1. B

    w220 overhead switch

    hi does the overhead console have a significant input on the car, i.e lights and stuff. anybody in scotland with star? thanks james
  2. H

    Mercedes sprinter overhead storage

    I have a 2000 year sprinter and I was wondering if any1 has a made or bought a over the cab storage area? It's for a mx van
  3. jaymanek

    Overhead Gantry Camera's...

    Ok so I dont do that much motorway driving but lately im noticing a LOT more of those overhead gantry camera's... Ive never seen one flash, do we know anything about them? Up until recently Ive only ever seen the painted lines on the floor, now im noticing the camera's have appeared and arent...
  4. dokalj

    ML (W163) Overhead Interior Roof Light for sale

    I have for sale on ebay a spare overhead interior light unit for a 1999-2001 ML. It is 7D05 colour grey. It is a necessary component if you are upgrading and fitting the trip computer. Thanks MERCEDES ML INTERIOR LIGHT W163, ML270, ML320, ML350, ML430, ML500, 1999-2001 | eBay
  5. T

    B-class (W245) rattle in overhead console

    Hi all, Does anyone know how the overhead console (above the rear view mirror) on a B-Class comes off? I have an annoying rattle from somewhere inside it. I suspect it needs a carefully positioned screwdriver to lever it off, but any clues as to where the screwdriver should be put would be...
  6. dokalj

    ML163 Overhead Computer

    Hi all, I am after a trip computer and accompanying overhead console. I know there are specific ones for each vehicle, I am after the standard trip without the glass breaker or garage opener please. If anyone has one or knows of someone who has one, could you please get in touch. Thanks...
  7. D

    Ml overhead console question!

    Hi, I have recently purchased a ml 430, i am happy with the car but cant work the overhead console! The settings i am having problems with is the US or 1P options i can not for the life of me understand what this means? I am not normally this silly but it has me stumped! Can anyone enlighten...
  8. brucemillar

    12v from overhead light cluster - C55 W203

    Hi Has anybody taken 12v from the overhead light cluster on a w203 c-class. I want to fir my Snooper sapphire up at the rear view mirror so a 12v feed would be extremely handy. This should switch on/off with the ignition. Any pics would be even handier. Thanks you. Bruce
  9. D

    Overhead console - w211

    As the nights are darkening I am not starting to think about a problem with the E class that I had been ignoring. It was the talk of alarms that got me wondering. Our car has the Pano roof. The interior lights to the rear of the roof do not work, neither does the rear shade control. The...
  10. corned

    Talking of overhead units...

    This has reminded me of the roof light/switch console in the front of my S211. I understand that there is a 'sniffer' for the interior temperature sensing in there. Is this true? If so, is it possible to easily dislodge the console from the headlining so I can look to see if it needs...
  11. M

    Is it easy to replacing front overhead unit?

    Am I right to assume that the front overhead unit (where the front interior lights are located) is easy to replace? Is it straight forward removing screws and pulling out of an electric connector, or is there more to it? Your comments will be appreciated.
  12. dokalj

    Ml overhead trip computer

    Hi, My vehicle doesn't have the over head trip computer. If I buy one and fit it, will it work? As I have been reading mixed message on many forums that either it will work or the ECU will not know it is present. Has anyone fitted the trip computer or can provide me with some guidance...
  13. S

    overhead display w163

    there is a small display in teh W163 that has fuel used , fule left , countdown timer etc etc ..can anyone tell me if this is supposed to be back lit ? i have pushed every button and it just stays un lit which is useless in the dark ...any ideas ??? cheers steve
  14. R

    W211 front overhead light console query: wiring for laser detector (worth it?)

    Hi, :confused: I have been fiddling around too long now and would really appreciate some help from an expert! Can anyone please advise me (w211 late 2004): - 1. How to safely remove parts of the overhead lighting / auto-dim rear-view mirror console to get to the wiring? 2. What would be...
  15. A

    URGENT overhead projectors

    My overhead projector has just blowen and I need to replce it (QUICK) the screen size is 5ftsq. In the past I have gone to specialists but this hardly seems worth in now since the 1 lens projector are on the market and in the high street. Anyone know anything about the 1 lens projectors and...
  16. Stratman

    W202 overhead console/rear view mirror

    Can anybody please enlighten me as to how to remove the overhead console in a W202 1997? I have tried the Haynes method without success. I cannot seem to find any tags that can be pushed back with a screwdriver. I do not have a sunroof, but if I am to believe the Haynes manual, my console looks...
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