1. A

    Air con unit pixels sl320.

    Does anyone know where I could get the pixel display strip on the air con unit repaired?
  2. S

    command missing pixels

    Hi, having sorted the problem with my headrests yesterday I am now looking to sort out an issue with the display on my Command head unit. The bottom quarter of the screen has broken lines and an area that is completely white, which causes some of the selection tabs to be invisible. Does...
  3. J

    Newbie: ML 320 W164 Information Screen :(

    Hi all, Firstly I am new to the forum and to MB ownership so hopefully you knowledgable people might be able to help me out! I came from Audi ownership for a number of years and was a frequent memeber of the Audi-Sport forum so I know how much help these places can be. Really pleased...
  4. M

    dash board pixels

    Hi The dash board pixels on my E240 W210 have gone, is there any easy fix or do I change it for a second hand unit which will show the wrong mileage, thanks Martin
  5. E

    W210 Audio 10 display missing pixels

    Evening all. As the title says, really. Does anyone know a good place to have it repaired? E55BOF
  6. P

    cluster pixels

    i took out my dash cluster out as mile gauge and tempeture gauge are barely readable the ribbon on mileage gauge contacts are shot so ordered new ones i find now that speedo hand some times will not start so cannot move out of first but remove key and startup again will go up throu gears after...
  7. horsesuitedfool

    W208 Cluster pixels repairs mail order companys....

    My mum has a W208 CLK 320 Cab on a 02 plate with dead pixels in clock and gear selection readouts. I was going to send it away to a cluster repair place, anyone got any advice or who to use or dos and donts?? Cheers....
  8. E

    How to fix dead pixels on your TV

  9. Donza

    PDA and dead pixels..

    Got in the car this morning, and pulled out the PDA since i needed to use TomTom. I looked at the screen and there is a streak of black lines going through the middle of it. When the PDA is turned on, the pixels are a combo of red/green etc. I assume these are dead/Stuck pixels? When i...
  10. chriswt

    Fixed pixels - now dash illumination isn't working

    Right, my dash extraction tools arrived from Germany last night and so I got to work this morning fixing the missing pixels in my dash display. Temp is working perfectly now and the clock is almost there but on the clock side its suddenly gone dim and the dash bulbs wont light up either...
  11. M

    W208 clk '00 LCD DEAD PIXELS

    Hi everyone. My 2 small screens where is show temperature and time with gears i fault( 98% pixels is dead). Who know where I can find it new screens or fix old one. :confused: Thank you for any informations :bannana: Regards Alex
  12. G-A-R-Y

    Good service with my broken dash pixels.

    This weekend I had go at fixing the pixel outage on my W210. Got the dash out easy enough and located where the rubber pressure strips were. This strip keeps the ribbon pressed against the printed circuit board. Turns out it doesn't, the ribbon is soldered/bonded to the board. All my fiddling...
  13. T

    Dead pixels in LCD dash

    Hi, Occasionally in the gear and time display some of the pixels are missing. Next day they may be back or others may be dead. Is this a known issue or has someone seen it before? The car is a W208 CLK. Thanks!
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