1. Felstmiester

    Driving your pride and joy in the winter

    I've always had the work van, a family car ( what I call the Mrs car ) and a weekend car. At the moment the c63 sits on the drive all clean and if I run the kids to school or football I jump in the wife's car or van. I always walk past the merc and think I'd love to take it but always decide...
  2. jimiE55

    new lioness seeks uk e55 pride!

    Looks like I was a bit swifter to just pip Andrew across the line. Bought the 2004 e55 yesterday, pictured in his thread. Very proud, and glad to be onboard! :bannana::thumb: Jimi.c
  3. shrimo

    My CLS 500, my new pride and joy

    Here is my new pride and joy, well I've had her a couple of months now. Just fitted a new grille, LED bulbs all round and a viseeo adaptor so now I can play music from phone to stereo I'll get pics of the led strip light I fitted for the boot, it has made an amazing transformation
  4. N

    My pride & joy AMG

    Been on this forum few months now and learnt a lot about AMG's thanks to this great site. Having owned few Merc's before a 203,208 & 209 this is my first AMG. Loving every min of it and started doing few mods to it.. Since purchasing it back in August, started doing few bits and bobs to it...
  5. Felstmiester

    Trusting main dealers with your pride and joy

    My c63 is going in for a service on sat. Not a biggie just oil filters and diff fluid change. As I've mentioned before I have the means and ways to carry out the work myself due to the fact my father owns a garage and does services etc. But due to the fact I want to keep the main dealer history...
  6. Palfrem

    Pride of Longbridge Rally 12 April 2014.

    index Anyone going? It's usually a pleasant nostalgia fest.
  7. P

    oven pride on tailpipe

    I used a product called oven pride on the shelves of my oven. Brought them back to life and a great job. Just wondering if anybody had ever tried this on a tailpipe? Not an expert on metal but I think it would damage chrome. The stainless steel shelves did come up excellent though.
  8. dubsR33

    Thought id share my other pride and joy

    Okay chaps im relatively new here but not new to forums and cars :thumb: I used to be the Southwest area rep on and have owned my R33 GTST for 8 years now and its locked away in a secure lock up and only comes out in the sunshine :D The car was completely stock when i...
  9. Harrythedog

    Do you have the same pride in your Lease car as you have in the one you own?

    This got me thinking this morning. I have four vans which are owned (not leased) by me and my brother's company. The vans are looked after, serviced etc and generally taken care of however I have no affinity to them whatsoever whereas I love my personal car which is owned outright and see it in...
  10. Palfrem

    Pride of Longbridge Rally today

    Classic car event - Pride of Longbridge Rally - details from the place for classic and vintage car shows Short notice. Any of our Midlands correspondents attending perhaps?
  11. F

    My pride & joy with pnp

    w211 E320 petrol avant-garde. (BEHR RAD). FMBSH. 58000mls. Including my private No. plate JE----. Taxed & MOT, end of July. Next serv. due Nov.13. Recent new rear springs Shock absorber & front ball joints done In the last 3000mls. The car is in immaculate condition. & only used on long runs...
  12. abueloeddie

    Watch where you park your pride and joy in Vilnius

    Cycle lane offender has car crushed | ETACycle lane offender has car crushed | ETA Mr Mayor drumming up trade for the MB body shop?:D
  13. rockinfreakshow

    My Pride & Joy!!!

  14. jonnymerc

    My W204 c class pride and joy

  15. Noodle-Pulp

    National Pride and Patriotism?

    I'm thinking about buying a shed load of union jack merchandise and setting up stall in Stratford.. or nearby.. in 2012. My worry is that for the majority of the UK - is this a Nationalistic symbol.. with it's awkward connotations? Or will we all regain our pride in our country? It feels...
  16. PJayUK

    Well she's off with my pride and joy!

    So I bit the bullet and let the my dearest wife loose with my SClass. After the mandatory 40 minute briefing and the threat of divorce should even minor damage occur she pottered of into the night.... Well after calling me to show her how the parking brake works :rolleyes: So 4 bottles of...
  17. tpwuk

    Someones pride and joy.... Not my cuppa of tea but it looks like an awful lot of TLC has gone into this!
  18. The Boss

    rare glimpse at my w124 sportline cabrio - my pride and joy!

    Hello all, here are some pics of my car recently, decided to take it out of the garage for a few trips into London during this lovely winter weekend.. weather was perfect to have the roof down :) Hope you like them ... will put some with the roof down in the coming days :)
  19. F

    My New Pride And Joy

    My New Pride And Joy ( now with pics!!) This This is my recently acquired E320 CDI in light metallic Blue. Usual niceties , full leather , comand , telephone , auto headlights, autowipers, MP3 , and Sat Nav now with with TMC
  20. Andyni

    Finally got around to pics of my pride and joy

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