1. David404

    Completely pointless but infinately cool

    Puddle lights that project the MB Star. Shame they don't seem compatible with the W211. Well probably good from perspective of SHMBO, saved me spending £100...:cool: LED projectors, Mercedes star Interior refinements for E-Class Saloon from April 2016
  2. dddooommm

    Mercedes Break brake calipers upgrade. Easy or pointless?

    MBCLUB- Afternoon all Just a quick post (after reading forums first) My brakes are not the best. Little bit spongey and lax. Don't get me wrong- I've owned other manual/ auto Mercs and their brakes have been top dog. I hate to say this but the Audi braking system is next level stuff...
  3. M

    S211 Boot Storage Box Pointless?

    I've just picked up my S211 and it has the boot box behind the rear seats. I have spend the weekend racking my brain as to what use this box is? You have to fold the seatbacks forward for access, hence it will never be used! Surely it is just taking up boot space? Do any of you use this...
  4. Giantvanman

    Most pointless or useless Xmas present thread

    This is not me being ungrateful, far from it. I am merely pointing out the deficiency in the thought process when I open the bid with:- Aftershave………..I have a full beard and have had one for more than twenty years. On the bright side, it'll fill that space in the drawer next to the other...
  5. Scott_F

    I've Seen Some Pointless Tat In My Time.....

    ......but even for Ebay this has lowered the taste bar to new depths: UK ~ JAGUAR GROWLER VALVE CAP SET of 4 Gold Plated Car Badges (NEW & UNIQUE) | eBay
  6. Meldrew2

    Stupid and pointless

    Posting "this is a stupid and pointless thread" is in itself stupid and pointless. Discuss. .
  7. effbee584

    Pointless Car Adverts

    I am puzzled that in the adverts enticing us to buy a new car, manufacturers will use a generic picture of a model from the range, which is fine, usually without any reference to a price, and then add, in mostly small print, the range of fuel consumption figures for the whole range. In The Times...
  8. The _Don

    Are these Britain's most pointless double yellow lines?

  9. Beefy84

    A rare and pointless beast?

    In St Anton at the mo and passed this earlier on a little stroll. Never thought I'd see one in the flesh, especially in the middle of the Alps!
  10. Conquistador

    The most pointless 'feature' ever?

    2012 W221, Can anybody tell me exactly what the point of the two buttons to swivel the central display left and right is? It swivels the display ever so slightly, it's barely noticeable Or is it something to do with Splitview? (Which I don't have)
  11. poormansporsche

    And the award for pointless option in a new car

    goes to : The Seat Leon and its door trims that illuminate red when the Sport mode is engaged :doh: Watch the advert!
  12. neilz

    Genius or pointless?

     Tech videos, Gadget reviews, Latest technology news | MSN Tech & Gadgets UK SoloWheel - what do you think?
  13. J

    A pointless thread?

    I have one TV in the house and BBC iplayer is not working. My better half is on a marathon 'can I say chick?' TV night..an hour of, Got to Dance, two hours of Glee and still have Four Weddings USA to go. Please Help Me :crazy:
  14. C

    pointless traffic laws

    here are some stupid traffic laws and funny in the same time In Hartford, Connecticut, you're not allowed to cross the street walking on your hands. It’s illegal to drive an ugly horse in Washington. In the UK it is prohibited to drive a car without sitting in the front seat. i wonder what...
  15. stevesey

    Pointless signs

    When to B&Q this am and discovered they've plastered the car park with "Vehicle Reversing" signs. Aside from the fact it's totally pointless/unnecessary - why are we not being warned that vehicles might be travelling forwards. I'm very tempted to write a letter of complaint saying I'm...
  16. gaz_l

    Pointless computer accessories thread..

    Just spotted this on eBay, the crossover product I never knew I needed: Wired, as well, so that's a PS/2 and RJ-11 lead to tangle up while you're trying to negotiate t'internet. Beat that.. :D Cheers, Gaz
  17. Dieselman

    Who says green cars are pointless..

    Motorists wanting to drive a less-polluting car would do well to buy one that is green in colour as well. Vehicles of a green hue are less likely to suffer bird droppings, a survey from Zurich Insurance showed. Overall, 89% of motorists have been on the receiving end of a "bird strike" in the...
  18. L

    MB's Most Pointless Car

    Most car manufacturers lose the plot at some stage and produce a car which has you asking why. With Mercedes, I reckon it is the C63. With a 6.3 litre engine and a price tag of over £50k for what is still a C Class, I'm afraid I just cannot see the point. Sorry if I am tramping on the toes of...
  19. R

    Inspired Discovery or utterly pointless

    A keyhole cover for the ignition key. It makes it look like you've got Keyless Go. Of course it doesn't work and does nothing! Good laugh or pointless gimmick! PS. Its an MB part!
  20. Satch

    This is really silly & pointless stuff

    but oddly compulsive. http://www.toontracker.com/demented/demented.htm Office vote so far has "Kill the Wabbit" as the best. What Heavy Metal fan could possibly resist the lyrical beauty of: When the axe comes down A chilling sound Steel hits the head Another rabbit's dead I'm...
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