1. del320

    Not a pretty sight

    Barely started my drive from Edinburgh back to my home in the Scottish Borders when there was a nasty clunk followed by more unpleasant banging noises. I had a fair idea what might be the cause, particularly as the steering wheel was now 15 degrees off from true and anything more than gentle...
  2. C

    W211 driver side mirror glass pretty facelift

    Need a glass for side mirror. Must be fully functional . Based in Birmingham. Or alternatively willing to pay postage. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. grumpyoldgit

    Rolls Royce Concept - Not what you could pretty...

    Rolls Royce Concept - Not what you could call pretty... ... or is it just me? The concept’s virtual chauffeur is called Eleanor – named after the model for Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. According to the company: ‘She brings the car around when her passengers are ready to travel’...
  4. G

    Pretty Please!! Polite Assistance/advice request

    Good Afternoon All I was hoping you may be able to give me a bit of guidance on what wheel offsets and sizes may fit my 2004 W211 E32 CDI Wagon/Estate please? I have searched the internet and looked at the guide on the forum. I have also tried to search the forum but must be having a...
  5. K

    Pretty 230C (1978)

    Mercedes Benz 230C For Sale (1978) on Car And Classic UK [C669929] Do any of our Northern brethren know this one? Ad states it's "well known on the Northern England show scene."
  6. mjrennie

    C350 Coupe, pretty rare sight these days.

    2012, March. C350 Coupe. If you are looking for one of these, you'll know how good they are and how rare they are. if you are buying a 220, I'd say you were mad. The 350 is economical and very, very, very quick. Additional cost options: Obsidian black metallic, cream leather seats, heated...
  7. I

    Not a Merc but pretty special....

    bmw 323i coupe 2.5 1995 | eBay From the preview I thought it was oil on the bonnet or an odd reflection
  8. T

    New car decision pretty mucn made!

    So the C250 cdi coupe goes back in December after 2 years and I have enjoyed it. A couple of regrets were rushing into it and not considering any options and just getting a standard AMG sport which basically comes with nothing! I am going to get the new C250 saloon W205 Amg line next and...
  9. Benplym

    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Have my ml up for sale, at a decent price, it's pretty damn amazing. Last night I get a call from a dealer asking really in depth questions about the car. Mid sent ace he stops me to tell me he wanted to see who the scammer was. I was confused but long story short some foreign person has...
  10. ringway

    Pretty Woman. Scary Singing!

    Not sure what to make of this. If it happened before my eyes I would be uneasy at best. vC9Qh709gas&
  11. M

    Mercedes-Benz C63 Edition 507 by Mode Carbon

    The rear tails and diffuser is pretty aggressive. from the article: Mode Carbon has finally introduced their latest styling program for the Mercedes-Benz C63, based on C63 the Edition 507 model. Unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the 507 special edition was built to say goodbye...
  12. Peter DLM

    S63 Coupé. Pretty awful really.... buy me one?

    I so need this in my life for some reason. It's pretty spectacular in the flesh. :rock:
  13. Rashman

    Pretty much brand new Michelin PSS tyres

    Following the disaster with my forged wheels: I now have 4, pretty much brand new Michelin PSS tyres for sale. I have literally only done about 500 miles on them. I need to sell...

    Pretty SL

    What an attractive looking car, love the colours! How could you own it for so long and use it so little? Set of more period correct number plates would suit it Classic 350 SL Mercedes Sports | eBay
  15. W4E300

    Very pretty CLK55 in West London

    I went to see this CLK55 AMG yesterday - absolutely mint and a very rare colour; (It was originally on Autotraders, but I couldn't copy the link!)
  16. developer

    Linkedin - pretty smart, not.

    The jobs listing (which I've never subscribed to) at Linkedin has just sent me an email with the following positions, that it thinks I may be interested in :eek:. Senior Surveyor - well, at least there's a tentative connection. General Manager - Italian restaurant (perhaps it was that Pizza...
  17. R

    New user needs some help - pretty please with sugar on top !

    Hello, I'm new to car forums I'm afraid so please excuse me for jumping straight in and asking for help but I'm in a bit of a pickle with my Smart Car. I have an 09 plate Fortwo Passion MHD Auto and have just been told that the engine has siezed and that I am facing a bill for £6000...
  18. D

    Pretty boring e270cdi upgrade

    Hi guys, So my dad had a w220 s500. It is a great car but too thirsty for the miles he does. So we got a 2005 w211 e270cdi. Seems decent so far. Now the problem when coming from a 5litre v8 is the lack of power that the e270 can sometimes have. So over this thread I intend just to show how...
  19. S

    Its pretty much new

    Mercedes-Benz CL CL600 V12 Coupe Auto - Morrison Motors in Turriff | Aberdeenshire
  20. poormansporsche

    It would take something pretty interesting & special to convert me to the Dark Side..

    And this would be it, one of my customers many cars Brett :thumb:
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