1. D

    COMAND - track information not available with personal POIs

    I have a 2015 W212 with COMAND 5*1, at least I am pretty certain that is the version of COMAND I have. It has the ability to import personal POIs from the SD card. The files must be put in the root directory of the SD card in a folder called PersonalPOI. That works fine, except there is a...
  2. W

    Personal Presentation video from the dealer

    I have just received an email with a link to a 'personal presentation' from the salesman arranging my new car. Very informative and much more convenient to a call as you can watch it when it suits you. Has anyone else received one of these ? This seems to be a new service although a...
  3. VioAmethyst

    Personal Dashcam Vids & Some W202 Porn

    I work as a delivery driver so rack up a fair bit of miles, and for the past couple years I made compilations of the interesting stuff my dashcam picked up on the road. I'm now getting back into the habit of making vids regularly and figured I'd share my latest one. It's also got some glamour...
  4. gr1nch

    NAVI personal POI icons for C0MAND

    Hello folks, Do you know the Daimler/Mercedes IconId (POI icon) numbers for COMAND? Ideally, I'm looking for a spec sheet for their vpx XML extensions which includes the icon number codes. The standard speed camera IconId is "6". The trouble is all the sets of POIs (WiFi, etc) are all using...
  5. N

    2 x new video vlogs giving my personal insights of E63AMG

    Hello everyone, Some of you may have noticed that I have published a few videos of my E63AMG over the past few weeks and I have now launched 2 x new video vlogs of myself speaking in the car today, with my personal insights on the E63 AMG. I am not claiming to be an expert but merely...
  6. I

    New or used? PCP or personal loan?

    Looking to pull the plunge on a Merc (C or E class) which I have meant to do for a while (but unfortunately life kinda took over). My mileage is around 10K per year and the majority is short innercity journeys. So the general wisdom is to get a petrol car or possibly a petrol-electric combi...
  7. Dave Richardson

    Personal number plate cost

    We presently have A20 Y?R as a number plate this being a 20th wedding anniversary present for my wife ( these being her initials Yvonne ? Richardson) As we're now looking for a second cheap car out of interest I looked for a plate with my initials DJR surprised or what A12 DJR £1180 from...
  8. ChrisEdu

    Personal best mpg in my 211 320CDi

    Just as I was starting to think that I would never live to see the day that my V6 320CDi would do more than 33mpg, today I got a new pb of 36mpg by the end of my journey and a peak of 36.3mpg! Yes, I was driving quite conservatively, but I was going at the speed limit (honest officer) and...
  9. M

    Creating Personal POIs for Comand system

    I've had a few queries recently on my freeware programs for creating Personal POIs on the Comand system. So that you don't have to search back through multiple threads, here's a summary with links to the most recent program versions. Detailed documentation is included in the zip files. This...
  10. B

    Personal Training - Market Research

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-training, to become a Personal Trainer. I've been health and fitness obsessed for many years now, compete in Masters athletics, qualified as a coach, and have also trained as an NLP practitioner to become accomplished in the art of helping people to change...
  11. N

    Personal POIs

    I have recently bought the new(ish) C250 with the Garmin satnav. I am trying to find the best way to upload UK speed cams to the system but with 2 problems. 1 - The Personal POI menu setting seems to have disappeared 2 - I have an SD card with the files but neither the satnav nor the speedcam...
  12. T

    Personal or Company Lease Advice

    My Colleague director is considering leasing a Mercedes GLA One of the questions is Personal lease Deal ... or .... Our company leases it , he then makes the lease payments that he would have made to the company ....... Company Benefits as lease offsett against Company tax ? He Benefits as...
  13. Rctaylor1966

    Sending Personal POI to Comand from Iphone 6

    Hi All, Ok so I have had my new R172 SLK (2016 Model) for just under a week now and am very pleased with it all in all. I have been playing with POI using Google Maps and the 'Send to Car' works really well. I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out a way to do this via an...
  14. M

    Becker Map Pilot - reset / remove personal info

    Hi all This isn't a "for sale" advert(!); I'd just like to check if there's anything I need to do before selling my Becker Map Pilot unit. Notes / actions so far: >I didn't set a PIN when I originally got the car, so that won't be an issue for the new user I hope... (is it safer to plug it...
  15. M

    Creating Personal POIs using Google My Maps

    Hi again folks, Here's another one of my little freeware utilities for getting more from your Comand system. This time it is for creating Personal POIs using Google My Maps. As you already know, it's possible to create Personal POIs which can be stored on an SD card which is then inserted...
  16. Deane x

    What private/ personal number plate have got

    What private number plate /plates have you got and what does it mean , I will start this off my plate is M2GA X I think it's self-explanatory my next plate will be BO66LS X = BOGGIS but got to wait for that one
  17. M

    Business lease, but pay for it from personal acc.

    All, Has anyone took out a business lease with MB, but paid for it from a personal account? i.e. used their VAT reg'd busness to get the cheaper lease option, but not use it as a company car. Thanks,
  18. D

    Keep business and personal bank accounts separate?

    My wife has a small hairdressing business that she runs from home working alone and less than full time. She doesn't turn over big money but it gets us some nice holidays every year. A few years ago she had a much larger business with a few staff and a turnover in excess of £250k. At that time...
  19. 55NF

    IPhone 6 & Pairing with Comand Online / Personal Hotspot

    Bluetooth works fine for voice calls etc. I'm using the IPhone 6 but when I try to use it with Comand it says phone does not support mobile data.? My service provider has confirmed Tethering is enabled. Apple confirm the phone is ok. I have latest maps & latest firmware for Comand...
  20. JethroUK

    I bought a personal number plate from DVLA now what?

    I bought a personal number plate from DVLA now what? It said something about V50 being delivered in 2 weeks How do I register it for my current car and what happens to my existing number, is it still mine (to put back when I sell) or do DVLA get it?
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