1. brucemillar

    Right then. I'll just pop this baloon with my propeller.

    Herne Bay Air Show: Pilot became trapped because of wrong life jacket
  2. M

    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    I am looking to change the exhaust on my 05 SL55. I want it to sound more dramatic with pops and crack sounds, perhaps more C63 like. I don't want a straight pipe sound, just a bit more dramatic sounding when blipping the accelerator pedal. I want to keep the pre cats also. Anyone done this...
  3. lisa110rry

    First pop "gig" since 1972...

    Today, or rather this evening, I'm going to my first popular music "gig" since 1972 when I saw Sly and the Family Stone on the campus of the large university I eventually studied at. I was 16 in 1972. Tonight it is Barry Manilow at the Machester Arena. I wonder what differences there will be...
  4. S

    Had another pop at the champ with great results

    1996 W140 S500 A majestic beast Done with Blackfire Gloss enhancing polish, all paint protection, polymer spray and topped with HD wax. Interior cleaned with Autoglym leather cleaner and balm and interior shampoo. Long live Autoglym.
  5. brucemillar

    Pop & Bang map C55?

    Is there such a map and at what cost please? Car has had secondary cat & resonator delete. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. S

    Merc virgin about to pop his cherry.

    Hi all. I've recently been itching to experience a bit of luxury and comfort when I'm driving. I'm a self employed plasterer and am stuck in my Caddy Maxi everyday so I've decided that I want a Mercedes to brighten up my weekend driving. I'm keen on the older cars and have found a 1999, 90k mile...
  7. ShinyF1

    'Pop' goes the CDI engine

    Just got in the trusty W210 320CDI and within 100 yards there was loud bang/pop followed by the a short 'whoosh' like air escaping. Oh dear, what this time? Engine kept running but with no power - it will rev normally at idle but load the engine and acceleration is either stuttering on part...
  8. D

    W210 CDI - ellimate "pop" sound when starting car

    I'm fitting a Google Nexus 7 2013 with USB DAC feeding sound processor via optical. The processor feeds the amps ( just like an analog X Over). All in place of command 2.0, All factory fitted stuff has been bypassed with new speakers. All works well except a load pop when I start the car. I've...
  9. U

    SL65 exhaust pop - good or bad?

    I recently had the 'other' coil pack replaced before which the exhaust was definitely popping too much and even backfired a couple of times. However, although greatly reduced now, as I take my foot off the gas, the exhaust still pops quite a bit. Now personally, I think it sounds quite cool...
  10. I

    W212 boot pop up?

    Should the boot on my wifes W212 conv raise on the keyfob button? Its not an electric one but I thought it might be sprung like the S. I just got caught with another black W221 and a black W211 in a line behind in traffic. The funeral cortege is not a good look for merc drivers.
  11. M

    Years ago had an old Ford Pop 100e

    Years ago had an old ford pop 100e Head gasket went, still got me home 98 miles later Side valve engine, so simple to repair, 8 bolts , job done (after a clean) Brakes, doddle to replace Starter end worm gear to replace- piece of cake Piston blew its top off - to replace - a doddle...
  12. Bryan Allman

    Cholmonderley POP

    Anyone going this year? I am planning to be there at some point - probably the Saturday. I've not been to this event before, so any pointers ?
  13. Piff

    Underlined words - pop up adverts

    In the last couple of weeks, web pages seem to have lots of words underlined. As the cursor goes over the underlined word an advert box opens. Even a post I made here myself: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/ot-off-topic-forums/147262-roof-remedial-work.html (post #4) has the word "access"...
  14. Spinal

    How Does One Remove a PoP Cast?

    An odd query (for a motoring forum especially)... How does one go by removing a plaster-of-paris cast, without a snazzy oscillating saw as used by the NHS? (and before anyone asks, no, it's got nothing to do with a real injury... It's just that I need a recovery plan for the groom-to-be...
  15. L

    W211 E220 CDI - Shifter Pops Out of 1st Gear

    2003 E220 CDI Engine OM646.961, trans 716.649 - manual shift six speed, 138k miles Every so often when I let out the clutch in 1st gear she pops out with a hellacious bump and of course the engine revs away. I put it back in and she takes off as normal. Happens more often if I'm in a hurry...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Facelift Bootlid 'pop up' repair kit

    Interesting, never seen this before, it should fix the design flaw where the springs snap the holder preventing the bootlid from opening completely via the key-fop. Is the part number quoted for the screws only? KOFFERRAUMDECKEL REPERATURSATZ C KLASSE ,W 202, C 180 | eBay (Ive...
  17. I

    Door closure makes sunroof pop up and down – W124

    Hi All, I bought this tip-top low miles 300D on Saturday, and I’m very pleased with it. Cruised home two hundred effortless miles at around mid-eighties, no strain, an absolute pleasure. I had thought that I might need the power of the multi-valve, but I’m very pleased with what it has...
  18. R

    Something just went pop!

    My laptop just made an electrical "pop" kind of noise followed by a slight trace of a burning smell. Everything is still working though???? Any thoughts anyone? Cheers
  19. columb

    Going uphill, strange noise and then POP! and all OK

    Hi, I hope I can explain what happens to my W203: Sometimes, when accelerating uphill (doesn't have to be too steep) my engine goes rough, kind of looses power, and then something POPS on the left hand side (i can't better describe that, could record sound if needs be) and then back to normal...
  20. M

    Tombstones pop up after heavy acceleration

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