SRT8 HEMI Cut outs ( QTP )

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Apr 19, 2010
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OK its not a Mercedes but ones perfect !! :D

This is one of my other rides, a 2007 SRT8 300C ( 6.1 HEMI ) always had yanks since i was in my early 20's. From Corvettes to F150 Lightnings ive seen my fair share of petrol stations !!

Cut outs are big in the states and release a little extra power by bypassing the cats. They work by flicking a release switch which controls a motorized butterfly valve on the downpipe and of course - sound bloody great !!!!

Im sure they will find there way onto our shores shortly.

Few pics and a quick vid of the sound.

v v Click v v

Qtp's on a Camaro


By j3ned, shot with FinePix F20 at 2010-04-25


By j3ned, shot with FinePix F20 at 2010-04-25


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Wow! I need some of those for my Dodge idea....I bet it would sound insane with a pair of those fitted ( it already has a Magnaflow exhaust which scares the )
I saw this done on a C5 Corvette! The sound was awesome!! if I ever get one, I'll be sure to do it!! :D
I like the sound of that :)
Wow! ill check that out....ive not seen those before..thanks
love these 300c's. not a fan of american cars though (except the corvette and these). think its the chopped roof look. beast!!!!
I love the rumble from American V8's - especially the older 1960's/70's muscle cars. A work colleague has cut-outs on his Holden / Vauxhall Monaro - the sound is just wonderful.
I love the sound of unleashed V8 -awsome
Unforunate that american V8's sound only like it :(
Wow, quite a difference! This able to be done on euro/jap etc car's too I take it? Never heard if it until now lol

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