1. BIRMA

    Private Lounge AMG owners meeting Brooklands

    I thought I'd just post this if anyone is interested, originally it was being held on the 3rd September which I couldn't make but have been informed it's on the 10th September now.
  2. A

    Private Road query - issue with neighbouring property

    Any property law experts (or pointers to anyone that is knowledgeable in this area)? The road that we live in a private road (not maintained by the council). A neighbouring property has just applied to the council to relocate their vehicular access from the main road and into our road. This...
  3. spock500

    M8 URC number plate

    Hi folks, Might be of interest to forum members, currently on eBay (item number 332284114755) First time selling a number plate, hopefully both ads are within rules - thanks ----------------------- Currently on Mercedes E300 parts car, garaged and SORN. Transfer fee included but...
  4. grober

    Private Health Care Conundrum

    Ian Paterson: Why have private patients not been compensated? - BBC News quote:- "While the vast majority of private operations are carried out correctly - and private patients are typically treated sooner than their NHS counterparts - the service they receive if things go wrong is not...
  5. D

    300 sel restoration for the brave with private plate to boot

    Mercedes 300 SEL Gold Petrol 2778 cc Restoration or Spares 1968 | eBay
  6. zenman63

    AMG Private Lounge Meet Coventry Stock Pot Cafe 8th July

    Hi all, I'm organising an AMG Only meet at a very nice location for breakfast and GTG 9:30 - 12:00 Stock Pot Cafe. I need a show of hands so I can reserve a space for us all. Very large parking area! AMG Private Lounge Cheers, Olly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. BaldGuy

    XXX Private plates 13 AXG & 20 AXG XXX

    I have 2 plates on retention certs that I'd ideally like to sell as a pair but will let go seperately if needed 13 AXG - £1k 20 AXG - £1k Registration transfers have them up at £1945 each
  8. O

    Private plate

    AS above #amg plate etc?
  9. J

    AMG Private Lounge

    Having picked up a W204 C63, I tried to register on the AMG Private Lounge to see what that may bring. On filling out the registration form, the site did not accept my VIN number as being an AMG and indicated they would...
  10. MikeInWimbledon

    Who has the biggest private car collection in the UK?

    Who has the biggest private car collection in the UK? I thought it was James Hull, with his collection of 543 remarkable British cars, but it seems that he sold it to Jaguar Land Rover three years ago. Anyone know who has got the biggest now? And I'm not asking by value, or exotica...
  11. Myclk55amg

    Private reg plate

    Does anyone know what's the best way or best place to sell a private registration on?
  12. flat6buster

    Amg private lounge cap

    I asked the private lounge for one of their limited edition caps to give to SWMBO. It's a bit masculine for her with the faux carbon fibre effect etc so offering here for £25 incl Hermes delivery. Brand spanking new, unworn, not even tried on.
  13. c180081c

    Assigning private number plate - site down?

    Hi guys, can anybody access the site to assign a personal number plate today? When I click next it says sorry it isn't currently available but I use a Mac and apparently there have been issues, can anybody with a windows computer access it?
  14. S

    DVLA private plate help

    Hi guys quick dvla question... Got a private plate to go on a car the logbook has been sent off into my name few days ago v5 still not come back yet, im wondering if i can still assign the plate top the car using the doc ref found on the v5c/2 (green slip) or will the doc ref change when the...
  15. JimGreen

    Private Plate that fitted the bill...............

    Well, having just moved to Hull I decided that now the move is out of the way and i have time to spend back in the garage, I thought I'd treat the new car to a private plate...... I started off just looking for anything with AMG in the registration and then fell on this one "HU11...
  16. MikeInWimbledon

    Access to the private vaults of the MB Museum

    I will visit the main MB Museum this year. Has anyone any ideas on how to get access to some of the private collection? TOUR THE SECRET VAULT of the Mercedes-Benz Museum - MercedesBlog
  17. Alex225

    Private Registration - Y111 HOT

    Looking to sell the registration Y111 HOT - £799 Plate is currently on retention so is ready to be transferred. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
  18. tintinmt

    Wanted ; Freehold building for private car storage

    As Title. Suitable for 6 + cars. Location - west M25 area Junctions 10 to 17
  19. D

    mercedes 500 sl w107 hardtop ice blue lady owner private plate air con leather 2+2

    KVG 545 kavanagh SAS SOS n mercedes w107 500 sl 102k fsh 2+2 n aircon no plate | eBay
  20. mike_es

    2 Private registrations for sale.

    L2CHH. Currently up for £599 online. Includes assignment fee obviously. Best offer over £350 F177TTY. Currently for sale on same cherished reg website for £2000 last time I looked. Am looking for around £1400. On retention. Just PM me for details or if you have any questions. :thumb:
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