1. 2

    Piano black scratches

    Hi I have some scratches on the piano black on the centre console of my C63s, does anyone know the best way/product to remove the scratches? Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    209 Piano Black Trim

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone might know where I might be able to get the piano black trim for my 209 from, or the relevant part number(s), as am not a big fan of the chrome...? Have looked on the epc, but can't find any part numbers. Cheers.
  3. thebig1

    Piano Black Scratches

    Hi All, On my car, the piano black trim has some very light scratches. What is good to remove them? Cheers,
  4. S

    W221 - Wrap existing wood trim to piano black

    Any one tried this? The wood just doesn't do it for me. DAsh and door pieces seem like they shouldn't be any trouble to get off, how about the centre console though?
  5. C

    Piano Black Plastic

    Any recommendations for keeping the Piano Black console in a W205 looking good?
  6. T

    Piano Black Trim

    Good morning all I have the piano black interior trim and it seems that somebody has managed to scratch it. Is there any way of hiding the scuffs as I cant polish them out. Ryan
  7. Giantvanman

    Any piano players out there?

    Okay. It's Friday night and I've been wondering about learning to play the piano (like you do). I only started playing acoustic guitar in my 40's and have a reasonable ear but I am concerned that A. can an oldie learn to play piano (a bit) and B. would it be necessary to learn scales/do grades...
  8. The Boss

    Karlmann 1980's upright Piano (Rosewood/Mahogany) - FOR SALE

    Gents, Ladies Selling our beloved piano. owned from new. BRAND: KARLMANN exterior condition is very good.. there are some areas cosmetic repairs required to bottom edge of keys frame,on left and right ridges where keys sit and on one 5cm area of lit. There are small cracks around...
  9. moff

    Piano trim dust!!!

    Okay, so I love the piano trim in my car but my OCD's are driving me to distraction with the build up of dust that happens within minutes of cleaning it. So is there a product or cloth I can use that is anti-static and will limit the build up? Thanks!
  10. SmartMAC

    Piano Black Trim Scratches

    I didn't notice before but it looks like the person who prepared the car before it was sold to me used something which marked the trim everywhere. Only visible when the sun hits the trim (not very often :) but it is annoying and detracts from the otherwise really nice look of the piano black...
  11. M

    New Matt White S Class with Piano White Gloss Interior

    I know this sounds yuck...but man does it look awesome in the 'flesh'..check out the pics I took at the showroom...
  12. pammy

    Nora - the piano playing cat

    And now for something really cute and amazing http://www.ravenswingstudio.com/NoraWeb/docs/theVideos.html#NoraPractice
  13. Bobby Dazzler

    Pia, Pia, Piano, Piano, Piano

    It's the time of year where I scratch my head thinking about what to buy Mrs D for Christmas. With each year that passes, it's becoming more difficult to think of a great gift for her. For the last few years I've considered buying a piano, as she played when she was a child but she's not...
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