1. Davycc

    Possibly a silly and un-needed question

    Hi all, recently I converted to my first MB previously being a devote SAAB man. My first taste was a 2001 C320. The car was too cheap to pass up at £850 I knew the owner who had it from 2003, full service and only 79K My questions are the following, now that I'm madly in love with MB I'm...
  2. Graham21

    SL55 possibly wanted to buy

    Hi All, Now I have my E55 my brother now has the AMG bug and is looking for a well maintained SL55. If anyone is thinking about selling please let me know. He would prefer to buy from a forum member.
  3. developer

    Recovering Possibly Corrupted Photos

    I have a set of photos from my house extension (c2005) that come up with the following message when I try to open them: "Photo Gallery can't open this photo or video. The file may be unsupported, damaged or corrupted" Each photo (around 50) is showing between 512kb and 620kb, so there's...
  4. W

    Possibly for sale Audi S8 or swap

    Morning All, I am thinking about maybe selling my 2001 Audi S8 or preferably swapping it for something else on my bucket list or interesting. It's met blue, with beige leather, sunroof and usual spec. Has most things as standard inc sat nav, heated leather, alcantara door trims, tiptronic...
  5. D

    CLC 2008 (CL203) Wiring Harness possibly damage causing U0101 & Limp Mode

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated. Having some automatic transmission issue causing the car to go Limp mode. Car would drive but 30min into drive and the gear indicator and driving mode (P,N,R, D & C,S,M) in dash would disappear and reappear intermittently but would end up...
  6. B

    new member possibly buy a CL203

    hello, I've always driven VW's but have the opportunity to buy a low mileage 56 plate c220 cdi sport auto.
  7. P

    W212 salon roof bars possibly with box

    Hi all I'm looking for 2012 E Class (W212 Salon) roof bars, I live in the Darftford area of Kent. Possibly would take a roof box as well if the price was good thanks for looking
  8. C

    (Possibly) Buying a C63 Coupe tomorrow - Help

    HI all, After looking at a few cars I've found one almost on my doorstep; a white C63 coupe with the PPP and the LSD. The car's advertised with 45k miles, but a check on the DVLA site shows 15 k in March at its first MOT. The dealer's explained that being down to a "new chip" replacement...
  9. D

    CL55 C215[ kompressor ideally] wanted or CL600 possibly

    one to keep and look after long term ,well looked after one preferably, trying to find the right one .Whats out there?
  10. flying banana

    What could possibly go wrong?

    On the back of the " death of diesel" debate, and having become addicted to torque, I've been idly looking through used car sites at AMG E55/E63s. This one has got be worth more than the asking price in parts alone? Buy it, run it for a few months, if anything major breaks, sell it on for...
  11. D

    Looking at possibly my first ever Merc - C32 AMG

    Hi I'm possibly looking at buying (well, looking first) at my first Mercedes and the C32 AMG has really taken my fancy and they're within my allotted budget also! As I only do c3k miles a year (I run my business (and work) from home) so economy really isn't a worry. The most mileage I do...
  12. J

    w169 timing chain tensioner - possibly

    A180 CDI. This morning we had what I hope is just a chain tensioner failure at 62K. Sound like a bag of spanners rev dependent. Had just previously thought I noticed a slight "whine", but it wasn't clear and was intermittent. Anyway, limped back carefully to my local indep chap and left it...
  13. S

    Facelift W211 black, possibly S211 any colour, 320CDI

    Wanted: 1. W211 facelifted 2006 - 2007 E320CDI. 2. Possibly estate - any colour, also E320CDI.
  14. poormansporsche

    Interesting W202 Carat being broken possibly

    Mercedes 17" Carat Duchatelet Alloy Wheels R107 SL W126 SEC | eBay Has the Carat piped leather and prefaclift Carat Kit Could be of use to someone
  15. S

    Is this quite possibly the best bead?

    Came out to my daughters car this morning and was very impressed with my handy work. Is this considered a good bead?
  16. I

    CTEK MXS 5.0T Offer: Possibly today only

    See:http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FC42HAA/?tag=amazon0e9db-21 Looks like a reasonable deal. Says it's one day only offer, then they often do ;)
  17. developer

    EE Mobile - Some Trivial But Possibly Useful Info

    EE have been sending erroneous texts to customers saying that their data usage limits have been met. In addition, the data usage part of their website isn't working properly. Both are faults that EE are aware of/correcting Hope this helps (someone).
  18. developer

    Possibly A Daft Question But...

    ...you don't know until you know... Where is the best place to set a pair of axle stands under the front of my S212, so I can remove both of the front wheels to sort out a painted finish on the disc hubs?
  19. Koolvin

    190E 2.3 16V whole car or possibly breaking

    The engine is pristine and the interior is mint condition, full leather (doorcars are not 100% at the tops i.e they are coming away from the backing – seats are the main seller here) Here are some pics of the car before it went off the road Engine is 2.3 -16v rebuilt by crewe engines and is...
  20. Conquistador

    E320 CDI - possibly the most honest advert ever?

    Mercedes E320 Cdi | eBay Seller notes: “standard mercedes rust on arches etc - as expected from a vehicle of this fine vintage - also a couple of dinks from a scrape with bambi, and the missuses foot.”
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