1. A

    ESP, ABS, PAS Lights on W204 C220

    Hi MB Club, This is my first post so please, go easy on me. I drive a 2009 C220 AMG Sport 651,911 :thumb: I recently received the almighty ESP light on the dash leading to the ABS, no power steering as i first set off one morning, the fault happens when i reach 15-20 mph from first start up...
  2. A

    PAS Pipe work...

    As most of you know I'm new to the world of MB and so far I am loving my 2003 E320 estate:bannana:, However it has started to leak fluid from one of the PAS pipes at the front of the engine :doh:and I can't find anyone who stocks this part. Dose anyone know where I can get a new pipe from...
  3. drivebyabuser

    Whiny PAS pump - R129 SL500

    When the car is cold i get a really whiny noise from the PAS pump. As soon as it gets warm it seems to settle down. Im taking it in for a service at Merc but before i do does anyone have an idea what it may be. Levels look fine for fluid etc and no play on belts. Thanks
  4. W

    PAS and rear shockers.

    Hi all, I have a 320d and the power assisted steering system also looks after the rear shock absorbers. The pipe feeding the back suspension is routed through and needs a full replacement. Has anyone had this done, know of anyone who could do it, and, an approximate price for doing the work...
  5. A

    Exploded Diagrams - PAS specifically

    As above fellas, I've developed a leak on one of the pipes from my PAS pump, I need to correctly identify it so that I can order a new one (without stealer prices) where do you get your exploded diagrams from and part numbers please? Also any recommendations where to buy said pipe? My car is a...
  6. V12

    PAS meaning

    What does PAS mean to you folks in the world of cars? Just had some chap on eBay ranting and telling me I shouldn't use the acronym as it's not accurate. Be interested to see what the panel think.
  7. G

    Noisy PAS 2002 ML270

    Hi All, I have a noise, mechanical whine from the PAS. I am preying that the pump isn't about to have an embolism..... Fluid top up or cheque book at the ready - any thoughts?
  8. M

    PAS Pump - Power Steering Pump E320CDI W210

    Taken off my own car troubleshooting a noise problem. Turned out to be a noisy idler on belt pulley. Working fine when removed from car. Over £300 and factory order from MB. Make me a reasonable offer ! PM me for more details. Mike.
  9. Bryan Allman

    PAS pump ?

    I have noticed a whirring noise which can only be heard after a few minutes of driving and is particularly noticeable when manoeuvring at low speed. In the past week it has got pretty loud but I can't see any other effects. Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. O

    Which fluid for my PAS?

    My 1984 500sec will need a new steering box soon as the PAS has sprung a leak. Its down to min now. Need to top up but can't remember which fluid.... handbook in other location. I have some Comma AQF & AQM to hand will either of these do or should I skip to Halfords this afternoon? Thanks...
  11. fudge1200

    PAS Fluid

    Could someone please tell me the correct PAS Fluid to put into the V Class, it is going a Brown colour and I would like to change it but unsure on what to use.
  12. vijilants

    Great How TO on replacing PAS fluid - a fluid thats always overlooked !
  13. M

    ABS and PAS light on E200K 2001, w210

    ABS and BAS light on E200K 2001, w210 This morning the above two lights came on and logged a malfunction. They have now cleared and when I restarted the car they did not come on. Last night i was going through the fuses as my interior light linked to the front doors had stopped working. Just...
  14. D

    differential leak, weep from PAS pump

    :cool: I recently took my year 2000 E320CDI (71000 miles) for A service and the report came back there was 'slight weep from PAS Pump' & 'slight leak from Diff'. The customer services chap adviced me that it would be over £1000 to repair the diff (what's this?) but there was no need to repair...
  15. S

    Any one fitted a PAS pump on SLK 230

    Wondered if anybody had done this and if there were any pitfalls to avoid. Bought unit today and fitting it tomorrow!! Also I need a vac unit for central locking - ne one got one going cheap?? Cheers
  16. P

    Engine Oil in PAS System

    Can anyone advise me how I safely get out of this. I've inadverently added about a cupful of synthetic engine oil (5W40) to the PAS system. I haven't turned the engine over since doing this yesterday. Thought I might drain the PAS system and flush through with PAS mineral oil but I can't find...
  17. D

    PAS Fluid in W210 E300TD

    The PAS (Power Assisted Steering) fluid in my1998 E300 TurboDiesel (W210) is a little low. I think I've fixed the leak but now need to know what to top it up with. The Mercedes owners handbook is useless for info like this. Any suggestions anyone?
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