1. I

    Anyone a pro with airmatic?

    Think I ballsed up my airmatic setu0p on my 06 W221. Wanted to replace the upper control arm so I had to move the strut out of the way. So I released the air from the top and undid the 3 bolts. Removed the upper control balljoint and then lower axle dropped and had space to remove the strut...
  2. T

    Remapping pro's and con's

    I've been considering getting a Mercedes with the 250 cdi engine as want a bit of performance ( 204 bhp ) but I'm just wondering if I find a better value 220 cdi is it a viable option to buy it and then get it remapped to 204 + bhp as they are the same engine just turbos tuned different. I've...
  3. E

    Das 6 pro wanted

    Please pm me directly if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  4. rex911

    Race Chip Pro 2 - W204 180 CGI

    For sale due to selling car. Race chip for 1595cc petrol engine. +24% BHP to 193 and torque up to 313nm +25%. Really changes the car. Two connections only. Easy fit. On car since March this year. Call 07450214023 if you require additional information. £100 posted.......
  5. B

    Not sure if quite understand the pro cons of agility finance?

    Basically I've done a search on past threads and I'm still not completely sure on the real benefits/cons of pcp and hire purchase I will be taking a bank loan out to cover the deposit as per say as I'll need to take out some anyway for home renovations and since on the market for a new car...
  6. M

    Formula One driver vs Pro Golfer Mercedes AMG GT Lap Video

    From the article: Mercedes-Benz brand ambassadors Nico Rosberg and Martin Kaymer have locked horns in a friendly contest called “The Perfect Drive.” The winner will be elected after four challenges equally split between driving and golfing. Photos and video - Formula One driver vs Pro Golfer...
  7. liljames

    Eibach pro kit

    Eibach Kit B 12 PRO-KIT Hi I'm looking to buy bilstein eibach pro kit b12, Basically includes bilstein b6 shocks and eibach pro spring kit for my r129 500sl But bilstein say it only fits 92 onwards ? But I'm sure they are all the same?? Can anyone confirm this before I order them, as mine is...
  8. merc85

    Fuch TITAN 5w30 Fully Synthetic oil Pro flex

    FUCHS TITAN PRO FLEX 5w30 XTL 20ltr in bag in a box, Fully synthetic only £50 Spec, BMW LL-04 / DEXOS2 / VW502/505/505.01 /MB 229.51 ACEA A3/B4 EXCEEDS GM LLA025 /B0O25 Collection only Harwich essex
  9. P

    Decisions decisions...Icarsoft or DELPHI DS150E Pro Plus NEWEST 2014.2

    I just cant make my mind up.....:confused: Which should I buy?
  10. B

    Fiscon Pro question

    Having looked into the possiblities, (and more to the point costs!) of putting an aftermarket head unit into my car, I'm now veering towards sticking with Comand, and fitting a Fiscon Pro, to give me bluetooth for phone and audio. A couple of questions though. I note from the information...
  11. D

    Pro Audio

    Hi Everybody, I've recently taken delivery of an Apogee Duet and am bowled over by the quality it offers for recording very clean audio into my Mac/iPad. I'm using a Heil Pr40 into the Duet, feeding my Mac, along with B&W MM1 monitors. The Duet also works great plugged directly in my iPad...
  12. Spinal

    Mac Pro Help

    I have an oldish Mac Pro (2008 or 2009), and it's been pretty good so far. A full complement of 8 sticks of ram, 4x3TB HDDs and two processors. All in, a nice machine. The hard drive died last week, and today I changed that. Now it wont power up, all I get is a relay click from the PSU when...
  13. Justin1600

    Topspeed Pro Performance C43 AMG Stainless headers

    Be warned do not buy these rubbish Exhaust Headers from them. Mine lasted 18 Months and approx. 3-4000 miles before they both cracked. Not happy as they should last a lot longer than this :mad::fail I contacted them and this is what I got back There...
  14. mbzclk

    Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X220 - Core i5, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Windows 7 Pro

    Hi Guys, My laptop is now surplus to requirements as its been replaced so its now for sale. IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Intel Core i5 CPU 2520M 2.5GHz 4GB DDR 3 RAM 160 GB HDD Windows 7 Professional It has warranty with Lenovo till the end of October. Supplied with Charger and an...
  15. M

    NTG2.5 Audio20 or Fiscon Pro for BT in 2008 W211/S211

    Have a S211 (Nov 2008) w original single CD Audio 20 and no phone prep. Want to add BT (hands free - phone battery won't survive A2DP streaming!). Was planning to install a Fiscon Pro but have acquired an NTG2.5 Audio20 (A211 870 5694) and thinking installing that may be a simpler solution...
  16. 24karrat

    Go Pro: Can Police use as videos as evidence?

    On the weekend I brought a Go Pro Hero3+ made a small video clip below: If I got stopped by police because I was using it on the exterior of the car can they then use any footage as evidence against me? Kind Regards, Manny
  17. B

    advise needed from the pro's regarding oil chane

    I have just completed a oil service on my vehicle and could do with sime peace of mind please.The service manual states that the oil needed is 5.5 litres.I added 5.5 litres of Mobil 1 started the engine for a few minutes and then let it stand for about 5 mins.When checking the dipstick it shows...
  18. jaymanek

    Go pro hero black edition for sale £240 for forum members..
  19. J4miejenks

    H&R vs Eibach Pro w204

    Hi guys, Will be looking to get some lowering springs in the near future, the 2 sets I've seen so far are the H&R lowers approx 40mm and Eibach pro kit approx 30mm lower. I'm favouring the H&R set at the moment as I'd prefer the 40mm drop! Despite having eibach on all my previous cars...
  20. P

    Pro bitz

    Hi, I think I buy the pro bitz chip for my 05 c220 cdi .somebody know it's work or I have better option? Thx
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