1. G

    NTG 2 pin outs

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2008 ML (W164) and i'm in the process of upgrading the head unit to a Dynavin N6. I need some help, does anyone have the pin outs for the original NTG 2 head unit ? The car also has a rear entertainment package, H&K system, reverse cam and a 6 disc changer...
  2. T

    E350 CDI 265 Look Outs

    Hello All, I've recently brought my e coupe and just would like to know what I should look out for or listen out for in terms of catching something before anything goes wrong i know that the ball joints are a weak point but are there any others? Ryan
  3. Palfrem

    Under-inflation causes blow outs?

    Anyone got any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) to support the theory I had expounded to me recently that a blow out "is almost certainly due to running the car with under inflated tyres"? How under inflated would it need to be? Thoughts chaps?
  4. alz

    Audio 10 pin outs?

    Hi, I need a pin out diagram for the Becker 6021 audio 10, can anyone help? Cheers
  5. zenman63

    Wire pin outs

    Hi, Looking for wire pin outs for new audio 20, need the mic live and ground. Also is the iso pin out in audio 10 the same in audio 5? Wiring new quad lock without the iso connectors. I have found the antenna amp post but confused, is it pin 7 or 13.

    SRT8 HEMI Cut outs ( QTP )

    OK its not a Mercedes but hey....no ones perfect !! :D This is one of my other rides, a 2007 SRT8 300C ( 6.1 HEMI ) always had yanks since i was in my early 20's. From Corvettes to F150 Lightnings ive seen my fair share of petrol stations !! Cut outs are big in the states and release a...
  7. darrellr

    W209 CLK radio harness pin outs?

    Pins 1-8 are for the speakers 1 - RR+ 2 - FR+ 3 - FL+ 4 - RL+ 5 - RR- 6 - FR- 7 - FL- 8 - RL- 9 - CAN Low 10 - ? 11 - CAN High 12 - Ground 13 - ? 14 - ? 15 - +12 perm. 16 - ? Can you confirm / fill in the blanks?
  8. Satch

    Kerb build outs.

    These are appearing all over the place. Seem to be the next mania after speed humps: "At some road junctions visibility is often reduced because of the shape of the roads or because of parked cars. Building out the kerb into the carriageway can help solve this problem. It provides protection...
  9. M

    Comand C2 pin outs

    Can anyone tell me what do pins 4,7 & 8 do in the C1 connector for the comand unit. regards Paul
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