over.service price wasnt too bad (£150) good news is they say its mostly in good health,,,,but needs a full brake re-line,including flexi pipes.had to sit down for a while to mentaly digest the £370 quoted to...
  18. L

    Ouch! CLS likely to be written off

    Last week my CLS was struck by another vehicle on an otherwise deserted motorway. The other driver drove off in his badly damaged vehicle but fortunately for me he was found by traffic police a few hours later and subsequently admitted liability. I'm told that the damage to my vehicle is so...
  19. ringway

    Halfords. Spot the difference. Ouch!

    Browsing the internet, looking for double din hi-fi units for my Vito, I came accross this. :eek: JVC KW-AV50E 6.1" WVGA touch panel. Halfords. LINK. Car Audio Centre. LINK. How could they? :(
  20. M


    Supercar pile-up wipes out 14 cars All-in-all, an expensive way of ridding the planet of a Prius... Thankfully there were no serious injuries.
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