1. D

    CL500 ABC system preventative maintenance

    Hi, Advice very welcome on whether I should change the hoses on the ABC system. Bought car in February and well pleased with the car. I have changed the oil and filter in the ABC system and do not have a problem with it but read on here if hose goes the pump is wrecked and virtually writes...
  2. flowrider

    R230 SL500 preventative maintenance jobs

    So after a search of many weeks i will be collecting my R230 SL500 on Saturday. The car is already in excellent condition but being 12 years old (50k miles) i'm sure it will need some TLC here and there. What are the recommended jobs that every new SL owner should be doing? I know the boot...
  3. K

    Preventative Engine Mods?

    Still in the honeymoon period with my '07 ML320. Being paranoid, I did a Google search for an engine description and Wikipedia came up with these worrying comments :- "this engine (OM642) can also have an issue with the design of the positive crankcase ventilation system. The crankcase...
  4. H

    Preventative measures?

    Feel free to shoot me down or tell me it's been done before but as I gear up to change my car this week I find myself searching for tips on how to avoid common issues with the car in the future. For example correct 7g maintenance, rust prevention on mid 00's mercs and oil sludge in 320 cdi...
  5. S

    E320 CDI preventative maintenance

    I've had my 2004 S211 E320 CDI with FSH and 157K miles for about a year now and intend to keep it for a lot longer. With this in mind, I would like to ask your advice on what preventative maintenance I should think about having done to it. I am quite capable of carrying out most tasks and for...
  6. flat6buster

    preventative maintenance?

    I have just acquired a yr 2000 (on an X) 430te with 86000 on it. MB service history until service before last which was a year & 10,000 miles ago. I am doubtful this was a thorough service. Question is what should I have done to give me peace of mind? I was thinking precautionary oil &...
  7. C240Sport97

    Preventative measures when changing auto gearbox oil

    This week, the ATF on my W202 C240 auto box was changed. Despite tightening the gearbox sump bolt sufficiently, it leaked slightly. The leak is now fixed because we put in a new washer/seal. Therefore, it's a good idea to change (in addition to the rubber seal and the filter) the copper seal...
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